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  1. I'm sorry I didn't know you Tommy, but i'm sure I shook your hand. Look down on us and keep us safe. I've found a few images of you from the 2K4 Byron Boogie. David Miller
  2. Thanks for posting the video! Blue Skies Cliff you are terribly missed David
  3. Cliff in a quick nutshell (view attachment below). You were so much fun my man. Especially the last Beastie's concert that came to SF. Man what a blast you are to be around.
  4. My condolences go out to all who knew Cliff. You were a great teacher bro, and a great friend. I'm sorry I hadn't seen you in awhile. I miss you dude. I've added my photos of Cliff to the norcal_skydiving Yahoo Group in our Photo section. If anyone would like an original just let me know. David Miller
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  6. Here is a mine. http://i2.pbase.com/u47/phuzzy3d/upload/40031118.4way.jpg Enjoy!
  7. I met Kenny a couple times up in Tahoe. He was a very cool guy ,very down to earth and very friendly. Hopefully we'll meet again on the other side. Until then keep an eye on us Kenny :)
  8. Me I'm not made up at the moment. I've been considering the Canon 15mm and the Sigma 15mm. The Canon is about a $100 more. So who has experience with both. Any praise, complaints for either one of them? Thanks In Advance.
  9. One other link I thought I add thanks for the response Dave. The following link list the most current list of acceptable drugs/medication for a Class 3 medical. http://www.leftseat.com/medcat1.htm
  10. I've come across a link that explains the Class 3 medical a bit more. I've included the link if anyone else was interested. http://www.cami.jccbi.gov/aam-300/part67.html#d67301
  11. Does taking anti-depressants automatically disqualify you from passing a class 3 medical evualition? Thanks
  12. I had the opportunity to view a water balloon dropped from 500ft put a mellon size hole all the way through the top and bottom skin of a young ladies once air worthy canopy. From one PD Demo reps opinion on the damage " the cost to repair will out way the cost of a new canopy". The young lady was standing 25ft. from the target. I'd advice in the future to other who might take part in this fun little activity stand where you are once on the ground and view the balloon drops so you could take evasive maneuvers if needed.
  13. How well does your pics turn out? What settings do you use? Would you mind sharing some of the pictures you took with the 5000, since i'm interested in the 5700. Thanks, Dave
  14. Thanks for the response. Would you be will to share some of the shots you got with the dimage 7i. Another question, could you pretty much take pictures at will? And of course what type of settings did you use. Thanks Much, Dave
  15. Well I want a little more control then the point and shoots. The Dimage 7i comes standard with a 28mm - 200mm lens. 28mm is pretty standard in camera work. You can purchase wide angle lenses for the other two cams. So the that's not an issue. Mainly it's the speed, I'm curious as to how well they perform in our environment. What they state on paper seems like they would perform fairly well.
  16. Anybody gone full digital yet with either of these cameras. I'm considering purchasing 1 of them, but wanted to find out if anyone has used one for skydiving yet ... thanks in advance. Here are a few links to reviews on the cameras if this interest you. Nikon Coolpix 5700 http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikoncp5700/ Minolta DiMage 7i http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/minoltadimage7i/ Nikon D100 http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikond100/
  17. I'd have to agree with this guy, he pretty much said it as like it is. Though I may seem bias cause I work for Apple Computers but I'm not, certain machines perform the task at hand better than others. I try my PC with the firewire card but it's more hassle than it's worth so I give up and go to my G4. Imagine this, you grab a cup of java, sit at your workstation plug in your camera open FCP and start working. That's the workflow on a G4. I have very minimal patience so if something doesn't work in a hurry I move on to something less aggravating. So to sum it up the G4 would be the no brainer. Now to get off topic games rock on the PC with the GeForce 3, but Apple has the GeForce 3 in it's boxes also. Now if we could only get the Game Developers on board. But this is an off topic discussion.