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  1. Whew! It's good to hear everyone's replies. Thanks for responding. I'm really looking forward to the next jump. I guess this is how you get hooked!
  2. Hey all - I just made my first jump (tandem) yesterday. While I enjoyed it, it was a little bit disappointing. It seemed to be over in a flash and I don't remember a whole heck of a lot. We jumped from 11,500 and I remember leaving the plane and feeling the initial motion. I remember my instructor giving me two thumbs up after the droge (sp?) deployed, and then it seemed I looked at my altimeter almost immediately and it was at 5,000 and my instructor was pulling the ripcord (I was supposed to pull it at 5,500 but missed it). That translates to approximately 30-40 seconds, but it felt like 5 seconds. I feel as if I lost 30 seconds and missed enjoying the freefall. My instructor said most students feel like it goes more quickly than it actually does, but the entire experience comes back to them later in the day. 24 hours later not much has come back to me. Is this a normal experience?