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  1. skybill

    Back at it again-After 34years!

    Hi Olaf, Welcome back!! The sport has gone thru lots of changes!! LOL!! Have fun and enjoy! Yer' right about,"Man Small, Why Fall, Skys Call, That's ALL!"
  2. skybill

    whatsup everyone!

    Hi Ryan, You came to the right place. Lots of good stuff to learn and drink beer and tell lies too!!!!!!!!!!
  3. skybill

    Southern Parachute Center

    Hi Jay, That had to be at Covington. When I think of Southern Parachute Center, it takes me back to my pre-Navy daze at Hammond. Both places have a lot of Skydiving history to tell. Got any cold Dixie's in the frige.???
  4. Hi Lok, What happened to yer' mags?? You live outside the CONUS, that's what. Just like when I worked for Grumman Aero in Iran back in '76, the Iranian govt nabbed them. Someone told us the Iran Skydiving club in Tehran had them!! Really cute. Just like when I was in the Navy over seas, Parachutist, what Parachutist?? Same and worse for Playboy mags. too!!!
  5. Hi chap, If the riser lug fits (is made for) the harness end it's OK as is! People have hacked and chopped on "Capewells" going and comming!! Get with an old fart rigger that "Knows" this stuff to be sure!!
  6. skybill

    Darrell "Shifty" Powers

    Hi Howard, That's quite a post for quite a guy!! Perhaps if anybody's interested, a "missing man sunset formation load" at the DZ this weekend (your DZ, My DZ, any DZ) may be in order. The 4th of july just passed so maybe Labor Day weekend would be a good one, any weekend. We can post photos here. Just a passing thought.
  7. Hi DK, 'Can't answer all of em but (d.) was not 2 guys, the one riding is a girl. Can't recall her name but she was out at Perris about that time for a while.Brain just kicked in, guy was Brad girl was Lisa. (f) the DC-3 pilots I think the Guy was Mark of Mr. Douglas?/ and the lady was MJ . (j) lady kissing the camera was Nancy Doyal. (h) that scene appears twice and that was Sweet Sally (Wener) Callahan and tha guy in the white jumpsuit with the blue legstraps she docks on is "ME!!!!" (n) cutaway/Lo-Po was Jim Tyler and that was a Hank-Piglet!! I don't know about this "Ultimate Thrill" thing but originally that was "Freak Brothers Convention" by Norm Kent just wondering if it got a remake?? Filmed at "Freakport" and a few fillers from Perris and ?? Somewone posted a while back that Sally lives in Texas now. MJ the lady DC-3 pilot with the long black hair married Bob Butt from So. Ca. and they just reciently moved to Texas. Nancy Doyal passed away a few years ago from complications from diabetes, BTW we didn't call that "sit flying" back then, the proper term was "Freak Flying!!" As for "ME!!" I'm alive and well in NC!! My Freak Brother # 1495.
  8. Hi Jim, What you have there is probably a S/L pack for some kinda' airdrop package or bundle. When I worked for Scurvyirvin we went thru 3 moves, from Gardena CA to SantaAnaCA to RedSprings(Temp) and Hope Mills NC!! You shoulda been there when we dumped al the old test gear in the dumpster by the Container full!! Took a bunch of old test canopies to Elsinore and gave them to Slammer and they made party tents of em!! Threw away lots of old D-bags and stuff like you have. Too much fun!! Ask Howard White, maybe he knows!!
  9. skybill

    "Pioneers" Reunion 2009

    Hi HW, Yup, I'll be there! Talked to Chuck Semour PRC and he said a bunch of the old Lakehurst Crowd are coming. I was at PR"A" School there in '67.
  10. skybill


    Hi HW, Cool beans on the get-together!! Lots of old fart skydivers around here!! I live just across the I-95 from Raeford in Roseboro (Sampson Cty.). 08MAY09 during the reunion will be 46 years since my first jump!!!!!
  11. skybill

    What is this plane? #34

    Hi pch, Nevermind the plane, look at that canopy!! I know the 'chute is in the "process" of opening but it still looks grim!!
  12. skybill

    Backwards Skydiving

    Hi Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!, LOL My sentiments exactly!! I still like flying in the standard RW stable position and I like to do tip-toe landings into the wind!! (No wind and I have to slide a bit) I guess it's time for me to make a visit for Air Trash Daze and we'll have to pull off a couple of "Deli Dives!!" Talking about "Backward" Skydiving, remember Gary Cobb and his BCRW "Backward CReW!!??"
  13. skybill

    Need a Ripcord for a B-4

    Hi Ray, Might have one in the archives, I guess you want a 4-pin with a "D" handle. Measure the R/C housing to be sure for the length. What will you trade?? Do you need anything else for the rig? What is the date of manufature and Mfgr. ?? is the canopy a 4-color, orange and white candy stripe, or "fan-blade?" One I'd love to see again is an old all white "NAVAIRFAC" 28' C-9 with the anchor stamps in blue parachute ink on the "C" pannel of each gore!! Saw one a guy had years ago that he bathtub dyed the bottom 1/3 blue (including the lines) and the top 1/3 red (or was it the other way around??) anyway, he called it his "Uncle Sam" rig.
  14. Hi Sandy!!!, Thru a Purple Haze I recall hearing storys around the bon fire of naked bodies, black light flouresssent paint and odd chanting around some nymphet!!! Knowing Bill Stage I'm not surprised, only in So.Cal.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dirty old man that he was!! You jogged my memory, thanks that it is now brought forward and revived. Iwould hate to lose that one!!! Remember the First Wet T-shirt contest on the packing tables at Elsinore????? It was a tie!! I still have the Cuervo T-shirt that Chris wore in that one!! She tied for first Place with Becky, Al Frisby's Lady at the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  15. skybill

    Dirty Ed dead!

    Hi Spark, I weep. A piece of my heart has just died also. George "Dirty Ed" Edwards was my good friend. From my first daze at Elsinore in 1967 onward, Dirty was always there with his smile, humor, wit and snide remarks!! "Blue Skys Dirty Ed!!!!"
  16. skybill

    Roger Reynolds

    Hi Dog, Didn't know Roger, but there was a "Greg Reynolds" at Scare-Us-Valley back in 'ought 83 or so. i think he showed up around the Valentines day boogie. Then, as quick as he showed up, "he was gone!!" Ask Allen Richter, Kate Cooper, Jerry Swovelin, Lou Land, and/or Charlie Parker about him. Maybe Roger was Greg's brother??
  17. skybill

    The Parachute Manual, First Edition

    Hi Hook, Funny thing you should mention that!! Got one in the archives. A lot of nylon has had its day since I got that manual.