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  1. matthewcline

    Dust Devils

    As long as they are leaving me be they are fun to watch. But the little devils can be darn scary!
  2. matthewcline

    custom RW suit wrong....need options

    If you paid for a service and a product it is not unreasonable to expect it to be done. Send it back and have the company fix the mistake. Inform the mthey should pay the shipping as the work was not up to standard the first time.
  3. matthewcline

    Packer Supervision

    All "Packers", but not all packers of main parachutes. The person intending to use the main parachute on its next jump may pack it and need not be an FAA certified rigger. If the person is packing for some one else, they need to be either a FAA Certified Rigger or under the riggers supervision.
  4. matthewcline

    loose laterals cause sidespin?

    Define "loose". Snug enough to keep the student near you but loose enough to allow them to arch properly sould be acceptable. Loose enough to do a vRW next to them is asking for a problem. They shouldn't be "drifting" back and forth under you. Loose lats do not inhibit a side spin, normally they contribute to it. Ask Bill Morrissy and watch his side spin brief from a PIA address a few years ago. Others here will add there experience too. I tend to listen to a few here that I personally know and trust thier experience, if they disagree with me, I will consider changing my thoughts on the subject.
  5. matthewcline

    Xenia, OH-- Labor Day CASA Boogie!

    Can I come? Please.
  6. matthewcline


    Talk to your Instructors. Use the search feature in gear and riggin as well as Relative Work and Freeflying. The Jump suit issue is also covered in the gear reviews. Of course this will all depend on your choice of skydiving disipline/s. IF I was your Instructor I would advise you to do 100(+or-) Belly RW jumps before going into vRW. It is just my opinion you will be a safer vRW jumper if your decent at Belly RW and the safety and survival skills you'll learn during that time will be helpful on down the line.
  7. matthewcline

    Malevsky Meet '06

    If a team puts a 50+ pointer on the board it will probaly be a permanent world record or at least the altimers will take hold of me before it is broken.
  8. matthewcline

    AAC flights

    Cool dude! The place is fun! My 10 Year old Daughter loved it too. Now all she asks about is the next trip.
  9. matthewcline


    I have 2 Testris suits and 1 for a year now. The year old suit has 200+ jumps on it (RW and Tandem). I have had some not so smooth landings and some pretty ugly RW exits. Through all the stressful exits and landings the suit has NO signs of wear or damage. The spandex used is tough and in the right place and amount to allow year round jumping with one suit but many layers of clothes. I spend my money on these as they impress me more than the suits I can get free from work.
  10. matthewcline

    Fight Concepts 9 Cell

    The Sentry Line seams t obe a great all around canopy design. Nice opennings and great glide and flare power. Loaded lightly, this is a great transitional canopy for students and youger jumpers. Loaded heavy this canopy can be used by more experienced jumpers to develope more aggressive canopy piloting skills. This is a good canopy for many disciplines in skydiving and Instructors who will jump multiple times in a day and need not to worry about spinning or hard opennings.
  11. I understand grief and wanting to blame some one for the loss of a loved one, but this is a BS suit, unless true negligence is invovled.
  12. Gary, Some will tell you to get your nose out of thier business, I will tell Good Job. We as a group (at least in the US) have pledged to be self policing. We can do a better job of it. It may be hard to be right. But in all cases it is better to be right than dead. Mr. Peek, I salute you for your efforts in safety and education.
  13. matthewcline

    CISM in Russia

    I would have figured you would have been the person to ask.
  14. matthewcline

    First 400

    Lots of history there.
  15. matthewcline

    DZ Reopens with USPA Help

    I posted the DZ re-openning in events and places. It was quiet but fun day there today.
  16. matthewcline

    A little Help Please

    According to my mil account info, I have no limit on attachment size, that being said I have had a few folks in the past try to send me large files (sat map etc) that didn't go through but I think it may have bee nfrom the sending end of things. Kelli (the editor) said bigger is better. I do hope she was refering to the photos.
  17. matthewcline

    RE/MAX Promotional Video is Done!

    Too Cool! I am JELLO US!
  18. matthewcline

    Parachute rubber stamp?

    I got a set of stamps from Para Gear a while back a "CReW" and "RW" stamp. I pretty much only stamp money and pictures with them now.
  19. matthewcline

    How much is a VWT?

    2.5 Mil, just to start and it is probably low by todays standards.
  20. matthewcline

    Military Airborne helmet

    The New "ACH" is quickly becoming the Helmet of choice for ALL the Army. No Special mods are done to it, it was designed to work from the begining. You can find them in many of the Military Surplus/equipoment catolags. Most of the units that Jump are already converted to the new helmet.
  21. matthewcline

    "Style"...Anyone do it anymore?

    Style and Accuracy is still a National and International event at various meets. In the US both Military Academies field a Team as well as the Army's Golden Knights Team. There are several events that focus on Style and Accuracy (maybe more on accuracy now, PK Platter and Lew Sanborn Meets come to mind). It is rare maybe, but still out there.
  22. matthewcline

    French Maubeuge returns!

    Looks like the World Meet will be even more exciting to watch from near and afar!
  23. matthewcline

    Zero P In Camo

    If your not using it for acanopy Hancock Fabrics usually carries some. But I do not know where they are in relation to you. Dupont used to have a web page that showed the products they make and used to have several camo patterns. but I have not had a reason to look it up in a few years. Call PD, PA, FCI etc. etc. and talk to them and see where the yall get their fabrics. They may even have some.
  24. matthewcline

    AAC Spring Season

    I did about 6 hours over a weekend 3 weeks ago. Drop 'em a line and you'll enjoy the scenery, I know my Daughter did!