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  1. I got your pants at my house.... You're a great cat to chill with! See you soon! ___________________________________ Yeah, I know better. PMS #341
  2. What a GREAT Boogie! Super fun jumps, awesome LO's, rockin party, and great people. What more could you want? I'll be back next year! Big pat on the back to you, Mel, and everyone else at Elsinore! ___________________________________ Yeah, I know better. PMS #341
  3. A DZ can have it all, but if the people are friendly and approachable, that's the clincher for me. The Load Organizers are inclusive and talented. Add to that nice landing areas, spectacular scenery from up high, great weather, safe operations, plus all the amenities and Elsinore is tough to beat. Elsinore simply has the best vibe around! See for yourself.
  4. Did you say first? I'll be there. Whooohooo whoo hoo hoo.... And I'll have my massage table set up for all stiff folks.
  5. Truly my pleasure! I had a great day. ___________________________________ Yeah, I know better. PMS #341
  6. Oh Yeah? Well I was there, and I didn't get any beer from Taryn. Hmmmm... Congrats on the Hybrid Taryn! Next time let's you and I do some sitflying. Don't get too hung up on this flat stuff. ___________________________________ Yeah, I know better. PMS #341
  7. What do I think? I think it sounds like you need some Yang in your life. Peace ___________________________________ Yeah, I know better. PMS #341
  8. I am curious what music skydivers listen to on their way to the dropzone. Or what music inspires you to go skydiving? For me, it is generally Incubus. ___________________________________ Yeah, I know better. PMS #341
  9. I am fortunate to have a service many people want, including my packer--Massage Therapy. So, I barter my pack jobs during the day and then usually take my fairly new main home to pack. I can take my time, don't miss loads, and become knowledgable about my gear. The best of both worlds. It takes forever, but my husband loves watching me. Go figure. ___________________________________ Yeah, I know better. PMS #341
  10. Hooray! Keep it up! There are many rewards when we hurdle the challenges in our way instead of focusing on them and crashing. So happy for you!!!!!
  11. Yeah, sounds good! We can work out some professional massage v. coaching trade. ___________________________________ Yeah, I know better. PMS #341
  12. Oops, pic didn't upload. Looks better in the original file, of course. ___________________________________ Yeah, I know better. PMS #341
  13. Yall make me laugh! I appreciate fellow crazies. THANKS!
  14. I really do understand and appreciate both opinions. Thank You. I have gotten to jump more than once a month. My first tandem was New years eve 2001. But I didn't start really jumping until the summer of 2002. And of course I wasn't jumping the last 8 months. I've found canopy control and landing to be more dangerous than freefall. Coach jumps haven't proven too helpful with canopy control. Maybe I am mistaken? Most people take more risks before they have children. If I go by manufacturer's recommendations on those canopies, I should be in a 190 since my exit weight is over 160. 153 is max for a novice on a 170 Spectre. I was jumping a 170 but wasn't sticking all my landings. I will definitely take a canopy control course. It just seemed prudent to jump what the manufacturer recommends, especially with the change in my perspective from having a child. This much is for sure--I'll still be jumping, in addition to doing safe, adventurous activities with my family. I like variety. And I don't see myself being willing or able to give up skydiving yet.