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  1. Thank you for your help gowlerk. I had indeed failed to place an image on the ad. It's all good now. I have paid my dues
  2. I've done that and followed all the instructions and filled out the forms. When I've done all this I can't find where it tells me to pay for the ad and submit it. Thanks for your reply.
  3. I'm not a rebel. I just couldn't figure out how to put the advert in the classifieds, it's not intuitive and I really need riggers. If anyone could offer help on what button I press and where I pay, it'd be appreciated.
  4. I have a number of full time positions here in Southern California for skilled riggers. Our company is involved in many and varied aerospace projects including human spaceflight so attention to detail is paramount. If you are, or know someone who would be, interested please send me your resume to [email protected] Must be US Citizen or legal resident alien.
  5. Thanks. I've got one and I wanted to use it to get some of my riggers there per-requisite number of pack jobs. A local flying club gave us an expired softee in return for a bunch of free re-packs on their other rigs. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  6. It's the system on the U-2 ejection seat.
  7. Does anyone have the Technical Manual for the NB-7 escape parachute that they could share?
  8. Sincy78


    Does anyone know where I might obtain some FF-2 Hitefinders or D1-mk4 or 5 Hitefinders? I'll take new or used. TIA
  9. You’d be surprised at the mass and inertia of the canopy. It has the mass of the textiles but it also has the included mass of air within the inflated canopy and the apparent mass of the air it’s dragging along with it. These are very real artifacts that change with altitude. The lower you get, the more mass/inertia you gain. Estimate a volume for a canopy and add 0.0023 slugs per foot cubed (sea level air density) to it. The canopy gets pretty massive in a hurry.
  10. Agree 100% but just as the unbalanced forces don’t know what the ground is doing or where it’s at, neither does the parachute. There is NO forcing function whatsoever to determine the relative velocity to the ground and to make a parachute turn that way. My original post, which was rebuked by someone that said that it wasn’t relevant. Where I was going with my thought is, if we know that we are heading down wind without input, can we design a system to counteract it. An into wind landing with an unconscious jumper is far more survivable than a down wind landing with no control. It might not be something available now in terms of technology, the accident rate may not warrant the investment. My point was. If it deems necessary, let’s explore the options. GPS wcan determine a ground track and velocity. A 360 degree turn will allow you to determine the winspeed. A controller could do the job of the jumper and land into an emergency situation. A wind shear can turn a canopy left or right, upwind or downwind.
  11. Looks like it's been shot peened. This provides compressive stresses to the material and improves strength. Might not be a bad thing, it depends on the application. If it's for a 3-ring or steering line guide you probably want a smooth finish.
  12. 120 is correct for a G-11. I was wrong with my answer, I was thinking of a different parachute.
  13. Sounds like a G-11 should have 112 lines.
  14. Best of luck with your search. Can you get the winds aloft for that location and time from a local airport. That would really help.
  15. I Ran the numbers this morning and attached the results. Hope you find your main. Good luck!