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  1. Is this what insulted you? Sheeple Sheeple (a portmanteau of "sheep" and "people") is a derogatory term that highlights the passive herd behavior of people easily controlled by a governing power which likens them to sheep, a herd animal that is easily led about. I wude be also. You can change that. Choice is yours. Instead of avoiding the question on the dues, you could simply answer it. Yes, I am a dues paying member of the USPA. Watching the BOD give those funds to an organization that has an almost 50 yr track record of failure and in the next breath, asking for more money, is unacceptable to me. I don't mind funding this to get it done but, with this kind of record and complete lack of credibility, it's a reasonable request to ask for oversight and updates on progress. When funds are donated for projects like this, there is an expectation they will be used for what they were asked for and get the project finished. The lack of any response from any BOD member seems to indicate they simply don't care. Any of them can come here and voice an opinion or a fact. So far, that hasn't happened
  2. Or embarrassed. Sheeple like you are what allow irresponsible behavior like this to continue. Do you pay USPA dues?
  3. Apparently you didn't read any of my posts. The whole point of this, was to point out how a project that has been in the works for almost half a century, still isn't anywhere near completion. How is that a fallacy? The BOD has a fiduciary responsibility to how members funds are used. Throwing money at this project with no semblance of any plan to get it done, is not only wrong, it's stupid. Show me how that has ever worked in the history of the planet? Yer quick to point out an incorrect opinion but, fail to provide any facts. Keep defending this kind of stupidity, yer doing a terrific job of that......
  4. Appears you are correct. The BOD doesn't seem to want to respond. Since they continue to fund this with no progress or accountability, I'd be ashamed to respond also...….
  5. Feel free to correct anything I have wrong. Funny thing about Sheeple, they're so indoctrinated, they get angry when facts are pointed out......
  6. To all the BOD members that continue to support this, you need to come here and give an explanation for why. You shude also give an update of how much has been given, specifically where those funds were placed and what they are being used for. As stewards of members money, you have a fiduciary responsibility to know where/what that is being used for.
  7. That's funny. 18 months huh? Well, that breaks the half century barrier for sure. maybe they can apply for a Guinness world record for most delayed project in history. I mentioned before how ridiculous the idea was that IFly wude even get involved in this Fiasco. They are way too smart for that and I knew it. So now what? Oh wait, I had to read to the end. Of course, Donate Now...…...
  8. 13 trustees, A treasurer, A secretary, A Vice-President, A President CEO, A former Honorary Chairman and an Honorary President.19 living and a former President on the board here. The only thing to show for all of this is a pie in the sky rendition of a facility attached to an Ifly that, at this point is not even in the planning process for completion. But, they sure can plan events to raise more funding. Nice to see they're good at something.....
  9. Duh? Just so it's said (1 more time), that's been my point from the beginning.....
  10. This is just Amazing to me. Of the members that do support this project, what exactly do they support? Giving money to a few individuals that in almost 50 yrs haven't so much as put a plan in place? Do they support a few individuals that operate with continued immunity to any kind of oversight? Blindly giving money to a group that in 50 yrs has done......Nothing. Unless you consider inducting individuals into a non existing museum and continuing to beg for funds a success. At what point is someone (Anyone?) going to start holding some accountability here and actually get this project finished? And finally please explain to me how exposing this as the failure it is at this point, a negative? If you are going to accuse someone as being just a "complainer" then bring some proof that those involved with getting this done are actually doing something.
  11. The BOD was elected to represent its members and their interests. They agreed to use members funds to get this project to completion. A full year after the 1st funds and nearly a half a decade since it was started, there isn't so much as an agreed upon building site. If it wasn't so pathetic, it wude be laughable.......
  12. Lotsa members support getting the museum done. A place where the history of our sport can be preserved. After almost half a Decade..... NOTHING Apparently the entire board doesn't feel the members funds deserve any oversight of how they are being used. They clearly don't care about this project EVER getting completed and so far NOBODY has taken the responsible position of overseeing anything with this. To ANY BOD member that has a different view and can offer up some REAL insight into when this will be completed, is welcome to pipe in. This shude be interesting......
  13. I have reached out to 1 board member about this. He said that they dont "Micro manage " the ISMHOF. Apparently asking how the funding given to an organization is being used, is considered micro managing. I guess I missed that part when I got my degree.......
  14. So the summer meeting of the BOD has come and gone. Doesn't appear to have any real breaking news. 1 thing that has gotten crickets is the continued funding of the ISMHOF. Not a single BOD member has said a word about that. A yr after committing members funds to an organization that in almost 50 yrs, hasn't so much as got a bldg plan for this together and....... Nothing. Apparently the board doesnt care about how members funds are spent or what they are used for. Does this bother anyone?
  15. Only place for you to fun jump is Fyrosity. SDLV and Extreme last time I checked are tandem only
  16. Soooo, here we are knocking on the 1 yr anniversary of a few members of the BOD voting to fund the continuing failed fiasco known as the ISMHOF. This scam continues to induct members into a fake museum that doesn't exist, doesn't have a location, building plan, time schedule or anything that cude be called, in the most generous way, a plan to actually get this project finished. To all the Geniuses that decided to divert members funds into this mess, please give us an update. Half a century and counting...…..
  17. Has anyone landed on artificial turf at a DZ? I've done plenty of Demos into stadiums and love the stuff. I am curious if anyone has experience sliding tandems in and if they had any problems. Thanks
  18. Only talks about the time they put into re-developing this aircraft. Not a single mention about the instability problems with adding the new motors. Airbus designed the Neos to accommodate these. The 737 never did. The MCAS is a band aid on a mortal wound. Will they get it recertified? Eventually. How? My money is on the fastest, least expensive way possible. That will involve payoffs wherever necessary and silencing the critics. Expect to see folks start to disappear.....
  19. Of course having a Director that actually follows the BSR's that he seems to vehemently tell the rest of us to do, wude be nice. Remind us again Mke, how old your kids were when they learned to jump?
  20. When I trump tweeted his thoughts on this, I knew the ground order was coming. If Boeing had the rite management, they wude have gotten in front of this and done it themselves. What did they think, it was gonna get swept under the rug? From a simple PR view, it was the best move by them. It's fixable and that price wude have been far cheaper than the 26B in mkt cap loss. So far... PS. It was just announced by Boeing to ground the aircraft. Gee, way to go Numbnuts. The airlines will be asking for and getting compensation for all the cancelled flights, passengers will be filing for inconvenience of travel and the lawyers are gonna have a field day. Did Boeing even consult their legal team?
  21. This is great stuff. I suspected something along these lines may have been the problem, I did not know for sure. Thanks for sharing. Since the Max represents over 53% of Boeing's cash flow at this time, this is going to have serious repercussions on the company. And the stock
  22. A lot of folks don't use their real names here. Apparently knowing who said the message is much more important than the message itself. The fact that you not only voted for this but, also voted in favor of donating members funds to the ISMHOF has diminished my faith in you. We do know each other. You wouldn't recognize my name if you heard it, Yer an Amazing guy Mike and have an amazing family doing incredible stuff. However, failing to give what was discussed in these meetings with board members who also are USPA members and passing that off as the general membership is a stretch. At best. Real quick to call me out when you think I'm wrong, but slow when it happens to you. I'm not the only that thinks that was shifty. When the board feels that they don't have to be accountable to the general membership, that's a problem. I'm glad you referenced the US government. This board is acting more like that every day. A high standard indeed. I agree. This has been pretty much beat to death. If I decide to pursue this further and have something to share, I'll post it.