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  1. Whatever became of those 16mm sequential movies that the USFET guys made in the 70's with the 4 color jumpsuits? Did any of those movies get converted to a digital format? If anyone knows anything, please get in touch. Thanks, Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004
  2. A wee dram of Oban 14, laddie! Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004
  3. It's unfortunate that being drawn and quartered has been discontinued as a form of capital punishment, otherwise I believe it would be called for in this instance. Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004
  4. LOL Spoken like a "true" Californian. Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004
  5. No, it's not just you. A lot of people have arrived at that very same conclusion. Too much whining and posturing in DC in the first place, while nothing substantive is accomplished. Too bad the Libertarians aren't a more viable alternative than either the Dems or the Repubs. One of these days....
  6. about some fun in the snow??? 13,000 ft on Mt. Bancroft Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004
  7. If you can track down John Early (formerly of 5th SF???), he might be able to fill in the blanks on some of the para ops taking place in Rhodesia in the 70's. I believe he was active in training some of the units. Dont know which ones though. Whereabouts also unknown. Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004
  8. Hey, you're having way too much fun with photo shop! The Pope would never tote an Uzi. Everyone knows that he prefers an HK MP-5. Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004
  9. My man boobs aren't big enough for a wonder bra Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004
  10. What's the big deal???? I never broke any bones with 250+ landings under a 28'. Of course I only weighed 120 lbs at the time. You also become really adept at spotting or you wind up getting a lot of long walks in the country. It wasn't until I got a Starlite that I began breaking stuff. Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004
  11. Some US troops are subjected to "water-boarding" as part of their training. Wonder if the Commander in Chief weighed that as part of his decision? Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004
  12. I could stand for a pint around and about Lodo, but I'm stuck in Orlando until tomorrow. How I miss the snow.... Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004
  13. Just three? Well....OK then Shriekback, The Doors (of course!) and Lloyd Cole/Commotions Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004
  14. I think you're talking about some of these guys. Marc SCR 6046 SCS 3004