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  1. Thanks for the replies, I have already looked in the thread about the camera helmets.. I have a 2KC FF2, but I have only seen pictures with bigger camera mounted on the top of the helmet. Eric
  2. Hi, Now is the time for me to install my little Kodak V705 on my camera helmet. I have noticed that most of you have it installed right above your eyes (forehead) and not on the top.. Sounds like a smart idea due to the small size of the camera.. However, I looked over this forum for pictures of camera helmets and could not find any pictures showing how you guys have installed the Kodak V705 on your helmets. If you are jumping with a Kodak V705, could you please upload a picture of your setup here.!? Thanks for all the help Eric
  3. Keep an eye on us up there love forever Tu va nous manquer Rick
  4. Very nice, requires a Rambo-style hook knife
  5. HAHa I know but it's the only one I have so far, it's true that my rig is pretty huge
  6. Ok thanks for the info By the way, here a picture of my new suit...
  7. How do you fold the blade in his bag without damaging any ribs? Just got a new one too Thanks
  8. So is skydive Ixtapa open at this time of the year???
  9. Hi, Do you know if Skydive Ixtapa is open this time of the year? The web site seems to be down. Thank you! Eric
  10. has anyone tried the new wingsuit by PF called the "stealth"? That suits looks great to me but also huge and similar to Tony's Super mach 1. It sure looks floaty but what about forward speed? I'm just curious to hear comments about this new suit. thanks Eric
  11. Hi everybody, I was in the process of ordering a new wingsuit and I was wondering if any of you guys have or jumped a wingsuit made with the new "parapack" fabric. It seems to be a little bit stronger than the usual fabric they were using. Does it affect flying performances if it's made of parapack? Why someone should order a suit made of parapack? Please let me know what you think! Thanks Rick