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  1. Oops...my bad! Sorry bout that, Flyer. Perhaps I could just watch then???
  2. No, no, no...that isn't the answer! Look, just REMOVE all of your clothing prior to doning your rig so you can adjust and relocate the legstraps easier...k? By the way, what DZ do you go to? I could meet you there and help out with the leg strap adjustments!!! Or, you could try to sit up a little during the opening. This may help if the bruising is occuring during the bodies transition from horizontal to vertical. As Bill said though, a properly fitting rig is the best prevention!!!
  3. As previously stated, the ideal place to bring your feet/legs up to the leading edge of the wing is where the strut and wing meet. Just grab the strut in that area and pull your upper body as close upward toward the wing while swinging the lower part of your body over the leading edge. During this transition, you will want to have alot of the lower body across the leading edge, not just the toes in contact with the leading edge, so that bending the knees and moving the upper part of the body now away from the wing will give you a comfortable position to get the upper part of you feet and toes in the correct position. As the position becomes more comfortable, you can then slowly straignten your arms and release your grip on the strut. Believe it or not, it's easier to do in the air than it is on the ground! So...if you can do it on the ground, it will be no sweat to do it in the air!!! Jon
  4. Awwwhhhh...Russell, thats so...so...well, you know! But not near as cool as your purddy little face COMMANDING me to exit a little Cessna for my first jump in '82! I do believe it was Coors Lite that evening instead of Moosehead, though!!! Love ya man! Jon
  5. I couldn't agree more...absoulutely laughed out loud! Who could ever have imagined...Bill Booth, not just a genius, but stunning comedic keyboarding skills as well... Jon
  6. Cool...Flight of the Phoenix! I assume The Blue Max is a favorite, also?
  7. ROFLMAO...holy shit, you jump in Wyoming, too!!!
  8. "I can't find my puppy, can you help me find him? I think he went into this cheap motel room." Holy shit...that IS funny!!!
  9. With all the unrest in the Middle East, one has to wonder...If Israel attacked Turkey from the rear...do you think Greece would help?
  10. Thanks Chris, but I need a repack b4 I go to the DZ. Maybe you could PM me his Email and I could chech with him, also. I got a name for a rigger here in SA from Jessica that I'm checking with. Jon
  11. I've still got my first rig that I bought off student status...a 21' Piglet (black) in a Strong, Eagle container with a 26' lopo. That was a a fine canopy with a rate of descent that would scare the shit out of ya. I jumped it last in 1987, in Colorado (field elevation>6000) after some S/L students on T10s, and litterally passed them like they were standing still. Don't ask how, but I don't ever remember not doing a stand up. Maybe cause I was only 145# then! They were built to pack small (ha, ha) for relative workers. That parachute would have become very popular if square technology hadn't developed so quickly.
  12. Thanks Dave...somehow I knew I'd get a response back from you! I think thats a little too far, though. Jon
  13. Can you guys recommend a rigger that lives in or near San Antonio that does repacks at his home/loft? I have always hated leaving my rig at a DZ for a repack (no...I don't have any reason in particular)! Thanks. Jon
  14. OMG, Jesse, you read my mind!! Jon
  15. Mine also slips a small amount on almost every jump. Sounds like the double keeper solution could be a good temporary fix, but I'd still like to hear from more people about a more permanent fix. Jon
  16. Is it true that it's called "PMS" because Mad Cow Disease was already being used?
  17. sorry, my bad, did I vary? I meant "very"!!!
  18. OK guys, that's not vary fair...
  19. Best Wishes, Mandy...but you'll have to come to Texas to buy me a skydive!!! Jon