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  1. actually, 80 year old guys under T-10's is exactly what it is. Kind of dangerous, and it brings a new light onto "I've fallen and I cant get up," but these paratroopers are extremely proud. Oh, and for them, it's not about currency. There are currency restrictions on active duty in the military, but these people are not in the military anymore. And if you think about it, when they jumped into Normandy, they couldn't have been all that current anyway. Please keep in mind that this isn't a skydive that they want to do. It's a military static line jump from 800-1250 feet. It's a part of their personal history. If they want to jump, and they are physically fit enough to do so, I say go for it.
  2. I was there in 1994, when we did the 50th anniversary jump. Talk about high winds.....probably 25-30 mph. Usually that would be high enough winds to scratch a jump, but this was a huge deal to everyone involved. It was incredible to see the old timers from WWII jump along with us whippersnappers. There was this old jumper who landed kinda hard and layed there for a few minutes after landing, and one of the soldiers designated to collect chutes came over to help him up. The old man said, "Are you airborne qualified?" The soldier replied, "No" as he was trying to help the old man up. The old man then said "Get your f#*king hands off me, then, ya LEG!" Very funny stuff. I have a huge admiration for those veterans who jumped into France and other places during WWII. (Leg is the term used by Airborne personnel to describe non-airborne personnel. It is almost always an insult)
  3. I think the 25 degrees is celsius. and I'm too lazy to do the conversion....
  4. When did people start spelling out "comma" instead of using ,? Don't mind me....I'm kind of inebriated right now. Thought It'd be funny. That and I'm a big dork...
  5. Ok, I'm a huge 'friends' fan. I have all 7 of the available seasons on dvd. However comma I did not watch the final episode. I was at work, but even if I wasn't I still wouldn't've watched it. One thing that owning the 7 seasons on dvd has taught me is that friends shows are much funnier seen within the context of the season of which it is part. I haven't seen the other episodes this season, so I'll just watch it when season 10 (or whatever season it is) comes out on dvd.
  6. I'm not 100% certian (and maybe I should wait until I am before posting. whatever), but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the bin Laden family that was flown out of here shortly after 9-11 on Dubya's orders. From what I remember, it was the royal family of Saudi Arabia. I'm not a supporter of Bush Jr., but this is quite a big difference in implications....
  7. *whispering*: the word of the day is.... pro-active. *regular speaking voice*: I agree with you 100%. At my home DZ it used to be very cliqueish, and many people took offense at it. The term there was "Raefordite" (no offense to kate). Here's what I did. I made it known that I was a young jumper on a mission to become a better skydiver. I looked at where I wanted to be, and found people on the DZ who had achieved the goals i was pursuing. I hung around with them and bugged them until they jumped with me. I didn't act like a fool and ignore the people who trained me or fellow young jumpers. However, the majoirty of my time was spent with the high jump numbers people, because lets face it, they could get me where i wanted to be. Sometimes I had to pay for a coach jump, but others, people saw me solo on a load and offered to jump with me for free (thanks Tony and Kate
  8. a duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why....
  9. I myself am a different case altogether, but maybe I have an answer for you.... I downsized fairly quickly. I was jumping a 120 by 150 or so jumps. I consistently asked advice because I didn't want to become a statistic. I felt safe under each canopy I downsized to. No one looked at me and said that I was gonna kill myself under the canopy. And I haven't. I did hook into the ground and a very experienced jumper/gear store owner told me that prior to my accident, he had considered suggesting that I get a velocity. So I never went against advice, but I did downsize too quickly. The reason for it was because that I aspired to be like those I admired. In every thing that has standards, the lower levels are always looking up. Unfortunately, it can kill you in this sport.
  10. I went elliptical at about 150 jumps. At the time, I didn't think it was stupid. I sure do now. On jump 268, I hooked in and had to stop skydiving for a while. Here it is six years later, and I'm trying to get back into the sport. I will probably jump under an elliptical again, but not for a while, and I'll treat it with much more respect than I did the first time.
  11. I thought this list was gonna be a lot shorter than it is, but my logbook doesn't lie.... Cessna 172 Cessna 182 Cessna 185 Super Otter Twin Bonanza King Air C 130 C 141 C 17 C 5 Skyvan Porter Blackhawk
  12. Yeah, FARK doesn't allow submitting websites that require registration. So I think you're safe there. But it would be a huge drain on your servers...
  13. I only met Paul once in Raeford in 1998. He's a great guy, and I'm sure all the good vibes being sent by myself and others are received in full force. However, this post is about you. The skydivers in this community have really impressed me. There are so many people heading to see Paul; people who are carpooling to NJ and many people giving up time and money to help out a friend in need. The fact that this is happening with such dedication is a true testament to the quality of people in the skydiving community as a whole and I would just like to say how proud and honored I am to be a member of such a wonderful and caring society.
  14. ok, you win. I'm not really that interested in which one of us is the bigger fan of hsr. It doesn't really matter. I like the site. You like the site. We both have spent money there. /does it have something to do with html? i got it off
  15. you have 3 tshirts, a hoodie, and the entire set of figurines? /sad