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  1. "And how you can fly them on a PPL!" That will be an interesting read and I am sure will be a hot debate here, again. Matt
  2. matthewcline

    September "Parachutist"

    I would go with lost in the mail. Mine came right on time (well for me at least). Matt
  3. matthewcline

    AFF Question

    Do you know what Level 5 is in relation to the USPA "Catagories" System? It may be that if you did the dissorientating manuevers you could be jumping with a Coach and the AFF-I shortage won't effect you. Provided you meet the requirments for the Self Supervised / Coach phase of the program.
  4. matthewcline

    Sky Venture in TN or GA

    There are two other Co's doing the same research right now. The east side of Nashville/Cookville area would be a place to draw TN, AL, GA, KY and some of NC too. DZ's that skydivers would come from in TN are at least 4. KY at least three. It would need to be comparable to the XP tunnel as it is the standard to meet now if you want Skydivers to frequent it a lot! Matt
  5. matthewcline

    Bat Wing Jumper

    Photoshop is a story? Matt
  6. matthewcline

    Freefly Pants and Jackets

    Ordered a Bev set up and have to say, I am impressed. We discussed what I wanted to be able to do with the suit and they made sure I was getting what I needed, not just some thing they wanted to sell. Quality is top notch, materials colors and workmanship is all fantastic! I like this set up so much I just ordered an RW suit as well. If Bev is not the best suit maker they are in the top three easy!
  7. matthewcline

    GI Bill

    Nice insult. Remove my name from your "My Indy 500" wish list, if this forum is any indication of who I would work with, no thanks. So many people speak so highly of you and your single handedly ruining your reputation. FYI- Soldiers tried, the GI Bill doesn't recognize sport Parachuting as a vocation as there is no acredited University or Trade School established. Matt
  8. matthewcline

    Alti-2 = Great Customer Care

    +2 They have dojen a great job of refining products and running an out standing company. Matt
  9. matthewcline

    military rating

    What Rating are your refering too and what Military as it is a www site?
  10. The booties can help you in a few areas, slow your fall rate down by the added drag aide in making faster turns aide in moving forward aide in tracking aide in falling down on landing since running in them is not always easy. Getting a little coaching (does not need to be any "Official" coach just some one with a little experience who is at the DZ) will help you master the many uses of booties. Matt
  11. As for Skydiving I was packing before my FJC. Matt
  12. matthewcline

    Laser Main - 250

    The Laser is a 7 cell as far as I know. We had several Laser's at Benning on the Silver Wings a ways back. The red lines are for CRW and it even looks like a little red smoke stain is in the rest of the lines. The Laser as we used them was for Demo Jumps. Matt
  13. matthewcline

    Skydive PA

    How close are you to Chambersburg? That was a GREAT DZ last time I visited it. If you have not been there yet give it a try, if it is within reason. Of course I drive 4 and 1/4 hours to the DZ I mostly jump at. I have never been the Skydive PA. So no Opinions there. Matt
  14. matthewcline

    Colored Lines...??

    Yes, the lines are out there for Skydiving Canopies as well. Flight Concepts Inc puts black, red and white on various Demo Team canopies and I am sure could do it for other canopies they make as well. Matt
  15. matthewcline

    Bogey Reserves

    The Red lines are normally for CRW Canopies. What color is the Chutes fabric? Matt
  16. matthewcline

    What are your goals as a skydiving instructor?

    My goal, for every one of my Student's, is to train and mentor them to be my replacment. I have had a few that will be able too. Matt
  17. matthewcline

    Demo Problems

    Short answer, Yes. I got the understanding based on your post it is the Clubs event, and based on the form the school is asking the Club to pay for the rent of the field. Maybe you can ask for a fee waiver or some thing like that as the school funds you. But the School and the field may have seperate fund source, yeah it probably all comes from the school and it may boil down to an interdepartmental transfer. Matt
  18. matthewcline

    Start Skydiving

    I will simply say this, I drive 4 and 1/4 hours to get there several times a month. I pass several other DZ's to do so. I think rivals Eloy and Chicago (or soon will) in what they have to offer and seems to be expanding weekly!
  19. matthewcline

    RW jumpsuit bootie question

    Is that while wearing your rig or not wearing the rig? If it is when not wearing the rig the leg straps should pull a little slack out of the suit and be just about right. If it is when wearing the rig maybe the legs can be shortened a smidge. IMO, I think your wanting to have about 15 to 20 degrees past 90 with out having to "flex" for the bootie to be tight. That last line sounds like it should be in the Bonfire! Matt
  20. matthewcline


    With a T-10 not so much, but a -1 yep. Matt
  21. matthewcline

    Need Help From Your Training Archives

    I am sure this has already been done, but I will throw it out htere any way (makes me fee lgood you know?). Back "in the day" we had to go to "Dash one" school at Bragg and they had a slide show at the Advanced Airborne Dept. Plus the two JM Schools and Pathfinder Schools used to have some stuff on that very subject. Not to mention the archive of stuff the 507th has. Your "in" there is probably the "Silver Wings". Matt
  22. matthewcline

    Skydiving Gift You can start there. You could always buy him a block of 5 or 10 Jumps at his DZ, or maybe a gear bag. You'll need to to do a little snooping around, or just be blunt and say; "what do you want?" His second answer will be about skydiving I am sure. Matt
  23. matthewcline

    Swooping question

    "RDS"=Removable Deployment System The Slider, D-bag, Bridle and Pilot chute are removed to decrease drag and increase speed/performance from the parachute. Or like me, they hit the buffett a bit much. Matt
  24. matthewcline

    Name that figure Go to this page and look at the Randoms Click on Yuan That seems to be the formation you're describing. Matt
  25. matthewcline

    I thought my stand had class...

    Thats funny! Matt