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  1. darrenm


    Thanks for all your replies. I will check out that forum and those links. be safe
  2. darrenm


    I am posting here because I have read this forum for a couple years and havent found an equal paragliding forum. So my question is about variometers. I have heard alot of jumpers PG so I would like your opinion. I am looking for a variometer that will give an audible alert when climbing or sinking. What are your favorites or where can you turn me on to? I have found some that are $600 but do I really need to pay that for a beginner unit? Thanks in advance Darren
  3. If you do have a legit name send it my way. I am a member of one of those info databases that can check recors. I will do what I can but no promises. Good luck
  4. This weekend out at skydive houston there was this guy who had some sort of issue pulling. Later I thought I overheard that he was "dropped". Do you actually get dropped from the program , have to redo a level or what. Anyone know about this guy and what his actual issue was? Can you do something so irresponsible that they would tell you to just stay home?
  5. Yeah its $130 jumps 3 - 18, free for 19 and 65 for 20 so it'll add up
  6. I am completely new to this, 1 tandem and I'm hooked. So how I understand it is after my two tandems I take the transition class then my next 18 til Im an official badass. My concern is frequency, being that the training is so expensive, 130 each jump, I dont know if I could jump more than two times a month. I mean I already sold a motorcycle and a camper just to start this but thats only ten jumps. So what do you guys think about the last half of training being only two jumps a month? I think it should be two or even more a weekend but that just isnt gonna happen. Im trying everything, hopefully I can scrounge enough for the package deal but if not.............
  7. There website gives a list of local retailers. Im gonna go check it out this afternoon. Thanks for the info.
  8. Rough lol Texas those days last much longer
  9. Just curious about how hot it actually is in the plane or the jumpsuits. Do they breath? Can you jump in shorts? It will be 100+ throughout the summer here. I'm new to this and looking forward to going through training but I have pretty serious overheating issues due to a stupid surgery I had. Just would hate to pass out you know. Thanks
  10. What does STP Jump 3-18 mean? Am I interpreting this wrong?
  11. Man I know this is crazy, I'm selling a camper and a motorcycle already. I shouldnt need to buy anything on my own just yet, but the first 18 jumps are 130 each.
  12. Thanks I can't wait to get into it
  13. I would be training at Spaceland in Houston. They say *two tandem , one four hour course and 18 AFF with instructer* Im presuming your mic'd for instruction but those first few landings or gusts could be painful
  14. Just a few questions from a complete beginner. I had my first tandem just last weekend and am really looking forward to getting into this. I was wondering what steps to take, I know my next step is my second tandem and after that the four hour course. I have seen people posting about a canopy course. Should I also take this before my first AFF? Is four hours enough? Seeing in the incident room alot of posts on improper landing that is a concern. I saw a show on military HALO last night and they had a one week course including wind tunnels and they were still wobbling like maniacs on their first jump. I don't think I will be a difficult student but just want to go into this with the best possible training. Thanks in advance y'all Darren