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  1. Hi KR. Yup, got em all logged except for maybe a 10SD back in '66. Got all the log books, a bunch of the old blue "Parachutist Logs" 150 entry types and the rest are the wire bound fliptop Precision Freefall logs. I log all the pertinant stuff and ink out the dive plan in as much detail as possible. Sometimes I just do the basic dive and sometimes I write a novel!! I get them signed by other jumpers, friends who visit the DZ, jumpers passing thru, Lew Sanborn, and whoever. When video came on the scene, I'd try to get the video guy to copy the dive to my current DZ tape. This way I not only have a paper trail but a video one also!! With current technology cameras keeping video logs is great! What really gets me is the characters who make 4 or 5 jumps a day sat and sun for about 10 weekends of training (about 100 jumps), "don't log any of them" then go on about how they did about a thousand with this team and a thousand with that team!! R-I-G-H-T!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, keep loggin'!! Years later you'll look back at those logs and every dive is there. Oh yeah, Charlie and I got on the hot shots 10 Man and we got in!! Wow I almost forgot....... no, you logged it. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  2. Low/ no wind landing crashes!! Been there done that! Lots of factors are involved and one that nobody mentioned yet is "density altitude!" Since you say this just started recently and you had no problems before? Could be that now that warmer weather (spring/summer) is upon us, the density altitude goes up too. As the air temp. increases there are fewer molecules of air per cubic ft. of air thus the air is thinner and your parachute loses performance! Also, add in humidity and the senario gets more interesting!! As the relative humidity goes up, the air gets even thinner because for that same hot cubic foot of air, now h2o molecules displace air molecules. The glitch is that h2o molecules weigh "LESS" than air molecules. On COLD DRY days it seems like you can glide forever and landing flares are great! Reverse the scene HOT HUMID days, no glide, no flare. One trick I use in hot humid conditions is I loosen my chest strap so my canopy spreads a little more and I lean forward in the saddle to get my C.G. a bit more forward. I also try to have a little extra momentum in my final approach and be a little more agressive in the flare! No hot dog hook turn mind you!!!!! I hope this helps you out. Ask your jump pilot about density altitude and how it affects his plane! Density altitude affects your canopy the same way. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  3. Scary Stories!!! They are all scary, just some more than others!! New Years Eve '63-64' don't remember which, Ben and Barry Seal are going to make a "New Year Jump" leave the Piper Tri-pacer 30 seconds before midnight and open 30 seconds after midnight. This was at Hammond Airport Louisiana at that time DZ for Southland Skydivers and Louisiana Skydivers and other Jump Bums. The jump went as planned, they exit, freefall, do a night 2-man, separate and dump. Ben gets open and Barry has a Total!!!! He shakes the rig (remember boys and girls this is early 60's B-4 harness, chest reserve and a "NAVY NB-8" container!! It had a stifiner accross the top under the top cone to help flatten out the pack.) The pilot chute was caught under the top cone and down Barry goes!! They were probably a bit low? but time flys when you're having fun! Barry shakes the rig a couple of times and rolls over as he goes for his reserve. He pulls the ripcord and tosses out the reserve(remember, no pilot chute) . The ground was right there and "BAM" Barry thought he bounced!!! He was on the deck and quite alive! Got out of his rig and was running around, jumping up and down yelling,"I'M ALIVE, I'M ALIVE!!" This happened at the north end or runway 36-18 and most of us ground crew were at the south end. A bunch of us get in Billy Bankston's convertable and head to the "Scene" Barry is running around still yelling "I'M ALIVE!!" and some of us check out his gear. From the harness, the main (28' 7-TU) was open and colapsed (no wind!) just like normal. The reserve was stretched out and still folded with about 2/3rds of the lines out just like it was on a table being packed!!!!!! When Barry rolled over the wind blast blew his pack open and started his main deploying, it got open just above the deck!! His strung out reserve just settled to the ground as I said. He probably got primary opening shock and hit the ground!!! Close? Yeah, I'd say that was close. Don't know where Ben is these days, Barry Seal was involved in some strange deals, got killed years later and that's another story. As for the jump, I was there and I saw it. As I remember, also in attendance were Numan Gill B-1929 ( my later to be first jump instructor) Ken Gillard, Billy Bankston, Ben and Barry's dad and younger brother Wendell and a few other "spectators." SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  4. Hey man, Pecos Parachute School was a "GAG!!!" The video was called "Proof" and the movie that got made around it is called "Fandango." The only other gag they should have done is on the takeoff, the 182 should have flown "under" the wires!!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  5. Just read this whole thread. The only thing that changes is the year, the make and model of the jump A/C and the make and model of the rig. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  6. WOW! Raeford will never be the same! Only trouble is by the time she gets old enough to legally buy beer and pay off all her beer debts., (5 more years) she'll have to own the brewery to do it!! LOL Unless dad gets hit with the task! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  7. Hi Steve I'd be interested to know what kind of "Rumors" you heard?? Talk is cheap, good skydiving costs BIG $$ and don't you forget it!! As the T-shirt from the SCR Scrambles of 1978 at Elsinore says,"Ya pays yer money an' ya takes yer chances!" So if you still want to skydive, come on. If ya are lookin' fer an E-Z way out, ya can find a gazillion. Look around! I've been around Parachutes and Airplanes most all my life and I've heard lots of great rumors!! Just add yours to the list and GO JUMP!! PS I have the T-Shirt!!!!!!!!!! PPS If you want to know what an SCR Scrambles is, go ask some crusty old fart skydiver at your local So. Cal. DZ. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  8. It's true. Photo sequence is in an old Scare-a-chutist and or Lyle Cameron's SkyDiver mag. I have them buried in my archives. