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    The Harpers - A Lasting Passion for the Sky

    Great Article Melissa, the Harpers are a great Skydiving family and have always produced an awesome vibe at their dz. Their son keep on the family tradition and rounds out their dz very nicely. This is a great dz, with strong entrepreneurs at the helm.
  2. freeflyn

    cost of USPA Nationals

    It goes to the legal funds, Stu keeps on suing USPA for allowing Ian to sexual harass him
  3. Well if you are Poland there are several other schools that are closer and more relavent to terrain you would be flying. I know that the Polish speed-flying championship just finished check out But there are 2 schools in SoCal either should suit you fine. Personally I now prefer to speed-fly over skydive but I enjoy the entire mountain experience. It is a sport that should not be taken lightly and you should try to get in with a good local crew.
  4. freeflyn

    All sail JVX

    Yes I personally have not had a problem with any of my full sail (JVX 77, 83 and GLX120). Enjoy your new wing!
  5. cowboy, man a guy livin in the frozen tundra of Alberta should know that one ;)
  6. freeflyn

    RDS and Removable Sliders
  7. freeflyn

    ground launching rocks

    That is Awesome bro, gotta any pics of the rental car? (before and after)
  8. freeflyn

    NorCal CPC #2 this weekend

    Bob; What were the results from your first comp.? Take care
  9. freeflyn

    1st ground Launching competition...

    Thats great Jim, btw thanks for all your hard work with the LA times.