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  1. I was hoping people could chime in so we can compile a list of dropzones in the us that offer 15k plus jumps. Looking at doing some performance wingsuit flights this winter and need to know my options for locations. Also if anyone knows of any dz's that offer both 15k+ jumps and rents bail out bottles that would be ideal. I will start out with the one semi local to me that does 14,18, and 24k jumps. They also rent bail out bottles as well Westside Skydivers - minneapolis mn
  2. I jump a storm exclusively for wingsuiting period. In my humble opinion they are the best all around canopy for anything and they are the best for wingsuiting. They were designed for what we need for wingsuiting. Plus you can swoop the shit out of them if your into that sort of thing
  3. Was curious the current fair rates private tandem system owners are charging DZO to rent tandem system per jump? Was thinking of purchasing my own sigma set up but not sure what is fair to charge DZO . Please also include the part of the country you are located along with price per jump. I was thinking somewhere between 25-50 dollars seemed reasonable but not sure. Feel free to pm if you don't feel comfortable posting. Thanks
  4. Trying to get some current info on who is making and selling wingsuit smoke brackets and some pros/cons to different models. reviews of models would be good as well. Tried searching but everything is old. Looking to buy something and would like to hear a little bit more about them and where to buy. Thanks in advance for any help on the matter. blue's j
  5. Looking for some feedback on JOIN jumpsuits. Nothing particular, just everything. What are the benefits of the gore tex material. Quality of build etc. shoot me down some info. Never heard of these suits but saw one this weekend. Now I'm curious
  6. our dz just got a 206 p model. doing tandems out of it is not so great as the step is so far back and out from what i am used to with a 182 or 185. I was hoping someone could email me some pics of there step setups of there 206 pmodel jump planes. our's needs to be wider and would like to see some stc'd examples. thanks in advance. please pm me for email address
  7. our dz just got a 206 p model. doing tandems out of it is not so great as the step is so far back and out from what i am used to with a 182 or 185. I was hoping someone could email me some pics of there step setups of there 206 pmodel jump planes. our's needs to be wider and would like to see some stc'd examples. thanks in advance. please pm me for email address
  8. Showed up the day after the camp for first flight course with dse. Got to meet most from the camp and everyone was awesome to say the least. Great dz and will be back for any future wingsuit camps I may be able to be a part of.
  9. Thanks vertical! This is what i was looking for. Somewhere to start real research with a real person. Blues j
  10. Justin curious on what most people prefer and why?
  11. I have recently sold my crossfire 2 129 to buy something I feel more comfortable Wingsuiting in. I am leaning towards a storm. I was curious how people have found higher wingloadings(1.6-1.8)on a storm to perform? I am looking at a 135 or 120(would prefer). The biggest I can fit in my container(micron308) is the 135. My exit weight is approximately 215 which is the max for a 120. Any opinions on the wingloadings of these two sizes related to performance etc is highly appreciated.
  12. Just out of curiosity where does one even start to look for the proper equipment? Can you not just get a bottle refilled at local oxygen shop with medical grade oxygen?
  13. Yes I am in no way going to just go halo Wingsuiting. I would go throw all appropriate training etc. I am only trying to find out what info I would need to give tony suits for making my suit. Size of pocket etc. Nothing more at this point. Being that I live by a dz that does 24k jumps I figure I would get the optional oxygen bottle pocket installed when they make the suit.
  14. I now live fairly close to a dz that regularly does 18k and 24k jumps. I am wandering about wearing oxygen on a 24k jump. I have no experience with this and am looking to figure out some things about the bottles themselves. Reason being is I am going to be placing an order for a new tonysuit and will be getting the oxygen bottle pocket option. I am only assuming that they will want to know a particular size to make it? Possibly not? What size bottle would I need? Any help on this part of it would be great. Or any other general advice lot links on Wingsuiting from these higher altitudes as well as what and where to get required equipment. I have never seen this topic discussed. Thanks j
  15. Damn it. Wanted this for handcam pictures to get more. Oh well my hero 2 works great so will stick with that until they figure out the black edition
  16. This information comes from gopros website. So looks to be fixed/changed.
  17. Referring to the exposure lock on those two modes. I understand they don't consider it a problem as it was designed this way but wandering if they made an update to be able to unlock the exposure in either of these two modes. Thanks j
  18. Is there any update to if the problem with the continuous photo in either .5 second or 1 second been fixed??? I have looked through past threads but they are a few months old without a confirmation if this problem has been fixed? I have been waiting to buy until I can get confirmation of this fix. Thanks j
  19. So I am getting to the point where I am interested in doing some tandem work internationally. I was hoping to get some general feedback from others who have done this. Basically anything you want to say good or bad. Also what is the process in being able to work internationally? I have passport. Do you have to get work visa? If so do you have to have employment prior to applying to for one? If so how long does that process take on average. Is there a general work visa for Europe or do you have to get one for each country etc? Thanks in advance for any help on this. Blues
  20. HI WADE! I think you will benefit more from having two kick ass 182's. Although a u206(cargo door) sure would be nice for your tandem guys as a second plane.
  21. i have lost my copy of sigma malfunction decision tree and was wandering where to download or obtain a copy of it from. not seeing it on upt website. thanks in advance
  22. I have had this idea for awhile now and am curious as to if anywhere does this or others opinions on this. I am in a somewhat unique situation where i do tandems during the day at our small 182 club. The only people at the dz are me, my wife, pilot and tandem student/'s. My idea would be to video a tandem ground training and have future tandem students watch that after they have watched waiver video. I am thinking of this as a time saver as i do everything for there jump. Pack, the jump, manifest, video and waiver. My typical ground training consists of introduction of myself, bring them to plane to talk about hooking up, opening door and exit. then inside hanger to go over arch, the rest of skydive, and the landing. I spend a good amount of time doing this with everyone. I would like to video each section while editing in real life examples of each. If i was to try this I would still have students repeat back to me everything they learned in vid, practice arch a few times and give a oppurtunity to ask any and all questions they may have. Just thinking of this i see pros and cons. Pro - time saver. they watch video while i pack cons - lack of the personal connection that i find to be very beneficial. also not giving you as much time with a person to try and feel out if they may give you problems or are not quite understanding something. let me know what you think. please