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  1. If someone could please get the word ou t on rec.skydiving that Sobe will be open this weekend. And that they are honoring block jump tickets. I cannot get this computer to post there and I think the word needs to get out that they do intend to operate this weekend. packncathy
  2. This weekend (according to Mark and Ron who own the otter that flies there) they will be flying at Skydive South Beach. Further, this weekend your block jump tickets will be honored (according to Ron and Mark) The profit from this weekend is to go to help Ron get his Otter up North. Please, please go to this drop zone this weekend. Please, please someone start a 7 am load. I cannot be there and I wish I could go "fun jump" to make this weekend a blast. I posted earlier that Ron needed to fly his Otter. He still needs that. For those of you that have jump tickets now is the time to jump them. Mostly what Ron needs now is people helping him to get up north but according to my conversation with Ron and Mark block jump tickets will be honored this weekend. Blue Skiies, Safe Landings, Soft openings, Packncathy
  3. Well, if someone didn't come up with cash owed to the DZ then the county would not allow anyone to operate there. Whoever came up with the cash is someone that Ron cannot fly for. The person that paid what was owed to the city should have paid it a long time ago. I really don't want this "toy". Running a DZ requires 14 + hours a day. Everyday. It requires my heart and my soul. It requires that every vacation I ever dreamed of will be at a DZ. It will spit me up and spin me around. It means that when your day at the office was horrible I have to make everything perfect in your world. I will have to beg you to get on a load so that I can make my otter fly one more time (thanks to all you 7 am ers---Ron is one of those 7 am--ers who let me get on Mullins King air at boogies.) It means that when you want to do night dives and I am completely exhausted I will have to pack for you when you get down. When I run your DZ it means I will have to clean up you empty beer bottles, clean you toilets, pack your reserve and then fly the 7 am load for you. Someone please get me through my checkride as I am a student pilot who does beleive the drop zone owner must be everyplace at once. Please let me fly well enough to be able to fly the plane when I am needed because we can't get a pilot. One day my son Casey looked up at me and asked why he was eating ramen noodles for dinner when I had loaned a skydiver over $1000.00 for equipment that day. No that does not mean I will loan every jumper cash for their gear. If give away the business then ther is no place for jumpers to come home to. It means I will spend every waking moment working really hard for the best people on this planet...jumpers and my children. Also when you call me at 1 am on my cell phone 813 312 9558 because you left your gear in my hanger and you are leaving the country, running a DZ means I will get you your gear and get you to the airport on time. Running a DZ means that my existance will be only for jumpers and my children. Just like the last 14 years of my life. If I ever get anything less than 110% around the DZ could someone please remind me of this posting. What kind of a person would part with their lifesavings for this? Ask Ron next time you see him. If my energy ever lags remind me that I chose indentured servitude to every jumper on this planet. Blue skiies, Safe landings, Soft openings, packncathy
  4. Thanks! I really didn't want to reply to this one. I have to. I may be needing a "complex litigation attorney" in my near future. I hope I am laughting about this a week from now. Seriously, Thanks! packncathy
  5. The county will not allow the DZ at Pahokee to operate this weekend. They would find that difficult as two parties wish to operate at that location. I am one of those parties. We need a small airstrip someplace (hopefully close to Pahokee to turn a profit for Ron's plane (an Otter) this weekend. I beleive in this sport. I beleive in skydivers. If someone in this state has a location to allow Ron to operate his Otter this weekend so that he can get it up north please call packncathy 813 312 9558. We have aff/tandem instructors, a manifestor and a packer (at least one) who will donate their entire pay for a weekend worth or work to help out Ron. Since the county will not allow Ron to operate at Pahokee we need jumpers and an airstrip...please call me and make this happen for Ron...packncathy 813 312 9558. Did I say Please? packncathy
  6. That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger...not just alright, Awesome!
  7. SkyJames, Damn but I love skydivers. Thanks for watching my backside. I am trying to keep my mouth shut. Just know that any posting I put out anyplace may get me in trouble but it will have my name attached. Someones lawyer has told me (I have this in writting) that I cannot talk about this person unless I have documentation. Just between us jumpers keeping my mouth shut is going to kill me but I will try. I also have to keep my mouth shut for my partners benifit. They have told me that I can say nothing concerning this person, when asked, that I can say: "I cannot say anything concerning this person because her lawyer has threatened to sue me." Now this persons lawyer wrote to me indicating that my proposal to buy a DZ somehow could be construed as interferring with her business affairs. Just because some lawyer told me that I cannot buy this DZ I suppose I have to. There is just something about a lawyer telling me that I cannot purchase something that makes me beleive I must. I really hate someone trying to intimidate me...especially some guy in a suit. This persons lawyer has told me to get legal counsel. I have to now. I would not run a drop zone without one. Let everyone know that if they want to have their chute packed by the Drop Zone Owner (if by some miracle I actually get this to work) then they can come to my place. Please write back to me and tell me what your best day at a DZ was like so that I can spend the rest of my life trying to duplicate it. Thanks for caring, pnc
  8. Hola Cat :) James here, SkyJames (say that in your best Bond impression). Do I owe you any money? lol hehehe Damnnnnnn I kill me :) I spoke with a friend of mine (lawyer of course) about your "call in protest", he said it wasn't a good idea ... don't get me wrong, I AM on your side! It could open you up to law suits claiming a whole bunch of things. You know how skydivers can be, some just take stuff to far, it is possible you could be responsible (in court of course) for telling people to call this "Dan", god forbid if it should backfire on ya, I love ya lady! Congrads on the new addition to your ever growing family :-) I am trying to be happy for you, but this situation sucks ... reminds me of the "shitty smitty" episodes of past and SDC. My plans now have changed for Easter jumping, I will not go to SDC as I normally do for the whole week, asides from you not being there (man I gotta tell ya I never worried about your pack jobs) I really know if you aren't happy, something is dire wrong. If you have a "canned" response ready for those who ask about the "Dan" situation pass it on to me, I am interested on what is happening in the skydiving world. I do look forward to seeing you again soon, butt up in the air, squeezing air outta fabric ... getting me packed in 7 minutes or less. Take care, james PS: Please use [email protected] should you care to reply.
  9. Well Dan's # is the lawyer who threatened me. The other number is my personel cell #. packncathy
  10. Absolutely. I have made a financial promise to the person who is attempting to save his Otter and his drop zones. The person who got him into this predicament in the firat place had a lawyer (Dan) call me and explain that if I entered into a business transaction with this person who is at risk of loosing everything I might suffer legal action. We all know how such a threat is reasponded to by skydivers. My dander is a bit up.
  11. Some guy named Ron is trying to save his Otter. Some girl is trying to take two dropzones from him. Some lawyer DAN 561 822 0321 has told me that if I help Ron I will suffer legal repricussions. Call Dan, let him know that Skydivers do not appreciate being threatened with legal disputes. packncathy 813 312 9558. I may end up in court over this-call anyway. if anyone needs their equipment from SoBe call 813 312 6282-they have your gear and it is being protected[email] from this legal action.