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  1. Any Skydivers live in Petaluma, California ?
  2. Family is a hard one to convince.... lol This is what I will do. Trick them to go to the airport with you (blindfolded) to do a tandem jump to let them feel how you feel. (Even know if they scream all the way well anyway good luck with your family! GL+BS, Chad
  3. In Petaluma, CA there is a multi-airport that looks like a great place to skydive if anyone heard of it. If i was a instructor, I will start a DZ there. Its like a 40 min. drive from San Fransisco and a 30 min. drive to Santa Rosa Skydive at Sonoma Airport. If anyone is close to there, do you think so?
  4. And by the way i do live in California and heard of perris valley. and heard that wind tunnels cost alot of these $$$ ***Sounds to me like you’ve had your first jump and mom and dad do not know??? LOL i wish and thinks for the info all of you. Thanks all for replying and Ron.... whats with Thanks, Chad
  5. lol. ok ok im a Young adult. Better? have good vocab. But my spelling meens a work.
  6. True dat. Never thought about that before. I know i got a long way to go but whats a good way to start my skydiving career? tandem+AFF? AFF? Static line? no offence i like to start with AFF because its almost like solo and i can get the feel if i were to do it anyday in the future. Good choise? Reply so i can do some research..... Thanks, Chad
  7. Hey all, I am a 14 year old kid that dicovered the sport of skydiving. I fell in love with the thrill and the experience of the freefall and the parachuting. I understand the risk and the threat of the earth surface coming closer and closer to you as you fly down though the atmosphere between 100-300 miles per hour, But this is my question, "Is it worth it?" Is it worth the risk and thought that you can die the next day on the jump out of a airplane. Your parachute wont deploy, it did not go out all the way, pulled to late, ruff landings. I know most of the risk but i still have the urge to skydive. Again is it Worth It?! I know my parents wont be happy that i am risking my life and i have to put worry in their minds if i start the sport. So far its a secrit from them and i am waiting for the right time to tell them. Please give me advice. I know i am to young, but every day and every year goes by. I get happier and happier because i am one day closer to get a licence to become a profession skydiver. Do you had the urge when you were a kid? Thanks for reading... Talk more privetly email: [email protected] Thanks all, Chad