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  1. Been eatin' em for 40 years. Forkem off the shell and putem in your mouth and chew, to extract the incredable flavor they offer. "Shuck me, suck me, eat me raw" yummy Any month with a "R" is fine, doesn't have to end in "R". You're good to go till the end of April, then start up again in September!!!! edit to add the following advice" 1. For your first oyster, place him on a saltine with a little cocktail sauce, it will add some consistancy to the little fella. 2. If you are served an oyster that has sand or alot pieces of shell on it, send them back. A little shell is ok, but it indicates the shucker doesn't know what he's doing. Sand can indicate he wasn't shucked properly or he was open just prior to being taken out of the water. 3. If you chew an oyster, you need to skwish him with your tonge first to make sure there isn't a pearl in him. A pearl will chip your tooth if you're not careful. 4. Savor the flavor. Please don't hastily swallow the critter. The little fucker gave his life for you
  2. I closed IE and waited a few minutes then relaunched...viola no more pop-ups
  3. If you have a few jumps and haven't jumped in 10 months, any DZ will prolly want you to redo the FJC. You can prolly find someone that will cut you a deal because of the previous training, but don't "expect" that! Get your ass out there and jump Jon
  4. Prolly not...I've never been to a DZ that didn't ask for a log book. Like AggieDave said, you're better off with a signed entry on a log...very easy to comply with Jon
  5. [reply In wikipedia it's write that you have invented Atmonauti... umm... ??? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmonauti Holy shit...that's funny
  6. This is gonna be a hoot...Russell peeing for a week in time lapse You should invite Walt over for some "extra" time lapse entertainment Jon
  7. Dang, Russell...I'm sorry to hear that Jon
  8. Yep, streamer. I, too, found it odd when that guy gave the "wrapped up in the canopy" description. I think what he was describing was the ole "dead guy fallin' in a wad of shit" malfunction Man, did we used to hate those Jon
  9. Yep...but the thread says "Sex offender in the neighborhood" I guess the title suggests that this guy is a real "sex offender", we don't know if this guy is a fucking offender, or a victim of social injustice. The stigma associated with a "sex offender" lends itself to the barbaric responses to the subject. Hell...who doesen't want to kill a person who preys on kids WE ALL WOULD
  10. that's a mix Bandit is a catahoula with long ears.reply] Bandit looks alot like our Stitch. There is something about catahoula eyes...piercing eyes Jon
  11. It's a possibility, but given the details of my return trip, it would probably be easier on the pup to have her shipped. I have a long layover in Denver on the way back, which would mean the puppy would be checked as baggage for at least seven hours. (I'm pretty sure she wouldn't fit under the seat.) I'm gonna send Jan some more pics this evening or tomorrow to see if she's still interested. If so, maybe we can send "Cierra" on another flight. Prolly wouldn't be a great way for her get to SoCal via a long layover Denver...you know, lack of oxygen an all Jon
  12. I'll give that a try if get into a pinch...I'm really wanting to get these guys into homes that I feel good about...but skydivers will be ok too Jon
  13. Oh my that's a mix Thanks Shari!
  14. I couldn't agree more...but that will be up to the folks that get the pups. I'm giving these guys away to what I hope will be responsible owners. We got their 1st set of shots and a checkup last Saturday...a clean bill of health
  15. You don't have to be responsible to own a doggie...they own you! And I'm sure Rich would be OK after he met 'em
  16. Yea, the born on date is 10/27/07 at 5AM...woke us right the fuck up
  17. What kind of doggie is Cooper?
  18. These guys are 7 weeks old! If any of yall are around San Antonio/Austin and woud like to have one, let me know. Both brindles are female and two of the five fawn and black are female. We're gonna get their shots done tomorrow. Dad is the English Mastiff in one of the pics and mom is a Catahoula Hound. Dad is 160 pounds and mom is 55 pounds, but these puppies are real big right now and my guess is they will be well over 100 pounds when they grow up! I wish we could keep them all