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  1. Natty'!!! Take the prize money, all bets are off....YOU WIN!!!!! This post is over!!!! Blue skies!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  2. Fly On PAT!!!!! 'Was but a kid growing into Jr. High during the decade...Yes what phrase..."The seldom 50's" Here you post this less than a month before you leave us...... But you "Torqued My Memory!!!" of the first time I ever saw a "Live" Parachute Jump!!!!! It was spring of 1951 (I was just about to turn 6 years old)and the "Cole Brothers Air Show" came to out airport with Screaming, smoke blowing, twisting and looping, LOUD STEARMAN Bi-PLANES!!!! Wing Walkers and "PARACHUTE JUMPS!!!" There were several ,,,,"AND" guy had "A MALFUNCTION!!!" He tossed out his Chest Reserve...and I watched in awe as he descended over us and landed behind the parking apron where we were and right before he landed by the fuel dump, the announcer blared over the loud speaker,"Hey Joe..'You alright???" I was looking straight at him , about 200 or so feet up , he cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled "YEAH!!!" then he landed!!!!!! Thanks PAT for re kindling that memory for me!!!!!.......Fly on Brother....Say Hi to Scotty, Kevin, Gary, Dirty Ed and all!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  3. Pat is Gone!! 'Scotty the other day and now Pat!!! If'n yer' "Old School" yer' probably lookin' over yer' shoulder for that Boney character in that robe !!! Who will be #3????? Someone suggested Bob Hoover was but he don't Skydive!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  4. Scotty gone....and from complications from dental surgery??? Blue skies Scotty where ever you are!! Still hard to believe yer' gone!!' BSBD, III%, skybill-out SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  5. Hi Pat and all, Yes Larry was quite a guy!! "I remember when!!" ..I was by the Target at Perris and looking up someone opening from a load had a Mal and lo and behold everyone expected but it was a ROUND RESERVE!! and Larry under it!! He manipulated the control lines to his satisfaction and made a descent into the "PEA GRAVEL!!" Too bad it wasn't an accuracy meet........Happiness is having a malfunction, cutting away to your 26' Conical Round reserve , coming in for a "DEAD CENTER" and refusing the "Re-jump" during a meet My Darling!! That would be Larry!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  6. Hi JC, Something I learned a long, long time ago in a Galaxy Far, Far away,"Admit to Nothing, Deny EVERYTHING!!!!" and never let down your Guard!!! ( From Our late, great president Ronald Reagan!!!) I too had an asshole at work that tried to "Start Shit!!" He ended up suing me for "Assaulting him, Stalking him and Making threatening Phone calls to him!!!! (break, Break have to go fix a fresh drink!!).....None of it worked because I got a Good lawyer,,,yes it cost me some bucks but in the end it's see, his claims were really funny...he claimed to be "A MAN" but acted like a "PUSSY!!" If I "assaulted him, why didn't he just 'BEAT MY ASS OR GET HIS BEAT BY ME LIKE A MAN????" So in the process of getting suied, I had no clue and was quite wierded out by all this, my Lady (soon to be my wife) was concerned and wondered and asked if before she and I met was (HE AND I LOVERS!!???) 'Good thing I wasn't drinkin' a beer at the time because I'd a 'PUKED!!!!!" (GOT THAT?? and there's more!!) So we go on and "HE" decides he has to add more fuel to the fire and comes up with more charges (Occurring at the DZ!!) and My Lawyer is about to blow his stack now!!!!, after declaring that this new evidence is going to cost me BIG DOLLARS, as he (my Lawyer) walks by me to his secretary, with the papers in his hand he stops, looks at me in the eye and yells,"IS HE GAY???????...IS HE IN LOVE WITH YOU?????" Well Boyz and Girlz I gotta say "I can not Care less about someone being GAY!!!!!" But I had a great deal of trouble trying to fathom why he had this much attraction to me I m not "Beautiful!!" Well as it turned out he was busted on several "Time lines" that showed that he was really off Base among other things ......well, I had a Good Lawyer, think I said that, I never went up in front of a Judge, Never had any "Judgement against me" after our deposition party "His Lawyer" told him that he didn't have a case and bailed on him!!! "He" ended up crawling to "MY LAWYER" and BEGGED OFF!! What a pathetic loser!! I could have carried on but "Revenge is Bittersweet, but, if you just sit back relax and watch, Karma can be pure Entertainment!!!!!" After all this Mr. Matcho Man was no longer Matcho!! his alegations and accusations only showed him to be the ball-less wonder contrary to his belief that he really is.He never showed his face at the DZ again after that...Case Closed, The Bar is OPEN!