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  1. Appologies if you feel I have ignored the rules. I posted a question in incidents about incidents. I assumed this would be ok. Appologies again. I never intended to have a go at any one on this forum. I live in the UK and as such visit UK forums. We never seem to discuss details about deaths. This year we have lost seven divers in the UK. Two of them was diving together in a quary and both died. How did this happen. ? people have made the assumption that one tried to save the other and both died. I think there is a rumour that they were a couple. This does not help to prevent this from happaning again. I would like to discuss if the bodies were located together or in different parts. They were found in deep water. what was there qualifications etc. Recently also one John Bennett died. The rumours are his buddy detected something was wrong and they both went to ascend. The buddy never checked John again. Could this be a lesson. If you feel something is serously not right keep an eye on that person. Im not having a dig at the buddy but im sure if this was the mistake he would be the first to admit it. Also in the last few weeks a guy who is still missing has had his reel and dsmb recovered. The reel was broke. I would like to discuss all this, We get told we cant. Im just trying to find out if there is a differance in attitude. Climbers abroad also discuss there deaths I will be asking them the same question. One thing i see is in common between us is attitude and throwing your dummy out the pram. Thanks to all the serious replies. Much appreciated. If you do want to delete the post go ahead. I have printed it of and got the info I wanted. I will continue in my quest to improve the safety of scuba divng in the UK by discussing incidents and trying to avoid them in future. Thanks for your time J
  2. I am a scuba diver so apologies to post a topic not in relation to your interest. We do have something in common though and unfortunately one of those is if things go wrong serious prices can be paid. This is what first made me aware of your site and forum. You seem to openly with respect discuss incidents and what could have gone wrong. What also can be done to stop this type of incident from happening again. On the other end of the scale us diver on the UK forums always show our respect to the deceased families but always try to steer away from actually discussing what could have gone wrong. Im just interested if firstly you think I have my perception of you guys incorrect or Im actually missing something. Secondly and most importantly why you feel its ok and its generally accepted that you discuss such events. I totally agree if things are discussed in the correct manner. Respectively. If however i was to ask questions on a diving forum about a death Im sure I would be shot down in flames and people not really talk to me much any more. Keep Safe J