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    RIP Jack Bogle

    In the words of Warren Buffet, " Jack Bogle did more for the individual investor than anyone."
  2. baronn

    RIP Jack Bogle

    The founder of index fund investing and creator of the Vanguard group passed away at 89 today. A staunch supporter of the individual investor who never waivered on his beliefs in spite of heavy opposition from "Traditional" brokers. He completely reinvented individual investing. Wrote his thesis as an undergrad while at Princeton, he placed belief and principles above everything else. Fired twice before founding Vanguard, this guy middle fingered wall street every chance he cude. Had his 1st heart attack at 31, and showed everyone he wasn't goin down without a fight. A true Crusader and Hero for the everyday investor
  3. Make great video when we have to light it on fire like the Vikings did when they cremated their dead......
  4. Reminded me of WFFC....
  5. It's just Amazing that those involved with the ISMHOF are even considering the direction they are going. The AMA museum is just 1 of many examples of how museums are just not the big draw we are being told it will be. Would love to look at the data the company used to come up with the ridiculous attendance figures we are being told. This just keeps looking like a big scam to build something that has ZERO chance of being a self sustaining entity. If you decide to give money to these fools, be prepared for them to be coming back to ask for more. Again and again, and again.....
  6. Ralph's STC is NOT legal! And he knows it. Blatantly ripping anyone off with this scam. How do I know this? Because he did it to me. I was attempting to export the plane and the DAR discovered it. After I installed the POS door he sold me. Had to dig a bit but he got it. I contacted Ralph and he admitted it wasn't legit and he was waiting for approval. He won't get it. Ever.
  7. Southwest airlines founder Herb Kelleher passed away at age 87. A lawyer who decided to buy a jet and compete with the big guys in the airline business. A partier who never missed a chance to have fun. He understood the value of his employees and took care of them better than almost any other company in the world. When asked about an incident on 1 of his flights where a disagreement happened between a customer and an employee, he said, " I will always defend my employee against an unruly passenger. I can find another fare, good employees are much harder to find." A lesson many companies cude use today.....
  8. The reason I started this thread was to bring awareness to this project and what I felt, was an inappropriate use of members funds. What we are finding is that it is exposing an even bigger problem. The absolute lack of ANY obvious investigation from the board before deciding to donate members funds. A total lack of any kind of workable plan to make it happen and then to top it off, an arrogant, better than you, you know nothing and need to just give us the money and we can do whatever we want attitude. Geez, that remind anyone of another overpowering entity? Anyone supporting this is simply refusing to look at facts. IF this is ever gonna get done, a total rework of the entire project is in order and anyone that wants to defend the failed actions of the past needs to go. The fact that after half a century and the passing of many pioneers in our sport is just shameful. At this rate, we're all gonna be gone before it happens.
  9. It is estimated that the pyramids in Egypt took somewhere between 10-20 yrs to complete. If you have a business idea, you lay out a plan and then seek funding. Only in Governments or apparently, the ISMHOF, wude it even be considered to do this backwards. Far more than twice as long (so far) and an Ass backwards approach. Don't need to have much experience in, well, anything to recognize a total failure when ya see it.
  10. The response you experienced are consistent with what I have received. When the so called "Ambassadors" of this project get pressed for real answers, they choose to misdirect them and just accuse us of not knowing anything. Clearly they choose to keep it that way. Typical of what scammers do. Long history of that type of behavior and as consistent as the sun coming up tomorrow. Like many here, (Leeroy excluded) I'm not buying that BS. If they have nothing to hide, show it. The reality is they simply have nothing. Just a pipedream and they expect everyone to pay for their unrealistic and mismanaged fiasco. I am personally tired of that shit and refuse to sit idly by. And if any of these "Ambassadors" actually read these forums, understand that I haven't found a single skydiver that DOESN'T want the museum. What I have found is we are pretty pissed off that after almost half a century, it still hasn't even got a plan. Except to raise money and induct members into it. Get this together or find someone that can. Don't expect us to support this idiocy.
  11. It continues to get even better. I was unaware that IFly has 2 tunnels in 1 building at their Orlando location. So, the ISMHOF is telling us that IFly will be building another building and tunnel in that same area, donating space for the museum and if I'm correct, continuing to cover the costs to keep it open. Now, the museum has not said that IFly will cover these costs and because IFly has not even committed to doing this, we simply don't know. What history has told us is museums mostly exist thru donations and outside support. So even if this ever gets done, the donations will be necessary to keep it open. The plan we are being told (if you can even call it that), is from an historical and business view, not possible. If anyone can correct me (with facts, hold the opinions), that I've gotten something wrong here, I'm all ears (or eyeballs)
  12. I messaged IFly on FB about them building another tunnel in Orlando and got this reply: Thanks so much We did just last year build a new tunnel in Orlando to replace the original. As of right now, we do not have plans of another in the city. Though, we are growing fast and things could change. The more I dig into this, the more misrepresntation I find....
  13. You have 3 choices; Skydive Las Vegas. Fyrosity or Vegas Extreme
  14. Just curious, where in MA did you do this? Not a lot of large DZ's in MA......