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  7. Hi Jerry, and all, I am sad. Like you said, Tony was one of the "Good Guys!!" And...a Good Friend. Blue skies, SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  8. Don't know what mine was......I was a PR-3 on the USS Princeton LPH-5 and we were parked at pier E in LGB when the numbers made the papers. I found the "daily page" in the tinbenders shop and was lookin' up everybody's number for a laugh!! Reminds me...when I was in bootcamp, a couple of guys got their "Greetings from the President of the United States" To those who don't know, that's how yer' "Draft Notice" started!! That was a laugh too!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  9. Wayne is Gone! Now the flood of memories of jumping in AZ at Gholidge!! Fly on Buddy!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  10. Hi John, I think the Mandatory Retirement Age for TI's should be not an "age' but when the TI can no longer do 16 oz. curls ...with either hand!! I'm not a "TI" but all this BS about mandatory retirement ages not just for TI's is so much krap!! how about a mandatory retirement age for "Golf!! Hahahahahaha! I've heard "Anti's" espouse Mandatory retirement ages for old people who drive cars, fly airplanes, shoot guns and a bunch of other stuff!! Bunko bucko!! I'm 70 ..will be 71 in June and I still "WORK," drive cars, shoot guns, drink beer, skydive (when I can afford it) the old sayin' goes about why I still jump......because I haven't found a good reason to quit!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  11. Hi Sam, BTW if someone signs your log with 4 or less digets for the license number, its OK...... some of us started jumping and got our licenses a Long, Long time ago in a Galaxy Far, Far away!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  12. Hi Promise and all, Back in my "CA" daze there were a few!! I was at work in Santa Ana down by Warner and Harbor when the "Whittier" quake hit!! Called my neighbor Sam, he had gotten cattapulted outa bed!! When I got to my apartment, there were 2 to 3 foot tears in the walls at the door jams!! i had 3 bottles of whiskey that were on the top shelf of the cabinet that were then residing on the counter...."UN BROKEN!!" Go figure that one out?? Oh Yes, before I left for work, my cat, Fartsarelli" was totally freaked out!! I made him go outside anyway...when I came home, he finally showed up and ran straight to the dirty linen closet and hung out there for the rest of the day!! BTW Downtown Whittier was never the same!! All the old "Brick" buildings were now "Rubble!!" That was only "one" quake!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  13. Back a few pages were all, actually through out, posts about whuffo comments... Back in '65 my girlfriend's mom was asking me about jumping and how long we could "Fall!!" i explained that from 7500 feet we could fall for 30 seconds till pull alt. but the clicher was telling her that from 12.500 feet we could fall for a whole minute.....60 seconds!!!'' Her reply,"Oh My!!, How can you hold your breath that long?????" "Kitchey Koo you Bastards!!!!"...from an od Rob Crumb Zap Comix!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  14. Hi Jerry, Sandy and all!!, Love this thread!! God Almighty "Dangerous??" Hell, we lived thru 'em all!! how could they have been "Dangerous? Oh well, when yer' lookin' the reaper in the eye at 400 feet I guess that's Dangerous!! But!>
