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  1. QuoteIf I'm not mistaken, he will need a fair amount during recovery and I can credit his account in order to save the family a small amount. I called Temple Burn Unit about donating blood, platelates, etc. And the only POSSIBLE thing for donations is blood (due to HIV risk they can't take tissue) and as for the blood, they can't patient specific it to Paul. Best option they had was that is you can go to your local blood bank and donate blood. Although it may not go specifically to Paul, without those donations it would not be there in times of need such as this. As for any other donations, carpools, etc. If anyone hears any specifics I'd be more than happy to help out. I teach in PA until 4pm, but I'm sure I could vamp my schedule to meet your needs. If anything needs to be organized don't hesitate to ask. -Emily Always and Forever, Emily