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  1. RSL on higly loaded canopies such katana, velocity, extreme, crossfire, daemon etc.... Yes or Not? Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  2. exactly...I confused the surname... Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  3. Thanks guys.. I've known that Fabian Fardel (coach of the Bedford Tunnel), jumps with a Legend-R / Velo 90 / 106r possible for sure... They told me that these canopies inside the 0000 are not so comfortable but.. are ok. Another french guy told me that he jumps with a 0000 and a velo 103..... Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  4. Hi all, I'm close to buyin' a new Atom Legend-R. I should put inside a reserve PD 106R and a PD Velocity 90. I would like to take a 0000. But I'm not able to know if these canpies fit right the container! I sent an email to Parachutes de France and to PD...but they didn't tell me nothing sure. PdF told me to compare pack volume of the canopies in relation to the min/max sizes fitted by his container but....PD doesn't misure their canopies! From PdF tables..: Legend -R 0000 reserve -> min 270 / max 278 cu. in. main -> min 276 / max 283 cu. in. Are you able guys to give me some precious suggestion please? See Ya Fast Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  5. some other pics of me from Italy Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  6. wow...I think you man are doin' something wrong... I start at 500ft for a 180turn under my katana 107 loaded 1.8....... and I have a good recovery arc and nice 180-200ft swoops..w/out havin' to plan too soon.. Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  7. What is the best canopy for swooping in the world? Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  8. some freestyle moves (a walnut and a method) and a swooping course landing from italy Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  9. Hi all I'm Andrea from Italy and I'm new in the forum. I ride a katana 107 and not so many jump but I love canopy piloting and freestyle manouvers. I've done 2 courses about canopy piloting in Italy and in Empuriabrava and I read and jump a lot. In Italy unfortunately there aren't very experienced pilots with have training about it. And we don't have pond on wich learn safely.. I'm able to close walnut, method, superman and some others figures but now I'm trying to deal with ghostrider and switchblade so... I'm here to have possibly some infos about. Ghostrider: In this figure you reset your toggles in their place to hold it as stopped as you can or you just leave them normally? Once closed the figure, to complete the normal landing, you keep the toggles or you land with the rear riser (more easily to take than toggles but more difficult to land stable..)? Switchblade: I tryed in air this figure but...I'm not able to keep well the other toggle! You keep the line just over the toggle or you can keep the toggle? Please give some suggestions.. Thanks very much. Andrea "Fast" Blue Skies Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  10. Hi all! Anyone who will go this year to the xmas boogie in empuria brava or that it was been last years? I'm thinkin' about going this year but...some guys tell me that is about 6 years that the weather make "jumpable" 2 days a week..... Any suggestion? Thanks very much Fast Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  11. Fast1


    This is mine.. a Kawasaki Ninja Zx-6r 636 '05, a saddled rocket... Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  12. Fast1

    The End . . . ?

    I've lost my grandpa 12 years ago for a stomach cancer... My mother has been operated 4 times for a lung cancer gone into the intestine.. doctors gave her 3 months of life..but is still here and they don't know how is happened (after 10 years)... My dead for a lung cancer last week... If you permit..I want to give you a suggestion: stay hard and motivated, love life and fight for it with every force! I know what you're thinkin'... it's only my poor suggestion. Hope to hear you soon with happy notice! Best regards. Andrea Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  13. yeah...ok... but how to "click it" once mounted on the helmet? To keep a video...ok. But to take photos? I must hold it in my hands e hope to be able to press right buttons... Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza
  14. Hi all.. yeah, subject sounds crazy but...that's it. An Italian review that talks about photos taken only with mobile phones contacted me for a 4 pages service...and a cover.... with about 20 photos around skydiving world taken with our mobiles. My friend and me must take some pic at the ground, some next to the airplane, others into the airplane...1 or 2 with my friend in video's position out of the fuselage...and some photos during freefall and descending with the canopy. Then, in june, the same review will give us a new concept prototype phone that can realize movies of about 1 hour...with the same resolution as a vhs.. to realize other clips about skydiving.... and some other stuff. Now, to take photo in/out the airplane and at the way to fail. But..... in freefall??? How the hell could I do?? Someone already tryed? I think to hold the mobile with its handle and scoth it to my left hand to be able to shots some pic without loosin' it.. What d'u think about this crazy test? For sure...I'll post some pics to show you how test is gone........ hopin' to still havin' my mobile..
  15. Fast1


    here's mine idea.. I've a Javelin Odissey similar to it, but using royal blue Andrea "Fast" Scaramuzza