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  1. matthewcline

    Isenbarger's T-Shirt Company?

    I believe He is still with the Knights and in training in Florida, I think. The GK web page can get you OPS and they can send a note to him. Matt
  2. matthewcline

    When did you guys first jump?

    For the Army, 18. Freefall (skydive), 27. Matt
  3. matthewcline


    The reserve pilot chute is spring loaded, yes. I happend to use 1 one time. Matt
  4. matthewcline

    Tandem Bailout Altitude?

    Books and BSR's aside. I would personally bail out on the reserve no lower than 2K. But I am sure I would sit tight with my student if I could not leave with them. But I am speculating as even though I have briefed it and rehearsed it, I have not had to do it. Matt
  5. matthewcline

    Allow me to CROW . . .

    Cool feeling huh?
  6. matthewcline

    400 Way Video

    Very Cool! Matt
  7. matthewcline

    Skill Level for Eloy

    Go have fun! You'll be fine if you exercise caution and know when to say "No". Southern DZ's (Not Just Eloy) pick up in the winter, so it is like being at a long medium sized boogie. You can always land at the alternate Landing Area and walk to manifest (500m~), or even land near the grass in the dirt and walk in if you feel "crowded". Just don't get pushed into some thing your uncomfortable with and you'll be fine. Matt
  8. matthewcline

    Sharpchuter super- raven 3 ??????

    I like the Sharchuters over the Ravens. I have maybe 10 to 15 jumps with Ravens (mains canopy) and 200+ on a Sharpchuter (Mains mostly, but Including a few Sharpchuter Reserve rides) Matt
  9. matthewcline


    It is actually a 7 cell that can be made of all ZP or a hybred or all "F-111" type fabric. It is the canopy of choice of the majority of military Demo Teams in the US. The canopy has the ability to fly into all conditions and allow for a safe landing for all properly trained Demonstrators. I also like being able to talk to the guy who helped assemble my canopy and who helped develope new concepts for the canopy. They are always just a phone call away and answers can be implemented the very next jump.
  10. matthewcline

    New portable tunnel?

    Yep. I even know who is making it. PM only please. Matt
  11. matthewcline

    Helmet Help......

    IMO Opening visors Mamba Oxygn A3 Z-1 Closed Visors Factory Diver Deals? Thats a tough one, your gonna have to surf and make a phone call or two, but I got an A3 a while ago for a low price (~200) that was brand new. Matt
  12. matthewcline

    vigil and wings

    Yes they are. Matt
  13. matthewcline


    The DZ is awesome. They have enough there not to need to go out to party. But if you must it is a little drive to the "finer" establishments.
  14. matthewcline

    Any ZOODIVE.COM customers out there ??

    I know one of the business partners, and he is a stand up guy. I would bet he would do a good deal as he advertised. But I haven't been in the market for gear since he started up his partnership. Just my $.02.
  15. matthewcline

    2007 Goals

    Top over 3500 jumps. AFF-I (had the same goal this year but duty got in the way). Run 2 Coach Courses (one next weekend, yeah I know it is still this year) Run 2 Static Line I Courses (one scheduled for Jan) Run 2 Tandem I Courses (one scheduled for Jan) Train no less than 6 FJC Students through the "B" license. Train no less than 4 to PRO Rated Demonstrators. Perform in no less than 20 DEMO's. Print two articles in the local paper on skydiving (had 3 this year and the yhelped to draw students to the 2 local DZ's and they did list 6 DZ's each time) and get others to do the same as all the above. Not enough really, but a start.
  16. matthewcline

    Eloy Nov 4th

    Why don't you swing by my office and we can do that here! I have 2 C-130's (I know you have a shit load of those jumps) for 5 days just going up and down. After the Sl dudes we have 4 or so at altitude, plenty of space! And not bad scenery this time ofthe year (temp is brisk but livable).
  17. matthewcline

    MICH/ACH Helmet and Video

    I am not SF, but I used a lip stick camera and fanny pack recorder in Iraq and recently we did the same for the NFL network when the Titans came and did PT with us (we had 2 helmets and Optik and an ACH). The ACH in Iraq we just put longer screws in the helmet where the chin strap mounts and the camera was right at eye level on the left side. A few small zip ties through the helmet cover added a little security and helped in alignment, it also helped to rout the cable to the center of the back of the helmet. The cable connection was on the fanny pack and was standard plug in out style so it would release if need be in a hurry. It was rigged a bit funky but worked. The fanny pack was mounted on the back of the IBA above the spare ammo/ordinance and below the extraction handle. Matt
  18. matthewcline

    Anyone got a T-10?

    Go south about an hour and ask for SGT Airborne. He has a few. Matt
  19. matthewcline

    C-119 Box Car?

    I have only seen them at the Museum. But the old videos look cool and I wish they did have maybe 1 of each type of old Paratrooper plane flying for the hell of it. Matt
  20. matthewcline

    Michigan Suit Solves Lightweight's Floating Problem

    Ed, I have had the opposite problem in the past but am curious how Mike fixed yours? Matt
  21. matthewcline

    What am I waiting for?

    Not a flyer yet as I do not think I have the experience. But having spoken with a BMI as to the pre req's forwhe nI thought about starting, I would think getting more jumps to meet what is considered the minimum would be advisable. Then re-ask the question. Right now I think the answer is "experience".
  22. matthewcline

    Go- arounds

    I asked a pilot this very question, his answer, "I get paid by the load, and if your still here at 13.5K and I have to spend 1 minute going around, it adds up to a loss in pay for me" I asked another pilot a simular question and his answer was the DZO got mad at the loss of a load or two over the day and lost revenue for the DZ. But it looks like it is a taboo subject .
  23. matthewcline

    Licenses test sheet

    Your local S&TA has them.
  24. matthewcline

    Continue, Quit, or Change Course?

    Go back out t othe DZ and see how you feel. AFF would probably be the way to go if it is to be a "decision maker" jump. Don't quit man your gonna miss it! Your posting here for a reason right? You just need some some to say "Shut up and Jump!"
  25. matthewcline

    2006 Golden Knights Interservice Competition

    Justin, If you don't get flooded with replies, keep in touch, our team will berebuilding and will need a few to help fill out the ranks for that weekend.