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  1. matthewcline

    Looking for RW school recommendation

    Well, either state has great coaches and DZ's. If I went to Florida I would look up Doug Park. in AZ, well there is that team called Air Speed, at that DZ called Eloy, they might be able to help ya out. Matt
  2. So you wanna be a T-I? SEE THIS GUY! You will learn far more than a "book class", and be far better prepared for your first "real" student and first "Oh SHIT!" scenario. Matt Cline Former USPA and UPT Tandem-I/E 2500+ Tandem Jumps, 500 fronts.
  3. matthewcline

    Need help identifying this D-bag

    Do you have a larger and better oriented pic? or multiple pics? Matt
  4. Clickies should work now. Matt
  5. matthewcline

    Study Guide for Pro Rating?

    The Pro Card itself. It is a simple chore, get a good mentor, follow the Pro card and you will be good to go. Matt
  6. Other than the video's title, where did it say that in the story? I didn't hear it, did I miss it? Matt
  7. matthewcline

    Chattanooga Skydiving Company

    They look like a group (Family) starting a news business in the area. Make a trip out in person and see who they are. But SET would be my personal jump location choice if in the Eastern end of TN. Matt
  8. matthewcline

    Best DZ to Pack at?

    You're a rigger? Matt
  9. matthewcline

    Frank Knapp Jr.

    Rest easy Frank. Matt
  10. matthewcline

    hit the tunnel a third day in a row?

    Rhetorical question right? Get in the tunnel! Matt
  11. matthewcline

    USPA consdering proposal re: camera use?

    If I was on the BOD I would vote for it to be a BSR for all formats of Photography and videoagraphy. The trends are showing a recommendation is not working. The trends show too many think they are with "madd skillz" and can handle it. I have put a few "madd skillz" holders on stretchers, which negated their argument. Caveat- I have not flown camera actively in 9 years. But have been flown into by many "madd skillz" camera owners in the last nine years. Matt
  12. matthewcline

    Raising Minimum Deployment Altitudes

    It is being discussed in the BOD Winter Meeting thread, seems no one is real keen on it as proposed. Matt
  13. "Mile-Hi has been doing jumps at the airport since 1995. But it's only recently that complaints about its noise have taken off. In 2010, the airport got 488 calls complaining about the skydiving (332 of them from three people, according to records). This year, Barth said, calls are on track to surpass 400 again." Wow! Three people, one (pictured) moved in after the DZ opened and is only using the DZ so she can stop the runway extension! Why does the City even listen to this nonsense? Matt
  14. matthewcline

    Do MARD Components require TSO Certification?

    Personally, I would be calling and asking you this question. But, since the answer to the question is truly not what you seek why dont you just come out with the issue, so we can all discuss it. Matt