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  1. Don't let it get you down There is so much to learn all at once. We improve with every jump. Remember that each jump is its own experience don't rush to get your license. My JM told me that on the way out the door one my first jump. I landed two miles away from the DZ due to a short in my radios ear piece. Just have fun blue skies
  2. Thank you that answers it......I have so much to learn. And it is time to start standing over bob for another reason. blue skies
  3. I am relatively new to the sport but love everything about it!! So I was wondering how you become a rigger/master rigger? Can I start while still on student status? blue skies
  4. Happy Birthday......Mario blue skies
  5. Geez I expected to see you at the DZ a month ago Hello, I've got all the info. on starting. But not the funds to start yet. I sit and watch the sky day breaks my hart! I think going to the DZ and not being able to start classes would just be too much. Good thing the wait is almost over. At the boogie i wondered at the sad looks that surrounded me while we waited for blue skies. Now I know that this is a worse kind of wait. I would rather jump into everything head first (ha ha)!
  6. I jumped my first tandem jump at the gold coast mardi grass boogie. thank you to mike and everyone else there for making me feel at home! I had the time of my life. I haven't been able to stop talking about sky diving, dreaming about it. I am in the process of finding an aff school. thank you fast eddie for popping my cherry! blue skies