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  1. Ive started and stopped 3 times in 10 years. Currently selling my gear and believe I wont be back. I gave it my best, but never found a dropzone that felt like home. Most around here pack up around sunset. No one hangs out. Its not a family, its just business and I have much more fun mountain biking or climbing for much less cost. I gave a lot to it, spend 5k on tunnel training, etc etc. Im finally at a point where Im ready to move on.
  2. I would advise speaking with the manager and camera flyers at your dz before you purchase anything. Nothing like making a complete CX150 setup only to find out they are allowed for tandem because your dz doesn't like the file format. Ask me how I know. At my DZs, gopros are the preferred equipment. ;]
  3. DSE, No not yet. I'm thinking of making my own. Lukaz, I just returned my Gopro3+ and bought the replay. I like the form factor much better and its much cheaper with 99% of the video quality.
  4. Has anyone tried this? More snag hazard vs being on top. Working on fixing that issue. Somewhat concerned about riser slap/knocking it off. Thoughts? Issues?
  5. Just rent another rig when you travel. If your planning a boogie travel vacation, set it all up beforehand. As soon as you register, find a rig to rent for those dates. Much cheaper. Just try and get the same size/style of main/reserve.
  6. I just wanted to write a review for Dusty and Reese, tunnel instructors at the Ogden Tunnel. Basically, they rock. Ive done about 5 hours with them in the last two months and they are amazing to work with. Of course they are awesome flyers, years and years in the tunnel will do that, but more than that they are very very good teachers. Always positive, happy, and really push you hard. I've got a lot of experience with teaching/instruction and formal education on that topic through years of both ski and flight instruction. They have definitely learned the art/science of teaching and know what they are doing. Can't say enough good things. Doesn't hurt that the Ogden tunnel is the cheapest in the US. Anyways, if you are considering doing some tunnel time, they are good options. Allen
  7. Okay cool I'll look into that one. Ive got to wonder why these arent more popular if they work. Especially for advanced coaching....
  8. Thanks for the replies. Will try the motorcycle model.
  9. Was looking to improve the coaching experience with air to air coms, especially for tunnel training. I found posts on these forums about a company that aparently no longer exists. A few years ago they were trying to charge 1200.00 USD for a system. I guess it was too expensive. I kept searching and found 250 bucks. Apparently marketed both to motorcyclists and other sports (including skydiving, although it was pretty hard to find them). Has anyone used this and care to comment on how well it works? Thanks.
  10. Ok thanks I mounted it and will save the 30 bucks. Hopefully I won't regret this.
  11. Yea, honestly I agree with the pricepoint being a bit high for what I am using it for. I sort of wish I would have just bought a used gorpo2. That said, the issue isnt relying on it coming off via the plastic mount breaking. I have a cutaway system. The issue is will it come off when it shouldn't...I can just imagine hitting it on the aircraft and pop, there goes 400 bucks out the door. I do not have a good history with this. Over the past few years, I have lost 2 dytters, 1 BH camera helmet (was in a stand feet down and the chin cup moved up to my nose and 1 second later helmet popped off, luckily no cameras on it).
  12. Hey yall. Yes I did a search. I want to mount a gopro on two of my helmets. Both helmets have cut-aways. I want to save the 30 bucks that a CNC/metal gopro mount would cost, but I am worried about the plastic mount releasing when it shouldn't. Yea, I realize that if a line wraps around it and the mount breaks its cheaper than loosing both the helmet and the camera, but I feel better if I was the one making the decision (via a helmet cutaway) rather than relying on some plastic mount that might break or release when it shoudn't. Mostly, I am worried about something slapping it like an aircraft door frame or perhaps another jumper, and not so much worried about it coming off if a line gets on it (since in that case if it broke it would save me from releasing the helmet too). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had incidents of these plastic mounts breaking via collision with aircraft walls/doors or other jumpers in freefall. I could just buy the damn mount, but uggg I have a 400 dollar G3 a 380 dollar BH and am looking at 500 dollar used Wes Pros...trying to reign in the spending. I went to a hardware store to see if I could rig up two L brackets and I might just do that. Anyway, my actual question...NOT considering a line entanglement, anyone hear of these plastic go pro mounts breaking via impact with jumpers or doorframes/etc? I really don't want to loose my 400 dollar camera.
  13. No, just a general comment to the entire thread. We get these types of threads in Pilot forums too. Everyone gets very emotional because they fail to realize what I posted (or dont want to believe it).
  14. Your pay isn't based on what is fair. Your pay is based on what the market will allow. That is why some basketball players make millions while most teachers make 30-50/year. It isn't about what you SHOULD be paid. Its about what you CAN GET. Realize that, and you will be able to see the picture clearly. IMHO
  15. Interesting. I was in the market for a large flat top type helmet for a DSLR and my CX150 but.....maybe I'll just get this camera instead. External mic. Gopro on forheard area and dslr on top.