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  1. "Hey Doc I got this burning sensation in my crotch"
  2. Are you grabbing your riser to turn or the handle? Or are you talking about a hand slipping on rears?
  3. I always find myself overshooting my target if I dont have my low drag risers on. Oh and my girdle
  4. FLCPA Meet #1 Skydive Deland- January 29 *NEW* Australian CP Nationals @ Sydney Skydivers Feb 16-20 FLCPA Meet #2 Skydive City Z-Hills - March 26 FLCPA Meet #3 Skydive Palatka - April 16 FLCPA Meet #4 Raeford Parachute Center - May 14 FLCPA Meet #5 Skydive The Farm - June 11
  5. Ive got at least one yank to sign up im doin my bit. I have one request that I not be in the base or jumping a 218 with 12kg of lead again pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! .... No fat jokes
  6. From my limited experience in this country most chicks are going as sluts.
  7. I searched didn't find anything... What is the highest wingload you would consider for video/aff jumps? I'm looking at up to 2.6. Is that to high? What are other peoples experiences?
  8. It was reported as a LET-410. When I jumped in Russia the pilots were often asking everyone to move further towards the rear of the plane. I read they ran to the front so maybe that could be worse then the rear?
  9. Want me to post a picture of my batwing?
  10. So whos coming? People are already showing up for training so it should be a good week!
  11. Nice save I guess :) Whats the camera dude doing all the way up there to get the view from above?
  13. Thanks for organising again Dave I had an awesome time even though Boston beat me (again). Any ideas on who will take over the reigns?
  14. I did CPC last year and I'm hoping to improve on my last place in the standings
  15. http://www.pink.at/total_Pink_Open.pdf Rock on Robbie for taking 7th!
  16. Ive got two mates from back home who will be here at the meet as well. Who told you it was a 79 anyway its a 71? :)
  17. Is CPC/PST being run this year? Edit: Just saw the other thread oops.
  18. Its not like it rains in Texas anyway
  19. Only as you had the best instructor (that you have ever had (on that jump)). Awesome work on getting on that 30 minute call after the cutaway as well!
  20. Hey Dave, Thanks for organising the meet again! I had an awesome time. Is there anywhere we can see the complete scores? See ya next time!
  21. Just go to Wal-Mart and get an Air Bed... ~ use it for a while and return it for a full refund! God bless America!
  22. Tell 'em it was required to be a felon in OZ. Haha thats awesome. I think we got it but if we get knocked back I will give her that one. Now I just need stuff to put in it. Anyone got a bed for sale?
  23. Looking at getting an apartment in Houston and the chick wants a criminal background check. Firstly is that legal secondly where do I get one done? cheers.
  24. Don't worry, it only has to look good for 1 frame