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  1. You cannot have a perfect PC for a 2s delay and terminal..... simply will not work. Physics... If you can lift the dbag out of the container without lifting the rig from the floor you should be fine. Take a longer delay. My 2 cents
  2. To whom it might be of interest. Currently the leading time is 8-9 weeks. Has been for quite a while. December onwards for sure and even less in mid January/February. For all info we incourage customers to contact us directly. All the best Edo Phoenix-fly
  3. Hi Joeybee. Feel free contacting meb at [email protected] and we will either send you a new slider or a new zipper for your suit. We also have an overseas dealer/dispatch that fixes stuff in the USA to avoid larger shipping expenses if you need us to change the zipper. Cheers Edo
  4. Atair from Slovenia, the leading company in BASE canopies have just released a wingsuit specific 7 cell for skydiving. Give them a try or ask for a demo. I believe Adam Foster at leading edge wingsuits has one aswell, so you can check it out or demo it. I love the 135 and 150 i flew... but hey.. i'm bias. My previous experience is a Storm 135 and Spectre 135 loaded at 1.7. I prefer the WinX from Atair. Happy flights
  5. I agree to some extend with Tigern... You need the loops on the RAD sleeves to prevent "this" (pic in the attachement)happening to the armwing, which offcourse prevents the RAD system to work... so no point in marketing it, as such. So regarding his chop on video... he couldn't reach to the risers using the RAD system even if he wanted to, or use it without the loop and risk "this" of happening.
  6. What makes you say that? Some fairy tale glide numbers. I got similar number than the previous post has. which is the data from the GPS overlay. Why is that data bogus? Like Bor pointed out, the 3.5- 3.7 is sustained GR inbetween 40 & 50s without speed loss. Is that what you found to be bogus? If so, please can you elaborate why?
  7. What makes you say that?
  8. I guess you haven't seen the footage from some of the french flyers from a few of the same spots. I wonder if your marketing is gonna bite you in your ass. Best regards Edo
  9. Thanks again. I actually found a friend who has a spectre 135 so i can try it for myself next week . But again, thanks for the replys. Highly appreciated. Best regards Edo
  10. Thanks. I appreciate it. Do you think a somewhat older( few hundred jumps) canopy(135) with microline lineset would fit?
  11. That's weird, i would think you can pack a spectre 120 with dacron lines with little effort into an rsk1. Do you usually pack yourself or tipically go with packers? I'm not trying to imply your a bad packer, but like said i would think a spectre 120 goes in with ease and could probbalbly squezze a 135in it. Well, i guess i was wrong. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Hey guys, i would like to hear from people what they think. I would like to try to squezze a storm 135 into a rsk1 Javellin O. Has anybody tried it? I would demo and try for myself, but cannot get a storm 135 to demo in Europe. On PD site it says that a spectre/storm 135 is half a size bigger than say a sabre/katana 120, which I should get into a rsk1 nicely. I use to pack a Comp Cobalt 120 which is a tad bigger than say a stilleto into the same container with no problems , but it's true that the old material from Atair was a beauty to pack. What are your opinions? I would love to hear from somebody that actually has that setup or tried to pack it. I will also ask sunpath the same question, but would like to hear other opinions also. Thanks for the help
  13. Another thing to consider is when unstowing your toggles, make sure you go around your risers(from the front) so you can perform full toggle stroke when it's time to flare. If you dont, you will not be able to do so. Hope the way i wrote it, makes sense. Edit: If considering flaring with both toggles in one hand. Best regards Edo
  14. Maybe i wasn't clear enough.That was meant as a remark about wing root design of the suits(Stealth included) and not a remark about a particular manufacturer. It's a public forum. I can express my opinion, be it an expert opinion or not. It's your right to ignore it. "Odeseni can try a S-Bird then criticize it. " Sure. Would love to. I never saw an S-bird in action. I was making a remark about the x-bird i saw flying a few 100 ft away from me on a base jump. Me being static. Quite a good way to compare speeds, don't you think. And i wouldn't bother commenting if i didn't read, what i thought was misleading info. Peace out Edo "A slang term telling someone good-bye, used with a hand gesture in which you pound your chest with your fist twice,."