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  1. I lost my best friend on saturday in a motorcycle accident... I wouldve gave anything to have spoke to him one last time as we were not on speaking terms the last 5 months of his life.. I'm sure if he were here he'd want to tell all his friends at skydive the farm goodbye as well as the people he met at bridge day (Nick D, Jaap) thanks for such a memorable time. For those that can attend PM me, the funeral is wednesday at 11
  2. Amanduh bdbrown BigM BillyVance (maybe) blueskyserenity ccowden Chaoskitty CieloDiosa CrazyRick CSpenceFly and Mrs. RoamingDZ (aka, Julie) David King Darkwing FlyDoc Fmmobley freefalle freelyflyn71 Gemini Gia Goofyjumper hisgoofyness Hushpuppy Icon134 (maybe Karma if nobody can watch her) jelloJ Jessie07 Jumpchikk katiebear21 Keith Kramer Lauraliscious Lisamarie Lister55 McDuck & BoomBoom mcneill79 Micduran Missg8tordivr MOUTH Namgrunt Nanner Nate_1979 Pendejo & 1snowangel Pincheck Popsjumper Psycho Bob & Patty Pyke RastaRicanAir revillusion selbbub78 skinnyshrek Skychick312 skymonkeyone Superman32 teamjenn1 The_Don & Jeannier whodamiss Wingnut vdschoor XenaSwampJumper Yardhippie & Hottieliscious Nic might as well get current in dublin lol dont have anything else better to do
  3. That's pretty much how I saw the ad. Another interpretation: 1> See an ad. 2> Incite the mob. 3> Grab the torches. 4> (best Monty Python voice) Burn the witch. hahahaha you know guys, i dont want to really add to the fire or get flamed for that matter, but dear god some of this crap i read on DZ is quite depressing...i think that alot of people on here would rather spend a good night curled up around a freaking SIM manual rather than their significant other..Do we have nothing else to do other than bitch about the marketing procedures of a highly succesful gear manufacturer? Lastly, i'd like to say that I've met a ton of dumb asses in skydiving ..although i will say if they make it past aff, blow off all previous ground schooling because of a magazine ad , and burn in because they didnt know what to do in a total mal, they're idiots in the first place and will give skydiving a bad name regardless.. i just hope they dont burn in on somebody more intellectual. cant wait to see this thread locked
  4. geez......jason how many people you think is gonna actually jump?
  5. im trying to stay on topic so moderators feel free to move this post but did anybody recognize that in this months parachutist that ASC in cedartown and Pell City AL, both now have group memberships??umm werent they both revoked like 3 months ago? Misprint or what?
  6. there is a certain B(ank) that looks nice up there..you could day blaze it and the locals wouldnt know any better because theyre all high...ive seen girls that refuse to shave their legs and it aint pretty Damn Hippies
  7. you were jumping a 320?? i've had a PD rep tell me they drop tested PDR 113's (dont really know the difference in construction) with three hundred lb weights at terminal (over 200 maybe??)..he swore it snapped the risers and did no damage to the canopy..140 is fast but not fast enough to blow a canopy up (typically anyways)
  8. sure, if you can look over the fact they lost half their staff and a rigger---not to mention their credibility to the business and skydiving world...great operation they're running
  9. No. You don't know what you're talking about. lol i guess you're right but being passive doesnt help either
  10. businesses that would be affected? make them affected...make somebody else feel your pain...this kind of crap is a little hard to swallow when it suddenly gets forked out onto their plate (talking about west virginians who look at bridge day as a chance to make killer money)...besides what does BASE jumping have to lose over a bridge day boycott? from what it sounds like were gonna lose a big damn hole in our pants when they run away with our wallets.. Besides i've heard from more than one person that BDAy is more about the experience rather than the jumping...look i cant wait for my first base jump but doesnt sticking it to the man feel so much better??
  11. Bad idea. The spectators and the media are our best friends, and we don't want to alienate them. Best friends? the media wants a story--good publicity or bad and they dont give 2 shits which one...im not saying that there wouldnt be pissed off spectators because that'd be totally wrong. All im saying is that the majority of people out there can be influenced by us to blow the whistle on the NPS provided that they're well informed...i dunno we can pass out flyers to people, take donations, and use the air time (since they wont be showing any jumping) to tell people what BASE and the NPS is all about. I think i'd rather be hated for who i am than befriended for who i am not
  12. No shit...couldnt have said it better myself i say we get about 50 keggers and start pouring at 9am and turn the oak hill holiday inn into to biggest freakin keg party and by noon the media and NPS will practically be on their knees smiling like a donut....wait no scratch that...what if 450 geared up jumpers are on the bridge at 9am in front of 100,000 plus spectators,march all the way up to the exit point only to get peoples hopes up and then tell the world in front of live TV how the NPS is not gonna rape us anmore and go back and party like its 1999!! OMG it'd be organized chaos at best and you know it!