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    Exit question

    Not sure what type of videos your watching so I can not make a educated guess. But I will make a SWAG guess. Your probably seeing videos where the count is some thing like "OK, ready, set go!" OK = just getting all in the jumps attention and means "OK, count is next" Ready = is 1 Set = 2 Go = 3 and your leaving on "GO" it is a simultanious action/verbalisation. So it may look like a "2" count and your not seeing the "OK" and "GO!" parts, but it may actually be "4" count when you add those two parts. Make sense? Matt
  2. matthewcline

    info on laser 7 main conopy?

    Check with Buddy Blue or Pete Cullbreath at the Opelika Skydivers Association DZ. If they don't have the answer then there isn't one. Matt
  3. matthewcline

    Arch Turn

    Your describing a process that will involve "Side Sliding" in an Arc. To do it you'll have to move side ways while keeping a bit of positive leg input so as to "carve" around the target. First master "Side Sliding", then add the "Carving" portion. Ask Vince (aka "DOC") how at the DZ next time. I am sure others can help too. Matt
  4. matthewcline

    Suit alterations? .....

    It could be a good pick for you. The extra Height will help in the bust as well as the extra room that was for the heavier previous owner. It is a good idea to use a good rigger or tailor who has woirked with material of this sort and has the threads you'll need to make the alterations last. Matt
  5. matthewcline

    Sigma Harness adjustment

    I follow the guide and in the plane because so many Students state they fell the harnes is loose, I do tighten a little to make them more comfortable in how it feels to them for the jump, it is thier mental comfort as well as the physical comfort I address. Matt
  6. matthewcline

    Student logbook with pre-printed info

    I would be cool with the top data and maybe the "Cat A/B etc" goals being pre-printed. I think it is a bit impersonnal if the whole entry is just checking blocks. Maybe it can be condensed and space left for hand writte ncommenst to aide in the next jump the Studenst will make. Matt
  7. matthewcline

    Metal ring in bridle attachment point

    On some of the canopies this was in the design before the kill lines became so poluar and the metal ring kept us from pulling the top skin through the d-bags gromet maybe causing damage during deployment. On others the ring is used to attach the small link for the kill line designed pilot chute. I would venture if the ring is in the middle of the bridle attachment point it is the first point and if at the end it is the second (but it would work the same for the first point) . Matt
  8. matthewcline

    SA 16 One of these SA-16's? Matt
  9. matthewcline

    Start Skydiving, Lebanon Ohio

    I think it is a great DZ as well, which is why I drive 4 hours one way on weekends to jump there. Some of the best kept planes in the industry, if not THE BEST kept planes. Matt
  10. matthewcline

    Kentucky?? They may work out for you. I drive it most weekends from Clarksville, TN. Matt
  11. matthewcline

    D-Day Jump

    Those where either a PRO Team or the Military doing a Staticline Jump. Matt
  12. I will be there! Matt
  13. matthewcline

    background on this parachute

    That design looks like a Test model for the Forestry Services Smoke Jumper Canopy (or one of the many they use) I say this because of the triple chambers on cells 2 and 6. Matt
  14. matthewcline

    Old Glory demo jump - who was it?

    I guess saying didn't you listen to the narrator would be stupid huh? Paul McGowan made the jump. Matt
  15. matthewcline

    New TI’s

    Yeah buddy! I have over 1300 Tandems as the "I" and over 200 on the front as the "I-E". I still feel that way! But I cover it up pretty good now that I have gotten proffesional acting lessons. Stick to the check list and eventually you will see you have planty of time for that calming banter, it even helps keep the student cool too! Matt
  16. matthewcline

    My good mates new rig

    You got a good pair of running shoes and Kevlar Body Armor handy?
  17. This is cool to see! I wish the stuff I helped produce was ours to post. You would see a lot of the Military Demo Teams on youtube and the news! Big Mike went through the FJC about 3 months ahead of me on the Silver Wings. When he got his tandem Rating I remember riding the front a few times to help get him the numbers to pass the probation period. Of course you don't want to know what Greg used to think of swoopers! It is good to see them all doing so well! Matt
  18. matthewcline

    Am I a fuddy-duddy?

    No a "traditionalist" is what I was called the other day for having the same frame of mind. Matt
  19. matthewcline

    tiger stripe grippers

    Do you mean like "Tony the Tiger" tiger stripe or military camoflague tiger stripe? If it is the "Tony the Tiger" kind, several years ago when involved in Little League mom built a tiger costume and glued layers of cordura under the Tiger Stripe pattern to make it wear better. Those re-enforced parts out lasted the whole suit.
  20. matthewcline

    Flight Concepts Clipper and Psycho Packing

    Call Red at Flight Concepts and go with his info. He will probably say PRO pack it and practice at the folding steps. I would too.
  21. matthewcline

    L1 North Carolina

    Call them. The maintenance was to be done in June, but in July when I talked to the Engineer he was still working on it. If it is up and running it is a great place to train or just fly if that is your intent.
  22. matthewcline

    TM favourite freefall gestures

    It depends on my mood. But when a college crew is out as a rush event I try to learn the hand gesture for the house and "sign" it in freefall for the students video (in case they forget too) Matt
  23. matthewcline

    Calling All Southeastern 4 way jumpers!

    How did it go?
  24. matthewcline

    Who's takin the Shamrock Showdown??

    OK we know who you voted for. I voted Fastrax. Who was the other dude? Matt
  25. matthewcline

    have you ever had?

    I have had to ride back down once out of one thousand. I have had now civilian students "freak out" on me. I have had a military student resist me so much I had to really work on HIS AFP level 1. Matt