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  1. nitrochute

    Adams Airpark Flemington NJ

    any you old timers remember tri state skydivers near fleminton nj? i believe they were operating out of adams airpark (where north American aerodynamics
  2. nitrochute


    dont buy any gear with out having a rigger look it over first.
  3. nitrochute

    Holes in reserve pilot chute mesh - limits?

    how old is the pilotchute? soft mesh is more susceptable to damage. IMHO i would just replace itmaking sure that the new one has stiffer is after all a reserve pc ,ya know, your last chance should be as close to perfect as practical.
  4. nitrochute

    Leather for booties

    i personally use the hide and leather house in napa calif.,but they are a little pricey. of course, leather Is expensive.closer to you in massachusetts is brettuns village leather( pricing and a lot of info on leather on their website.good luck
  5. nitrochute

    Using car batterys as packing weights?

    i hope that asshole isnt a rigger.and if he is he should have his ticket pulled .this is a bout the most bonehead thing i have heard of in my 40+ years in parachuting.
  6. nitrochute

    Lockheed Lodestars as jumpships

    last one i saw was at the herd boogie at united. mid to late 70's
  7. nitrochute

    Canopy Sewing machine

    personally, i prefer the 96-10. or the singer 241 series tho that is a faster machine.
  8. nitrochute

    Dacron vs. No-Stretch Lines

    "back in the day"(1968 or so) when steve snyder was working with the irvin deltaII, they tried steel cables ,ted strong i believe jumped it and promptly tore off some line attchment points(l.a.p.s)
  9. nitrochute

    assorted colors E-thread 2 0z. spools?

    D.J.ASSOCIATES in little rock(?) arkansas.ithink you can get a link to them thru the pia website.
  10. nitrochute

    fingertraped brake lines

    i could not have said it better myself!
  11. nitrochute

    Who has jumped with a famous person?

    depends on what you mean by famous. i jumped with steve snyder ,elek puskas and dick morgan.famous to us older jumpers.when i was rigging at taft in 1993 i met mark paul gossalaar(Zack on Saved by the bell)he was a student at the time.also met jerry gross and mark stevens (The Dovells)when they jumped in new jersey.
  12. nitrochute

    2 needle machines

    i've used a singer 112w115 for 30 years for binding and a singer 112w116 with puller for building canopies for 20 years. ive had no problems.
  13. check with warren eichhorn at parachute equip corp( used to have some of the old stuff hangin around
  14. nitrochute

    Relining a Delta II

    the 1 k line was really the only thing available. even the early generation of ram airs used it.developement of dacron line occured in the early 1970s.your delta II is from around 1968 or therabouts.
  15. nitrochute

    Writing on reserve bridle?

    permanent magic markers contain CARBOLIC ACID.