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  1. THANK YOU to everyone who posted. There were many helpful suggestions
  2. Yes. I made my first jump there 4/28. I'm going back 5/19... and again and again until I get my 'A'. I don't have any frame of reference for what makes a good DZ, but the people there were all very nice to us students and all seem to know each other. The staff were great and very safety conscious... a good thing, I suppose ;) KB
  3. kbuesching


    Good judgement aside... - There is nothing human about this guy. - The man is guilty. - He wants to die. - The only reason that there was an appeal at all is because it is automatic when there's a death sentence involved. - Should someone look over those papers and see if there's something that'll get this guy off? YES, but then kill the bastard. He earned it. ... and BTW... Lethal injection is too kind. He should suffer the way those children did... maybe drop a truckload of bricks on him so he'll know what he put them through before he meets his maker. Nuff said KB
  4. Hi All, I'm brand-spanking new to skydiving. I've taken my first jump and REALLY enjoyed flying the canopy back down to Earth. Here are my questions: - Besides twirling around holding one toggle down for a while, what else can I do safely that is fun? - Is it safe to hold one toggle down until I get spinning and then suddenly turn the other way? - What will happen if I do? TIA, KB