  15. Hi All, I sadly post the passing of "Herb Graves" of the SE Louisiana Skydiving Community!! Herb was "Just a kid" when he showed up at Hammond Airport Louisiana back in about 1965 as I recall!! Leon and Prissie Riche were running the "Program" at the time, I think Ben Seal, Jr. was still around but that's another story!! Herb went on to become a Rigger and Pilot and developed a Skydiver rig he called the "Herbie Hog!!!" Anybody got one in their "collection???" Anyway, Herb is dead!! Do some diggin' and you'll find out the details....I don't want to go into them here!! I remember Herb from a long time ago!! He was definitely interested in "Aviation!!"....A lot like me when I was a kid!! Just like Herb,....I and I'm sure still he still loves airplanes, parachutes and "thiings' Flyin'!!" Fly On Herb, the Star up there is waiting for you!!! Blue skies!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  16. Espresso, condensed milk and Jose Cuervo Cinnamon Tequila work pretty well. I'm going to try that with Gentleman Jack on of these days, too. Edit: Quote Fail Hi "N-Q!!" The "Ta' quill ya'" is another option!!! Any way ya' fix it, you are in for a "Ride!!!" 'Reminds me of the feeling ya' get after a great dive, ya' just let go of the pilot chute, you are a little "high Speed" and the canopy opening is one of those "Mr. Toad's Wild Rides!!!" but it "Opens!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  17. Hi Promise, Give up Coffee????...To an old Sailor??? To someone from S/E Louisiana??? , and You! Have never had one of my Cappuccino's !!! Make up your Espresso Carafe and sand by!! Besides Frothing up some Milk,....add a jigger of Kaluah or another coffee liquor, a jigger of Irish Creme (Your Brand), a jigger of "Dark Rum," a half jigger of Amaretto or the like... Froth that up in a 12 oz Beer Mug and pour the whole carafe in the mix!!! You can top it off with some whipped cream, cinnamon and ..."ENJOY!!! I have named it ..."The Black Death Cocktail!!!!" COFFEE!!!! The Elixer of life!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  18. Hi Wendy, Blue Skies to Bill!! That Star up there has just got one slot Bigger! He is among friends!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  19. Hi Promise, I mean, like, you Skydive!!!!........Does T.S.??? ... NO! At least not now. maybe she will get her "Groove," show up at a local DZ one day and get her "Kneze -n-da-breeze!!" Until she does, she's just another "Whuffo!!!" PS Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot does all this have to do with Taylor Swift??? Only thing that comes to mind is pictures of her with those "Bright "Orange"/Red Lips!!!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  20. Not "big ways" just a coupe of 6-way, 8-way's or the like with Don and hang out at the Bomb shelter....You know the drill!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  21. OMG!!!!! Steve was a Good friend, an Old Friend, a Great Friend!! What year was it?? I have to set the "Way Back" oh yes I think it was '83, the Scare-Us-Valley 6 way meet, we were Pandemonium!! Steve, Dave Weaver (who got us together), Me, Wayne Jason, Tim Ryan and Fred (4-way)Kahl!! Time and dives ....Fly By! I remember he usedta' call his big 7-cell main "The Tuna Boat!!!" 'Remember doing AFF with "New 'D'" and Steve would film....when we cut the student loose, Steve would go butt down and get under us instructors and we would dive on him!!! Got some great fotos from then!!!!! And now OMG Steve is gone from us!!! Fly on Buddy!!!! That Star up there just got one bigger.......say Hi to Gary, Kevin, Dirty Ed and the rest of the Guys up there!!! Blue skies!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  22. Just noticed on page 89 of the new oct '15 issue of Parachutist a piece about the death of Stan Brown, 08 MAY 2015 at his Denver home. That "Eternal Star" just got one slot bigger. Fly on Stan!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  23. I don't believe that applies to people who are not "fanatical" about jumping I skydive sometimes - not as often as I would like, but then it's not my main hobby.
  24. Yup, at times. But the better question is did it have a battery? Jerry Baumchen Thank you Jerry!!!!! Fortunately I wasn't taking a swig of my 'Cuba' Libre'' at the moment otherwise it would have been all over the screen!!!! Thank God Us Old People are still around to keep every one "Grounded" if I may digress!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  25. Hi Pete!!!!, 'Yuppers!!, You got it!! Somewhere's back down the line I recall an article by an aerospace Engineer-Test Pilot who said something to that effect!! As I recall!!....He said, (I'm sure with a bit of tongue in cheek!!) "A Piper Cub is the 'Safest' Plane in the world.. it can just 'Barely Kill You!!!'" ....same guy also said...."'Never' fly the 'A Model' of 'ANYTHING!!!!!!!'" Geezlouise!!! How many times have us Skydivers jumped on the "Latest new 'HOT SETUP'" thinkin' it was the coolest thing since sliced bread only to be "A Model Test Jumpers!!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out