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    Most popular colour

    The darker colors for suits, with a white or contrasting gloves are popular in most all skydiving disciplines now as they work better in most video situations. Key when judging various things in competitions records etc. Some records of course use color coordinated formations. like the recent 400 way. Matt
  2. matthewcline

    AFF vs A license in a week

    There are several DZ's that have the License in a week program, some closer to home for you too. The advantage to a program like that is that your immersed in skydiving all day for the 7 or so days it takes to get your license. When going back and forth each weekend or every other week you may have to spend more time refreshing from the last jump. The disadvantage is that you have to have nice weather the whole time. Your not wrong either way. I work in Nashville and can help steer you to a good program if you want, just PM me. Matt
  3. matthewcline

    Who, what and where???

    Bob and Doug McKenzie A Provence in Canada 1980's Checking the strength of their snow suits prior to a beer run. Matt
  4. matthewcline

    which jumpsuit should I get?

    If your going to focus on RW get and RW suit. If you going to Focus on VRW get a VRW suit. Sure your instructor was partially right that you can do most casual RW in a VRW Suit. I have not seen detachable Grippers, but I have seen "Combo Suits" that swap out pants and tops for different needs. Bev Suits does a version and I am sure there are others. There is oodles of Info on this in here just search away. Matt
  5. There are two commonly accepted methods of performing EP's. The one hand on each handle method and the two hands on one handle method. Two hands one handle method; Look at and grab soft cut away handle with two hands, LOOK at reserve handle, peel and pull cut away handle, grab and pull reserve handle. One hand one handle method; Look at Soft Handle grab with right hand, look at reserve handle grab with left hand, peel and pull with the right hand then the left hand. It appears she used the first method, maybe during the harness shift at her cut away she lost sight for a moment of the reserve handle. Matt
  6. matthewcline

    proper procedure

    There was a lengthy thread on this a while back. The Camera guy was trying, but he should have remained clear and allowed the T-I to do what he was taught, two attempts at clearing and then fire the reserve. The T-I should have done a better job of the exit first and foremost. Every fatality in the UPT Incident Reports could have been prevented buy the T-I doing the Proper Procedures. Yes, this was a different rig, but still; Start Right to Fly Right. If I get tangled I would ask the Video Flyer to acknowledge it, then back up and film my opening. If I am at fault it, will exonerate the DZ. If I am not at fault, I can learn from it as well as others. I have told many a Video Flyer if some thing goes wrong stay a safe distance away and let me handle it. I do not want to be responsible for your life too (any more than I am already). Matt
  7. matthewcline

    Swapping out reserve pillow for D ring?

    I would go through UPT, they can look up the serial number and make sure you get the exact item you need. Matt
  8. I too got a copy of the letter from my RD and brought it up for discussion in an old thread in the Instructor Forum. Seems to me it is a done deal. Weather USPA adopts the BSR or not, the Manufacturers will enforce their age rules. Matt
  9. matthewcline

    Skydive East Tennessee

    Located in a very scenic part of East TN. Nice new facilities and equipment. Friendly and Professional Staff. Outdoor covered Packing, indoor packing, creeper area, nice mock-up for ALL aircraft. Just a great place that is honest and friendly.
  10. According to the web page they are open those days. On their FB page they have daily updates that you could keep an eye on. Matt
  11. matthewcline

    places to jump near FT Benning

    Skydive Atlanta in Thomaston GA Skydive Opelika on Moton Field You will be briefed your not allowed to skydive while your in ABN school. But I can attest that there where a few weekends I saw some of my students at the DZ. Just don't draw attention to your self (at least no more than you just did here) or get broke. Matt
  12. matthewcline

    When formations fall apart..

    Make a plan prior to loading. Some times, when it is a formation like that, it is planned to re-build inside out. The four way center zipper builds and then the rest build in slot once the base is ready. Some places go with the "Go to the low man" rule. But if it is a group that jumps together a bit this should not be a real necessary method. Matt
  13. matthewcline

    Looking for a DZ Try this one. Matt
  14. matthewcline

    Psycho pack and line twist

    That almost looks like you continued in the same direction with your "Flip" when you bagged the canopy. I do not pack that way any more but when I did I flipped the canopy back before I put it in the bag, I never used an extension on my bridle and it was not an issue. A jumper I know has a little saying he uses for his Psycho Pack: "Flip right then left, like my Politics" it works for him. Matt
  15. matthewcline

    smoke for a demo jump This is listed with Para Gear, it is white, but still smoke. Plus they can probably find you Orange if you ask. Matt
  16. matthewcline

    Where to jump near Memphis TN This is the only DZ near Memphis I believe. And it is a great DZ. Matt
  17. matthewcline

    We need a windtunnel in OHIO!

    The designer of the AAC Tunnel is juts up the road in Dayton. He has been looking for a group to build one for. Alpha Mechanical Engineering Matt
  18. matthewcline

    AFF Training and State-hopping?

    Short answer; Yes Longer answer; It may mean a little repeat training or even a little longer train up for the next level, but that is standard CYA. But the upside is you get to skydive and do so at more than one place! Matt
  19. matthewcline

    Skydive The Hamptons

    The tower is looking like a "sticky part". But I hope that it works out for skydiving. Matt
  20. matthewcline

    Teargas Residue Removal

    Rent a C-182, put on a M-40 for you and the same for the pilot and jump away, in a year you should be good. 70 CANISTERS! WOW. Seriously, I do not know. Matt
  21. matthewcline

    Packing tabs on reserves

    One Manf. said they took off the tabs to decrease the packing volume, it is not much they say but when dealing with the micro sizes it apparently makes a difference. Another Maf. said, who needs um for a reserve? if a rigger needs um they need to retrain. When they are there I use them, when not, I don't. Matt
  22. matthewcline

    Old School meets new tunnel