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  1. I did get hold of someone that knew one at PdeF :-) But better was that SpotOn in Norway had this kit. Thanks for the help. /Henrik
  2. My french skills is not up to date. But i guess this is for the french federation for skydivers. Our club did bought 3 Techno240 and they need the -C service bulletin Kit. So I need to get in touch with the manufacturer. /Henrik
  3. I tried to contact them but there is no one answering. :-(
  4. I need Techno-240-C Kit. How do I get in contact with Parachute de France? Anyone? Please. Regards /Henrik
  5. Lovely to see some discussion. :-) I have V3 risers with the pin in the bottom and non elastic keepers. I have ordered a new lineset, someone suggested that changing lines would make my velo open better. And now I have to fix the toggles too. I have like 20 jumps on this velo and love it when it flies. But this weekend I did 5 jumps with one acceptable opening :-/ /Henrik
  6. Is there anyone out there that have tried to jump a Velocity without setting the brakes? My right toggle did come lose in 2 of my jumps this weekend and now I'm wondering if it might be better not setting them at all? I tried not setting them on my Samurai and that was ok. Yes I know that I should take care of the break not sitting tight. :-) /Henrik
  7. Is there different linetrims on Velocity. Like swoop and so..? I can see on the website one but is it possible to order different?
  8. Give me some more input, is this THE canopy to buy? Regards /Henrik
  9. Any news on the Sensei? Wha its the deliverytime? Do i want one I have a xaos-27 today?
  10. A bit in advance. Where in Florida should I go for Christmas boogie 2009? /Henrik who have to save some money to go :-)
  11. I use Spectra 1500 (tandem controlline), and I change it every year even if it looks ok. My experience of Kevlar is that it is hard to know when they are going to brake. /Henrik
  12. I'm grateful for the replays, thanks. /HEnrik
  13. It's definitly out of trim if it's 3". Reset the trim: (1 hour work) Fix the lines to something rigid I used a big bolt in a pillar. measure a referenspoint I usually use center A-line. measure that line A and recalculate te rest of the trim in the chart. If A-line is like 1" off the spec, then the rest of the lines should be off with the same. Now start pulling the lines and measure them one by one. And get them into spec. If the c and d lines are much shorter then a and b lines it might be dangerous, it is closer to a stall. Regards /Henrik
  14. The one that stretch will, and the other like outerlines with less stress on them, and more friction from slider will shrink. This is easy if you have the linespec. I have done this several times on mostly older Sabres.
  15. I have to try some out, but its more comfort then flight characteristics. My rigg came with this short ones, but now its time to replace them. Tnx.
  16. The linetrim was right, the D-bag was very/extremely small. That might have been the reason. I loved flying that thing, hated the openings. About the riserlenght, I found that as long as you reaches the slider its right, kind of. So I will probably change my 18" to 22".
  17. I'm going XB and would like some input. I have jumped velo 120 for a like 100 jumps. my experience from that was bad openings (no cutaway) Great flying. So what I would like from a xb is great flying and great opening at least ok openings. It seams like Xaos-27 would do it?!? I figure the size 108 of the Xaos would be nice =WL 2,0-2.1 Any idea? And when I'm at it would 22" risers be right?
  18. I have a PdeF BT-pro 140, it's very flat trimed and has a very high front riser pressure. The BTpro is very fast turning canopy not a newbie thing, but its not a velocity, when it was new in 1994 it was a EXTREAM canopie :-) I load it about 1.7 I have about 1500jumps. I am rigger. And I consider this site to be the best source of knowledge. Regards /Henrik
  19. What will happen if I shorten the frontlines like 4inch? What would happened if I shorten like all lines like 12 inch? How do the manufacturer figure this things out? I have looked at CRW canopies that the user shortened all lines like 20 inch. Please give some input. /Henrik
  20. Here is my old original slider on top of my new original slider. This is for P de F s BT-Pro 140 :-) I know this is out of quote but its fun to see.
  21. Is there any problem doing this "double fingertrap" with any type of line, I have made it on Spectra line? Is it ok to do this on Vectran and Dacron too? /HEnrik
  22. I'm looking for linetrim chart for Manta and Mavrone student canopies. Please can anyone help me? /HEnrik
  23. Which lines change most? Should I change them for Vectran lines? So like the line 1 and 10 of the A lines should be Vectran? Love to have your input ... /Henrik