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  1. Take canopy control courses with , great way to improve your canopy skills Condoms are for cowards !!!
  2. I am with you girl, I wish everyone could be with me right now to appreciate what you are about to live... You all get to jump anyway... What's the problem?*** Condoms are for cowards !!!
  3. First jump, first freefall, first freefly, thanks to Dave, Andrew, Rob, Sean and Chris and I forget some... The scenery is simply amazing on a sunset jump looking at the Fundy bay. Beer store in proximity makes it a ravishing temptation to camp out and share some tunes and scary stories around the camp fire (Yes we did burn those huge wet things). Highly recommend. Blue skies all Conman
  4. I just got transfered from an operational unit in Nova Scotia (Was skydiving at the atlantic school of skydiving with Dave and Adrew, awsome team there.) to a research center located in the heart of Toronto Canada; I had the choice in wich Drop Zone I was going to go to on a regular basis, one of the closest was STI(Skydive Toronto) with few cesnas and certainly not too much time for new comers. So after my only jump there I decided to go to NIAGARA SKYDIVE CENTRE, now what an amazing place, located on the north side of lake Erie with an amazing view of Hamilton, Toronto and many other cities on the US side, the experience was total, fastest ride up ever in a King Air to 13500 ft, awsome coaching and certainly not a money grab, the people is super friendly and always ready to help you with your personal progression. I highly recomend the place as I made it my home DZ here in Canada, they just ROCK!!!