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  1. Attempts to change password fail, with the error message: "Email preferences can not contain the value 99 99". When I tried changing my email preferences to "Use my free account" (which I don't and will never check), I got the error message: "Email preferences can not contain the value 2 99". I am not about to select the first preference, 'cause I don't want the spam. Thoughts? Thanks! "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  2. Some of this looks like freeflying. Coincidence, or cultural phenomenon? "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  3. I am lame and have never been to Z-hills "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  4. If you can't convince your significant other to wake up at 4AM to do this for you, then mash on the link above and do some digging. This is a program that can be installed and run from the command line. It allows you to perform search/replace functions from the command line (and therefore from batch files). This will require you to tinker with regular expressions a little bit, but the functionality you're working towards is not on the rocket-science end of the regular expression spectrum (which is good because regexs get confusing quickly). Good luck, topher "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  5. I've had my share of injuries (some of which I'll list below so that my answer can be put in context) and the worst pain I have ever felt has been the 3 kidney stones I have passed. The kidney stones developed because of prolonged dehydration while serving in the middle east. So, I'm sure there are at least a few other service members on here that can relate. When those things pass from the kidney to the bladder going south on I-ureter, it HURTS. For basis of comparison: Broken radius Broken ulna Shattered calcaneous (the heel one) Three crushed vertebrae Bruised Spleen Partially torn Achilles' tendon Broken wrist Stubbed toe ~ topher (I had to edit my own grammar) "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  6. So, there are multiple files, each with multiple rows of dates? "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  7. On Myers-Briggs scale, I'm an ENTP E - Extrovert - I seek experience, understanding, etc. outside myself N - Intuitive - I gather only enough evidence to get the 'gist' of something. In most cases, I don't need to be totally convinced. I go with my gut unless the stakes are incredibly high. T - Thinking - I have a tendency to think, rather than feel. This is simply to say that I am more linear and analytical than emotional. P - Perceiver - I perceive rather than judge. Judges apply a moral standard to their decisions. Perceivers, like me, evaluate each scenario for its own characteristics and then decide based on the circumstances. So, I'm an analytical, emotionless blob that gathers only enough information to determine the essentials of a situation before going for it. I'm going to call this "Other" for the purposes of the survey. ~ topher "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  8. Or, make it profoundly simple. Copy and paste your list into Microsoft Word. Then, use the Find->Replace feature to seek out every carriage return (or paragraph character) and replace it with ", ". I just tried this in Word and it worked just fine. Misbehave! ~ topher "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  9. About 6 months ago I made the switch to MAC. I will NEVER go back. PS - I'm a computer geek for a living, so Windows was my world. I can't believe it took me so long to drop it like the bad habit it was. Unless you're a serious gamer (get a life), you will adore a Mac. ~ topher "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  10. Lamar, I was there this weekend, too. In fact, you and I may have chatted for a while before you took off. Amy was the only person I know of this weekend that had yummy brownies and cookies with her, and she is an awesome person. So, start working on the AFP jumps and there'll be more food. ~ topher "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  11. I was serving in the Navy, helping new recruits get processed-in to Boot Camp. 17 months later I was standing in the desert... Right now, many of those recruits are probably serving overseas as we post whore. Thank you to all who serve. ~ topher "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  12. Maybe you won't use them, but others may. I have this friend, for instance... "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  13. I'm in the process of setting up a camera helmet and am curious about a product I've found. I bought the Pro Mouth Switch - Digital Plug at Para Gear (item L1380). The switch is advertised to continuously activate the auto focus when auto focus is enabled. Does anyone have any experience with this switch? I am concerned with having the Al-Servo focus continuously churning away while climbing out, exiting, etc. Any opinions on this? Also, if anyone knows: if I choose to shoot in manual focus, will I have any issues with this??? Thanks, Chris (Note, I've still got some time to invest in getting this helmet ready, so I'll be around 225 jumps or so when I begin flying it.) "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  14. This is genious! Now, come up with something for the there, their, they're debacle and all will be right with the world. No, wait, we'd still have to contend with the to, too, two issue. Well, we can dream. "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins
  15. I think you're right. So the idea now is to masturbate as wildly as possible to keep the heart rate elevated for at least 20 minutes so that it qualifies as a cardio workout, one-arm strength training, AND prostate cancer prevention. We could publish a book on this health regimen and be the "next big thing". "...there is a there out there..." - Tom Robbins