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  1. Very nice. Vast improvement over the old site. Nice belt buckles!! WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  2. Looked like alot of fun. Wish I could have joined. WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  3. The wingsuit community and skydiving as a whole has lost a remarkable individual. Steve was a good friend and fellow wingsuiter of mine. I remember him always having a big smile and a great sense of humor about him. As all his close friends already know he was always upbeat and happy. The guy made everyone around him smile. My heart is heavy with his passing. My thoughts and prayers are with him, his family and the Flock U family. BSBD my friend. WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  4. I haven't had the pleasure of flying the X-Bird yet but I am very much looking forward to it. After hearing what Justin & Phil have said about the suit it sounds simply amazing. In comparing their reviews of the X-Bird to my own SM1 (very early production SM1 as in 1 of the first 5 or so sold) that I have flown for a long time now and love it very much, it seems the fallrate is better but not by much. Although the X-Bird armwing actually seems smaller than a XS and maybe even my SM1 (my armwings are cut slightly bigger than normal for my height). The huge improvement seems to be in reduction of drag which makes the suit insanely faster forward. Compare that to my SM1 which I have had as slow as 28 mph and is no problem getting into the low 30s but at that fallrate the forward speed is not that impressive. It also sounds like the overall flight dynamics and crispness of handling is a far improvement. By contrast my SM1 is such a large tarp that when I fly another suit like a Raptor (which is a great suit) it feels as if I don't have anything on at all. I would love to hear any comment from Justin, Jeff or Phil in response to my conclusions above. As Brian requested, a product break-down on the new X line of suits would be great. Thanks guys for the reports on the new suits!! WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  5. Great shots Scotty!!! Wish I could have been there. I bet you all had a great time. WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  6. Welcome to the flock Blake!!! WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  7. The suits look great! I can't wait to fly the Verso. Great Job!! WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  8. Scotty, thanks so much for the quick upload of those shots. They look great. Thanks for flying up from Florida for the event. Many thanks to J Schrimsher and Raeford Parachute Center for hosting the event. It was an absolute blast. J puts in a huge amount of time and money to host this event and it shows. He really does put on a classy event. Thanks to all the wingsuit pilots who attended. You guys & girls made the boogie a success. We made some great formations including some challenging 2 point dives that were a ton of fun. Congratulations to all the new birds who completed their FFC. We had 11 people attend our ground classes and got 6 people up for their FFC jump. Unfortunately Sundays winds didn't allow for any student jumps. We will get you guys done at the next boogie. Please stay posted. Torrey, sorry you got screwed by the winds again. We'll get you in a wingsuit soon!! Don't give up! I highly recommend everyone put this boogie on the calendar for next year! CAW CAW WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  9. Those were some tasty clouds. It looked like fun. The suit looks quite nice. When will orders be accepted on this new monster?? Price?? WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  10. Hello everyone! Looks like we have quite a few birds coming. Some are new and some old and several who did not add their name to the list. We should have some nice flocks flying by Thursday. The weather looks good although a bit on the warm side with a chance of Puffies!!! Anyone interested in First Flight should come on down. We will be doing FFC courses everyday Thur -Sun. Tony is bringing many DEMO suits to try as well!! See you there this weekend!! CAW CAW WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  11. I wanted to add that several of these new birds are locals at Skydive Carolina so expect to see more wingsuit action there in the future. I hope to see a flourishing new flock there soon! Congrats to all our students. Everyone did a fantastic job on their first flight. Welcome to the flock guys!!! WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  12. Regardless of what we classify it as there is one thing for sure. We'll be having fun!! Wish you were here Zeemax. Caw Caw!! WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  13. List of Attending Update 1. Andreea (ladies first) 2. Chris Gray (LO) 3. Scott Gray (LO) 4. Brian Barnhart 5. Marion Mobley 6. Bill Killillay 7. Paul Cain 8. Elana Cain 9. Chuck Blue 10. Kevin (SWATCop) 11. Tony Uragallo 12. Brian Dunphy 13. Amber Mathews WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  14. Cool video. I enjoyed that!! WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy
  15. Awesome!! It will great to see everyone there. FYI: Tony Uragallo of Tony Suits will be working the event with tons of DEMO suits. We will also have our good friend Scotty Burns with us flying video slot. He will definitely have some world class quality video and photos of our flocks. We have some really unique dives planned that will be a signature of Skyfest. These formations will be unlike anything you have done before! ;) Don't forget that this event is a lead-in to the World Record Qualifiers later this summer. It will give you a great chance to hone your bigway skills for these later events!! For those still not on the list yet you should definitely not miss this. It will be an awesome boogie!!! WSI-6 / PFI-55 The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy