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  1. Let's be sure that Paul's wishes are attended to and look after Alexa and his family. Bill, I know what your going through, I still go through it everyday, call me if you want...Randy has my number...ER
  2. Bill, Julie, Chuck, You guys hang in there amd give Paul my best wishes when he wakes up. He couldn't ask for a better brother than you Bill or better friends than Julie and Chuck. Eventhough Alexa was probably too young to remember me, I remember her! You hang in there the best you can little one and don't be afraid to lean on Bill and Julie. Blue Skies and best wishes ..ER
  3. Hey guys, ER here. I know I've been out of the loop for a while but that doesn't mean my thoughts have not been with you, and now even more so.Bill, Julie,Chuck, I know words don't mean much, but know that I'm thinking of you guys. You're some of my dearest friends and fondest memories at Raeford. Hang in there and give and give paul my best when he wakes up. Blue Skies... ER