  15. It reveals that approximately 5% of the revenue is garnered from admission prices. Clearly that doesn't even come close to covering the costs to keep the doors open. Hopefully someone from the ISMHOF can pipe in and offer how they plan on keeping this operating if and when they ever get it done.
  16. A quick search revealed this;
  17. In the December newsletter from the USPA, they announced that indoor skydiving is outside the USPA's "scope" and have recognized another organization to represent that. Yet, they are pinning their hopes and dreams of having the ISMHOF attached to a wind tunnel. Do they even talk to each other? Clearly the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. Or any other part for that matter. The game plan for the museum is to paint this fantastic picture of why we need this (agreed) and then to go out and garner as many folks into the HOF and then raise as much money as possible. IFly has not announced this N Orlando location as of yet. It's usually about a 3-4 yr process from there once they do. If they decide tomorrow, that means we are looking at a minimum of 5 yrs to opening. To annex this onto another existing museum cude be done in less than half that amount of time.
  18. I only ask because I'd really like to stop hearing "wooooood" and "shoooood" in my head every time I read one of your posts. Pretty sure there's a pill for that. Or you cude simply stop reading my posts And don't call me Shirley.......
  19. Gary, you seem to be 1 of the few on the Board with some sense on this fiasco. I have suggested adding this to an already in existence museum many times. All 1 has to do is follow what other much bigger organizations have done with their own artifacts. Red Bull donated Felix Baumgartners capsule and space suit to the National Air and Space museum. Had that been suggested when 41 was still alive, I'm pretty sure 1 call from him wude have gotten that handled and this wude be done. Why the pushback? It just doesn't make any sense what has been done so far and clearly history shows it to be a failure.
  20. This is not a discussion about whether the museum shude or shude not be built. It's about how this project is being handled. After almost 47 yrs, there isn't so much as a plan in place to get this project finished. What is being done is an aggressive effort to recruit members into an imaginery Hall of Fame (Shame?) and an equally aggressive effort to gather more funding. No clarification about where these funds are going or what they are being used for. What little info that is being shared shows an unrealistic idea of building next to an (as of yet) unplanned wind tunnel. Those I have contacted are at best elusive about what is happening and how funding is being used. The members of the BOD I have contacted don't even want to find out and don't seem to care about whether this ever actually gets done. The recurring theme seems to be, "But, we need to preserve our history and need the Museum." Yeah, we get that. Am I the only 1 that is seeing a problem here?
  21. The guy's exit wasn't terrible. Weak arch and a fetile position from the student caused a back to earth freefall position. He reached for the drogue at the 5 sec mark, held it for a bout a sec and a half and then just let it go. Well past the hill and solidly back to earth. Though I agree about your relative wind "splainin", my original statement about being back to earth is accurate in this scenario.
  22. May want to take a look at some of the responses here. Fewer folks support the USPA than they have in the past and the numbers seem to be growing because of the dissatisfaction of members from the BOD decisions. Most larger DZ's won't let you jump if you don't have a membership. Supporting the USPA isn't the reason they still have a membership. Since you claim to have such a vast insight into these matters and the rest of us don't understand these "Nuances", why don't you enlight the rest of us. Just what are you talking about?
  23. If yer gonna copy my quote, please include the whole thing. I said that some will be affected when visiting a museum. Having the museum is a good idea. I've said this from the beginning. What I have also said, is the actions of the past have not gotten the job done and continuing that will result in the same results. Those that are saying the use of members funds for this, don't even realize this. Throwing money at something with "0" accountability is not the answer. Oracle, Red Bull and many others, donate there items to the NA&SM. Why can't the ISMHOF do the same? Far more visitors than some stand alone museum and with the right support, far cheaper. When I talked to Chris Needles, this was proposed once, then the person at the museum passed away and nobody followed up. Why not?
  24. hahaha, I hope there is no way you actually believe it works that way. Since you claim to be an expert in these matters, why don't you tell the rest of us how it actually does work? And while yer at it, tell us how long a project of this nature shude take. Try to be specific …..
  25. It's really Amazing that when someone expresses an opinion about the ISMHOF and says they don't agree with the way the Project (if you can even call it that), has been handled so far, they are immediately accused of having another way to spend members funds. The project was NEVER suppose to be funded by the USPA. Saying that it is going to promote our sport is like saying folks visiting the national air and space museum are gonna become astronauts. Now, before all the critics jump in here, yes, there is the possibility that that has or will happen but, lets' face facts, it's rare. A person visiting this museum (IF it ever actually gets done), is gonna suddenly realize that they can make a skydive is beyond a stretch. It's nothing but a pipedream at this point. All of us somehow became jumpers without it. The USPA donating approximately 1% of the Estimated cost to the ISMHOF and is suddenly going to get it completed is a farce. 46 yrs, no plans, no site selected, no start date, no completion date, an unrealistic game plan and the best person in the world to have been able to help get this done is now gone. Pursuing the same failed actions as in the past will yield the same results in the future. Total Failure