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  9. Hi Jayne! Well have fun over there, hope you get some high jumps in now and then. Most of my Brit jumping friends come over here to the "colonies" to get any altitude to jump . Keep us posted on your progress. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  10. Hi DK, Remember one thing at the door, that the anxiety you feel is the "Fear of the unknown!!" Look at the experienced jumpers. Why are they lovin' it!! They took the plunge just like you, experienced, gained knowledge, put it to use and learned how to fly! You have to crawl before you walk and fall before you fly! "Knowledge is power!!" Keep us posted. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  11. Hi Dave! Ain't it great! When you left the sport, sliders were about the size of main canopys today!!! Well almost! LOL Have fun! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  12. Hi DK, Well, besides remembering to breathe, Screaming at the top of your lungs seems to help a lot. Don't start kicking though, that will only upset your tandemmaster and scare the BJZ outa' him/her. As far as the Army is concerned, remember, those guys are soldiers first, if you think that that Paratrooping is skydiving for fun and profit, are you ever in for a surprise! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  13. Hi DZ!!, Well far out!!! Tell em' both that Bill Deli says hi and to send me an e-mail. Get Charlie to show you his Twilight Zone Video!!! Those were the daze!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  14. Hi DZD, Jim and Charlie used to jump at Perris back in the 80's and 90's. Jim is in S.D. somewhere. Havn't seen Charlie in years. Speaking of Charlie, you have to see his Twilight Zone spoof called,"A most unusual Skydive!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  15. Hi Karen "Rokitmom," In reply to if any of us ever find ourselves "obsessed" with this sport? hahahahahahLOL The answer is NO. Obsession is a perfume, Skydiving is "LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I made my firsrt jump when I was 18 years old. Now, some 40 years later I have 3800+ jumps and as the joke goes, "I never could find a good reason to quit!!" I now have a house full of fotos, old skydiving mags., memoribilia, parachute gear, a couple of sewing machines and a world full of "Friends!!!" Right now you're in the learning curve. When you get to the point where you are calling all your shots, then YOU are the one who is responsible for your survival. "Knowledge is Power!!!!" Keep us posted on your progress. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  16. Safety Meetings? Twinkies?? Where's "Bob" ??? SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  17. Hi Dude! Anvil, Home sick Brick, Home Sick Safe, oh well it's all the same, we go base unless we jump with our brothers, that famous team, "The High Speed Meat Missiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It's all relative! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  18. Hi Jon, Huntly Dufour?? From N.O. started jumping at Hammond before I joined the Navy. I believe he was the ASO for a while. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  19. Hi Jon, Leon? Last I heard he was around Chat-a-nouga, Tenn. somewhere. But, what ever happened to Huntley????? SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  20. Hi Jay, What ever happened to Huntley????? Talk about Louisiana Old Farts, I made my first jump at Hammond on 08MAY64 with Southland Skydivers! Those were some good times back then. I was in the Navy when Leon moved the whole chebang to Covington. I was the last Secretary for Southland Skydivers and still have the club minutes in there original folder in my archives! Where's Leon these daze and what ever happened to Huntley. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  21. Hi Eric, Deli here again. Yup, waz thar' fer bofum!! I was in 57Ugly when the engine spit the blade and it caught fire!! We were going up for a sunset practice 40-way Fielding Night Record atempt. The fire cut that short!!! as for 817, I was in the parking lot when that happened, what a drag, that event shut the airport down for the day!! Oh well, but I finally got a copy of the video of 57Ugly!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  22. 10-4 Sparky!! Yes Ed Vickry did develope the Para-Commander as you say and the part about Jerry B. bringing back the "ascending -Lemoigne or what-ever canopy" is correct. When Ed left Pioneer and came to work at Irvin Aerospace in N.C. as the VP of Engineering I was the Lead Rigger in the loft. We got to talking and of course we got int the development of the P.C. He told how they took this french ascending canopy and configured crown lines on it to be able to pack and deploy it. Then he said that he still had that original canopy in his archives!!! Well, we got him to bring it to the loft and we got a good look at it! Too much fun. When he moved out to Ca. to be the head honcho of Irvin's Engineering dept., I boxed the P.C. back up and gave it to him. He's retired now but lives somewhere near "yall." give him a ring and maybe you can get him to drag it out again. That canopy is a treasure!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  23. Hi Dude, To start with, I really like the skull with the "twisted" cig!! About the P.C. Read all the posts and everyone has a lot of good info. Big thing was that when it came out, we had a 24' dia. canopy that came down "slower" than a 28' dia. canopy!! Stand up landings were the rule and sure beat the hell out of crashes!!!! Through this whole thread though, of all the mods and hybrid configs. (MK-II, Comp. P.C., Russian P.C., etc.) nobody mentioned the MK-69 MOD-O Command-O-Flex-Cross-Wing!!!!!!!!!! Now that was the ultimate High performance "round" canopy!!! There was an article or two about it in Scare-a-chutist mag. and I believe Gene Hunnel's " DZ-USA rag. Anyway, I believe it would have gone into production and run circles around everything in the air at "that" time but the project engineer blew all his R&D $$ at the DZ. BTW, without looking in my archives, I believe that article was in the April(Fool) issue of Scare-a-chutist!!!! It was still fun though, just like reading this thread!! After being around this great sport for 40 years now, it's fun to see how everyday dropzone events that we used to take for granted in the old daze have evolved into "bonfire legends!!" I love this sport!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  24. Thanks Bodypilot! The beer is real. Lies, just being a bit facetious you know. And-there-I-was.....40 years though, is no joke! The storys and the dives wouldn't amount to a hill of beans if it wasn't for all my friends. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  25. Thanks weegegirl!! FLY! While you still have your wings!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out