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  1. Hey Billy (I'm not a lawyer, it depends on the state etc etc) You may want to have the titles to your adjacent lots specify different ownership, you & wife for one, child for the other. That might be necessary to sell them separately some day. Long time ago we lost an adverse possession case, 3 acres on the end of an 80 acre piece in the woods. Knew about it before we bought the land. The best we could do was quit-claim the land to the neighbor so we didn't have to pay any more taxes on it. And the surveyor up thread who said fences don't matter ... is wrong or (as likely) we hired the wrong surveyor! Another odd thing happenned out there. A different neighbor lived out of state, had his lawyer subdivide his 160 acres into 5 acre lots before some land-use deadline. His lawyer got the legal description wrong and subdivided our land in error, leaving his untouched. Later when the error was found, he was SOL and could only develop 20 acre lots at 1 house per lot. Big $$ mistakes happen, always best to check stuff out yourself ~~
  2. most cell phones have an alarm function that'll wake the dead, so if you can even get 20 min at lunch that would help. Make sure you get the AM and PM right when you set it!
  3. Elsinore it is LOL ::Waves to everyone (Hi Rosa! ):: off to the dz now
  4. It's posted someplace here already ... love the pic.
  5. 1010


    Hey You! Haven't you heard that Life's a biotch ... means Death HAS to be a guy You can have it good, fast, or cheap: pick two.
  6. Looks like this is from Eloy. I saw this pic here on dz.com someplace and grabbed it, it's a great picture.
  7. Though I've never met him nor Katie, this is a great picture.
  8. "This where we remember our friends." missing an "is" here, no? Thanks for a great site HH. You can have it good, fast, or cheap: pick two.
  9. HAHA haven't seen that one for a while! You can have it good, fast, or cheap: pick two.
  10. 1010

    Zhills Situation

    ya know, I feel the same thing about folks on these boards gloating about Paris Hilton going to jail. WTF is wrong with people, where does all the hatred come from? You can have it good, fast, or cheap: pick two.
  11. I dated a girl a while ago ... well into her 30s and still blamed Mom and Dad for HER issues ... so my lack of tolerance for it appears from time to time peace
  12. 1010


    because our society doesn't have an equally pejorative word for the guy. After looking it up, apparently slut really isn't much to do with cheating afterall, just being more promiscuous than acceptable. And our culture like most rewards guys and punishes women for it. You can have it good, fast, or cheap: pick two.
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    >equally rotten frog shit? why is it the man always the "taken" one she ... slut (but only if she knows he is married) he ... cheater ... cheater much worse brand of slimy frog shit
  14. well then, since her grandparents didn't teach her mom and dad how to raise a child, I think it's really her grandparents' fault. Oh wait, her great-grandparents didn't teach her grandparents ... Nope. You are wrong. Each and every one of us is 100% responsible for our own lives. Not Mom and Dad.
  15. Shouldn't this be in the Women's Forum? You can have it good, fast, or cheap: pick two.