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  1. I’m headed there for the week as well. Look forward to a beer with those of you who’ll be around!
  2. Sounds like the springs might be loose. The springs in the G3 are basically rubber o-rings, and when they get too stretched out the visor acts as you describe. In my experience, the springs last quite a while so long as the visor is not left open. If you leave the visor open for an extended period (e.g. for days at a time) the springs can get loose. Sometimes just leaving the visor closed for an extended period gives the springs time to rejuvenate. If not, they need to be replaced. Since your helmet is new, if leaving it closed for a while doesn't resolve the problem, a call/email to Cookie is probably the best plan.
  3. Thanks - looking forward to your review
  4. I have worked with Garet Bloodworth in Rosemont for a few hours - I'd recommend reaching out to him.
  5. anyone with experience to report yet?
  6. Thanks for the detailed comparison Daniel! I've flown in Yonkers a few times now and definitely noticed the dead zone. The lack of a diffuser is in some ways even more noticeable. Looking forward to trying San Diego or similar designs. I wonder which version will be in Philly.
  7. judging only by a totally uninformed impression based on the construction site, I'd say at least a couple of months. They seem to be about done w/ the underground stuff.
  8. Depends on what kind of confirmation you are looking for, I suppose... iFly has it listed as one of their new locations, the township approved the project (with an opening expectation set at the township meeting of late Nov 15), and as you can see from the photos I posted construction is well underway... Until I feel the wind, that's all I know, though :)
  9. current status: large hole in the ground with a bunch of concrete and rebar
  10. Thanks for the authoritative answer! While you're on the topic, any updates on MARD for Curv?
  11. Current status: large hole in the ground
  12. According to this Skydivemag article from PIA, the Curv 2.0 includes magnetic riser covers: http://www.skydivemag.com/article/new-curv-released
  13. Progress (?) Report: there is now a fence around a small area. And four traffic cones. Photographic evidence attached.
  14. FYI, they stated during the board of supervisors hearing that they intend to open in November 2015... That would be a fast build.