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  1. What Trey is trying to say is that people are clicking on “Skydive Atlanta” thinking its ASC/Skyride. Its not. Its Skydive Atlanta.. the other guys. Please don’t click our links… It costs us big time bucks. Since this thread started, our Google adword bill doubled, doubled and doubled again in the past three months. Know what you’re clicking! TIM
  2. Everyone please sit out a couple loads this weekend and instead send the money here... Its for a good cause.
  3. cross post warning! If you missed it in the Bonfire, I just uploaded 400+ images to -TIM SKYDIVE ATLANTA
  4. Check out the first four folders.... I just posted 400+ pictures from the weekend..... wahoo for a great weekend! The costumes were INSANE!! -TIM Skydive Atlanta
  5. I really don’t know where to start, so here’s a pix I took of Chris in McMinnville about five years ago when I had only around 100 jumps and Chris went out with me and Lyle on a 3 way. -TIM
  6. We're here... For night jumps Thursday 7 peeps and we'll put up our super fast mack daddy pimpin' King Air... It would have been kewl to jump tonight during the Lunar eclipse.. check out the attached pix from earlier....
  7. What Dan is trying to say is leave the airport and follow the signs for I-75 south like you're going to Macon. Also remember that this IS Atlanta... Speeds UNDER 80 on the Interstate will NOT be tolerated. You WILL get run over!!..
  8. Naw, you're good... Only peeps coming from ATL and north might run into the rednecks.. From Alabama follow our directions from Auburn if you're coming up I-85- Auburn / Montgomery Interstate 85 north to exit #18. Turn right onto GA-109 east. GA-109 becomes GA-109/GA-18/GA-74EAST. Go straight and follow GA-74EAST. Turn East on GA-36. Follow for about 5 miles. Look for a sign on the right that says, "Thomaston/Upson County Airport". Take the next left onto Delray Road. We are located 1/4 mile on the right. Park in the rear of our building. It sounds tough but its not really... Once you get on GA74 EAST just follow it through a couple of town squares heading east. Once you get to Thomaston follow the signs of Hwy 36 east for about 5 miles and start looking for the airport. Its pretty easy.. Whuffos can do it.
  9. Three most hated words “Welcome Race Fans!” Congestion at the Atlanta Motor Speedway begins to build Thursday and doesn’t stop until Monday!! So, If you are coming from the ATL airport and all points north and want to avoid rednecks, err, traffic, IGNORE Mapquest or Expedia directions that send you down Hwy19/41 from Atlanta. Follow the directions on our website- Take Interstate 75 South to exit #201 (Barnesville). Turn right onto GA-36 West. About 9 miles there will be a fork in the road, stay left. Thru the stoplight town of Barnesville. Stop and then Cross over Hwy 41 Go another 10 miles (still on Hwy 36 W) After passing thru “The Rock, GA”… Look for a green sign on the right that says: "Thomaston / Upson County Airport". (You’ll see airport ‘rabbit lights’ on your left) Turn right onto Delray Road. We are located 1/4 mile on the right. Find a place to park that doesn’t block anything… Grass is OK. From the airport I can make the trip in less than an hour... but that's me driving without regard to human life. If you are coming from the south or the west just follow the directions on our website and you’ll be all good. TIM
  10. Hey all- just a recap- $25 registration gets food and party- Food Fri and Sat nights plus party on Sat night. Cross Keys Super Skyvan and Helicopter all weekend And our Super Air Conditioned/heated thumpin’ King Air. Lift tickets $21cc, $20 cash. Helicopter $31.50cc, $30 cash Tickets bought in advance, refunds on those not used. You must fill out a waiver. You must have a current USPA membership You’re rig must be in date (packed after July 04 2004) Bring a tent or hotels down the road. Both boys and girl indoors showers (or coed if you wanna) The more tasteless Halloween costume the more likely you are to win… Check out last years at
  11. Hey Hot Mama Lisa! I promise I'll keep it down if you promise to keep the bed warm! heh heh heh
  12. $99 gets you all you can jump our dash 28 Super King Air ALL WEEKEND, 4:19 and 4:20. No boogie fee, no frills. Just jumping. $99 for BOTH days. Pot Luck dinner Saturday night, so bring a dish! www.SkydiveAtlanta.Com Thomaston GA.
  13. Nope, its a picture of him actually JUMPING!!
  14. Check out Clay in our April Parachutist ad! TIM 4/19-4/20 $99 No Frills All you can jump our dash28 Super King Air with Pot Luck dinner Boogie Skydive Atlanta Thomaston GA