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  1. You gotta be shittin' me...is this/you ever gonna stop? you (PA removed by fallfast69) Mods, it's gettin' kinda old...
  2. I think that if a guy is screwing a gal who he knows to be in a relationship with someone else, he should be prepared to accept the consequences of his actions, up to and including a violent reaction. I think such a guy deserves to be put on his ass. That said, the guy doing the punching should be prepared to accept the consequences of his decision too...up to and including losing any fight he starts and/or going to jail for his response. And I don't think it's a sucker punch to walk up and clock someone who's been fucking your significant other behind your back. It's an appropriate and fair response (assuming they gave you no warning before engaging in said tryst). I was raised to not hit women, so I think all the woman in such an affair should get is a one-way ride to the local red light district. All of the above are my thoughts on a generic scenario similar to what's been posed in this thread. I don't know any of the parties involved, much less who any of them was sleeping with. Blues, Dave Exactly what I said...only with different adjectives, verbs and fluffy stuff
  3. If there was a way to sen the guy to jail for scewing someone he KNOWS he shouldn't, there would be no reason for the ass kickin. But there's no way for him to get punished. What he did was wrong and he damn well knows it. He's gonna get punished...that's for sure note: these are my feelings in general and I don't mean this to sound as if I know anything about the two guys involved in the OP at all .
  4. If a guy knows it's your girlfriend or wife...he's gets an ass kickin and she gets fired If she lied to him about being involved in a relationship...he didn't do anything wrong and she gets fired
  5. I dunno...the love child resembles a chocolate lab though
  6. Now there's a million and one...and that one looks really good! Thanks for sharing Russell Jon Cute chick by the way
  7. What is the windage adjustment, in minutes, for a 1,000 yard shot with a .308 175-grain HPBTM bullet with a muzzle velocity of 2,850 fps in a 10 mph wind blowing cross-wise from the left at a 45-degree angle? I'll make it easy on you and let you assume whatever temperature and relative humidity you want. Quick: what's your answer! Wouldn't that depend on; 1)how fast your buddy is driving the truck; 2)if your on Interstate or an FM road: 3)day or night; 4)your BAC?
  8. I got's me one of dem in my closet...got my Piglet packed in it. Modified to 3-rings and spandex BOC
  9. I saw him last weekend at the DZ...mumblin' something about you... Jon Edited to Add "Who Cares?"
  10. I can't remember what all we got with those...but I remember how excited we would get when we went to the redemption store
  11. So maybe you have a good point. I do appreciate your opinion. J That's what I'm here for...no charge Jon
  12. Sorry, Jerry...it looks good, but kinda like a couple with a 69 going on. That logo would make me think it might be a sex shop... Jon
  13. One of the most exciting aspects of skydiving is the thrill of doing something you KNOW you are not supposed to be doing..."you're asking for trouble"...every jump you make! HOW FUN IS THIS!!! Stay jumping long enough and you WILL find yourself in situations that will make you uncomfortable at the low end of the scale, and pretty much terrified at the other. Wind/turbulance, weather, DZ operations, DZ terrain, aircraft and a host of other variables can combine to give you a bad skydive! A "bad" skydive lands you in the hospital...or worse You do not need to add additional risk to ANY jump by asking - [Oliver Twist voice] "I'd like some more trouble please!"
  14. How many of you look over your shoulder during your wave-off or just prior to tossing the PC? Just curious...I've avoided a few ugly situations by doing this Jon
  15. Look and grab right Look and grab left Punch right Punch left Arch
  16. Unpack and repack a round in 2:53 minutes...your hired, girley Jon
  17. That's funny, that's what we named our doggy 15 years ago. Jon
  18. Well that's about what I do. I spent 3 years as a static line instructor during the "Point Break" era. and have been an active jumper - off and on - since my early 20s. When the "magic 3" components(time,money,weather) all converge at the same time, I get to go jumping. It's hard to do this, not only because the "hebee jebees" get ya, but because you know the extra dangers that being uncurrent bring to the table. I take this into consideration - plan and plan and practice and practice...just like I taught my students. Skydiving isn't a hobby to me - nor is it, any longer, the driving passion in my life...but after 25 years of jumping, skydiving is in every fiber of my being and soul. Jon
  19. Not everyone "can" or should do this. As you know, it's a deeply personal decision to skydive, like religion. Jon
  20. No, it's not that at all, I couldn't care less how many people start or quit jumping. What's for sure is people jumped before I came on the scene and will continue long after I'm gone(and you, too). If there was only Cessnas' and static line training and +200sqft canopies left, it wouldn't bother me a bit. I'm still gonna be jumpin', at my same naturally slow pace. My reply to bytch wasn't intended as a dig Jon