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  1. George Bush SR was the honorary chairman for the museum. Probably the very best guy to actually help get something done with this whole debacle. Now that he is gone, it only adds another challenge. Pretty sad that this couldn't have gotten done in his lifetime. I guess living to be 94 just wasn't long enuff. Shameful.
  2. Yer missing the point. You are rite in the fact that most members support an ISMHOF. What doesn't have support, is how it has been handled to get it done. Millions (6 at last count) have been pledged for this and in 40 yrs absolutely nothing has been done. Not even a firm site has been decided. This is and has been a total failure on so many levels, it's almost comical. Does that mean give up on it? Not in my opinion. What this needs (again IMO), is some accountability and a REAL Plan to actually get it done. And it starts with the BOD having full disclosure of how another dime towards it is gonna do it. Bring that to the table and you will see a LOT more support from the GM. Until that happens, this is nothing but a farce, hiding behind a false hope that will never get finished even in another 40 yrs.
  3. Not sure how you came up with that. This post is about using a NON airworthy rig for training instead of just using an airworthy 1. I didn't think anyone cude think you can train with no rig at all. I guess I needed to spell that out better...
  4. Never said I haven't been in a training harness. I just haven't been in 1 since my 1st jump course. Last time I checked, a TI isn't a 1st jump student. UPT doesn't require this and there's a good reason for it. Use the real thing. Been working fine so far...
  5. Transitioning from a Vector to a Sigma isn't that much different. Your TI"s aren't 1st jump students. There is no need for an "Unairworthy" training harness. Keep asking, you'll get the same response. This is a bad idea
  6. >What is going to be used for the actual jumps? Actual tandem rigs. Then why do you need a training tandem harness? I personally have never used a tandem harness for training and I've helped with quite a few courses and have never seen 1 used in any course I've witnessed. us$50 would probably be considered a better cost for a unairworthy training aid. (But if $5500 is not that much to you, I'm sure they'd appreciate a check!) A: I doubt you can find a used Sigma rig for that much. UPT charges $1000 to re-harness a rig. It's like brand new when they are done. Can't understand why anyone wude give up a working piece of gear for 50 bucks when they can put it back into service for that much. B:Clearly you didn't understand that not spending funds on an un-needed gear wude leave more to spend on needed equipment. Like a real rig to make a jump with.
  7. As I stated in the original post, I'm new to this part of the game. I asked a LOT of questions and checked references and I still was deceived. Knowing what I know now, this would have still been difficult to detect at the beginning because I was simply lied to. The references came from GA pilots that fly less than 10 hrs a yr. I won't get caught again and I now have an A&P/I/A that bitches if you even mention cutting corners. My kinda guy.... I've been able to remedy almost every issue with this person and expect that last few to be done shortly. Pretty much killed my season and I'll be on beans and rice this winter but, I'm happy with my decisions and have a great bird for next year.
  8. Perhaps that may have been true in the past but, as the poor decisions our elected members continue to make are revealed, It seems more are waking up and voicing their displeasure. This kind of a awakening tends to be healthy. Expecting the general membership to just "accept" whatever decisions elected members are making and be happy with them is, IMO, not acceptable....
  9. And this is going to be used to train TI's? What is going to be used for the actual jumps? No, they aren't cheap but at about 5500 plus shipping, they aren't that much. Canopies and AAD's can be switched over. Not sure why this is even being considered....
  10. Thanks I try my best I do however, based on the some of the responses I get, wonder why I bother. Can live without the personal attacks but, hopefully my experience can help someone else in the future. I sure wish I wuda had it.....
  11. Spoken as only a true Liberal wude. Clearly you don't believe the average individual has the ability to make decisions for themselves. What makes you think anyone on the board has done any research on this? Clearly they haven't. If they had, they'd have found the same thing that I and many others here have discovered. The only plan that is firmly in place rite now, is to induct folks into an imaginary Hall of Fame in an imaginary Museum that has never materialized in almost 40 yrs. Every skydiver I know wants this to get done. What we don't want is to be scammed by a group that is not being forthright about what exactly the funds they are suppose to be responsible for, are being used. Funny how holding people accountable for their actions leads to clarity....
  12. "Huge Problems, eh?" What problems are you referring to? Are you saying that members aren't qualified to make a decision on the dues they are required to pay to retain their membership? The only "Huge Problem" I see here are elected members making decisions on funds that are not theirs and funding a failed endeavor that was never suppose to be funded with members dues.
  13. OK, I've been wrong before. However the USPA did revoke the personal membership of the owners of Skyride and the group membership of Skydive Atlanta. They didn't think that was fair and brought a legal action against the USPA for doing that. The case was made and if it was settled before it went to court, why did the USPA do that? Clearly they didn't think they cude win and so decided to settle. The USPA agreed to a monetary settlement but, ONLY if it was kept confidential. Still a mystery what the settlement was. The BOD continues to say how transparent they are in making decisions that affect the membership, yet continue to make decisions that do and when asked about them turn mum. Why? And let's get back to the original thread, why did this person have their membership revoked?
  14. that's all fine and dandy. The question was, why did this guy get his membership revoked? A random reply helps but, doesn't give any specific info. The USPA did the same thing to the owners of Skyride. They cude afford to defend themselves and did. The USPA lost that in a 22 minute case heard by a federal judge. They agreed to the settlement but only if it remained confidential. Still is to this day
  15. Point is, 13 BOD members chose to vote against what had been a precedent in the past. Why? That we don't know and may never know. They cude come on here and explain their reasons but, haven't done that. Perhaps they have a good reason for supporting a failing operation that has not materialized in almost 40 yrs. As of rite now, there is: No site selected. No plan for the building No firm budget No completion date No explanation where funds are being directed and for what And the best part is, they are still inducting former and current BOD members into a non existent Museum and imaginery Hall of Fame. A bill of goods are being sold as a promise in the future after what can only be called, a pathetic failure in the past. Don't know a single skydiver that doesn't want the museum, we just don't want the continuation of history. Get it together and put a plan in place.
  16. Really smells like an out of control government project doesn't it? That info isn't available because it doesn't exist. Everything about this is a "We think it's gonna be this much..." Questionable research for how many will visit this, as of right now, no firm plans for the final concept, still rallying for funds for an unknown, disorganized, pipedream that has been a total failure for almost 40 yrs. If this project has ANY chance to succeed as real entity, we need real clarity and a real, doable plan. Today, none of that exists....
  17. baronn

    Gas prices

    It will be very interesting to see how this is gonna play out. CNBC reported today that not only are there anti America protests happening in Iran but, there are now anti Iran regime protests going on. The sanctions are putting a big squeeze on the Iranian people. Perhaps this may wake them up enuff to finally boot the Asshole Shah's from power and restore some semblance of personal empowerment to the population. I don't see any fossil fuel as investable at this time. The autonomous revolution is around the corner and when it hits, few people will own a car. Those vehicles will be very efficient and unlikely to be powered by an internal combustion engine, Just look at the oil service stocks and see how poorly they have been trading...
  18. Not Choking but, I am surprised it's this close. I'll continue to use wude and shude for no other reason than it bothers you
  19. Certainly something to consider but, I'm not sure how much it really matters. be better to have people involved in the sport but, I wude rather see BOD members that are putting members 1st. Sherry Butcher and Mike Mullins have both strongly supported using members money to fund the debacle known as the National skydive museum. Hoping both will listen to what the members are saying here and make some better decisions in the future. You both want it built? No problem, pay for it yourself or find another way to fund it.
  20. I don't think that at all. Hoping they saw this before the election
  21. baronn

    60" drogue

    Didn't ask for the demo. Never occurred to me. This was delivered with a new container I bought. Yep, I was warned about the "oscillations". I've experienced that before on repaired drogues. This was more like a bucking and felt different. Tom Noonan did reach out today. After more 'splainin", he did offer to exchange it. Thank You. I'll probably do that. Haven't decided just yet
  22. baronn

    60" drogue

    Finally got all the parts together to put this rig into service. With a 400 in a Sigma container, real estate is definitely at a premium. Drogue toss was uneventful but, this thing bucks around like crazy. Pretty annoying. I called UPT asking to exchange it for a 54 and was completely shut down. Was told they can't take back a "used" drogue. Yeah, it has a whole 1 jump on it. Landed on grass and you couldn't tell it's been jumped. Charge an exchange fee if needed but, I didn't even get that. Just a really rude response and a lengthy 'splainin why they can't/wouldn't do it. Pretty shitty service after paying full retail for my 5th rig I got from them.
  23. I waited till now to vote. I was hoping some of the candidates mite come on here and state their position and what they would want to do in the future. Few did. My RD ran unopposed. I chose 7 from the list and I wrote in another. Let's hope some of them came on here and heard some of the members concerns and will choose a direction that reflects those views. And for Heaven's sake, Shit can paying for the museum with members money.
  24. Don't remember Trump saying there should be a law against newspapers printing anything they want. What I have seen is he is against them printing false stories and deliberately misleading people with them> If you or I did that, we could be legally obligated. Newspapers get a pass. That some simply is not fair. BTW, I don't agree with his position on this
  25. Support Trump and not a particular fan of Warren. However, I did admire her when she went after Well's CEO after they got caught screwing over their customers. Agree on the DNA test being a joke. Goes to show how gullible people are paying to have this done. Who knows where that info ends up and how it can affect your, insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and hospital costs. Trump shude have asked for an independent test and if it came back positive, payed the mil to save credibility. Donate it to real Indians who can use it.