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  1. How about creating a rating system for DZ operators? Instructors that have worked for these people in the past could relay their experiences and give someone who hasn't been there before a heads up on what to expect. I know you're going get the occasional "sour apples" person, but if you start hearing the same story again, there might be some legitimacy to it. What do you think?
  2. It was a busy day and we didn't get to full altitude.But, we got it done. A team effort all the way, along with some exceptional students. Being organized and not wasting any time is what made it happen. Anyone ambitious could've done it.
  3. No doubt, a tough balance act. I can understand having all the TM's you can get on the DZ. After all, it's not like we're on a clock or anything. Making sure your work is covered would only be a prudent business decision. And I'm all about running a good business. If the place doesn't make it, none of us will have a place to jump. However, I have witnessed a DZ owner, that was so disorganized, he would require 9 TI's,aCaravan,2 182's,9 rigs and 4packers to get 60 tandems done. I have also witnessed 1 182,2 TI's,4 rigs and one afternoon to do 48 students. The point here is, get your poop in a group, keep your key people busy and make it work for everyone involved. This "I'll have an army and keep them @ each other's throat's for the work" only builds animosity and resentment. Nobody will be happy or want to be part of that seen. The better run places don't operate that way and they don't have problems keeping good help. My next objective is to be part of those operations.
  4. Not sure I made my position clear. First one @ the DZ(6am) Clean the place up(I don't really like to drink but, I pickup all the empties)Get the gear ready for the day and help get students signed up and in the air. Gear other instructors students. I asked for priority as far as work goes, but I was willing to work for it. Instead, The DZ brings on a bunch of part time people that don't do any extra for the place and I find myself missing loads while they take students up. He didn't even fill the plane with instructors. It seems to me, having qualified, hardworking dependable staff would be a plus. Instead, the more is better and let's keep everyone at each other's throat mentality, seems to be more prevalent. I've seen this more than once and only a few places seem to have the quality over quantity attitude. Perhaps, I'm the only that has experienced this. Just curious if anyone else has.
  5. Maybe it's just me, but has anyone ever had a DZO complain about not having enuff help and too much work and when you show up to get something done, find out that isn't even close to the case? His staff resists the new guy(especially if they are ambitious and want to jump a lot) and all the promises that were made to get you there, suddenly are forgotten when you show up. Instead, you discover that there isn't nearly as much work to do as was said and you are going to be @ the bottom of the pecking order is spite of the promise of fair rotation. I don't understand how These people expect someone to be dedicated to their organization and yet turn around make it not even worth the time to be out there. I've had this happen more than once and just curious how(if) others have dealt with this.
  6. I knew if I was patient, I'd get some real info. I like the idea of the pulley system. I was able to pick both of us out of the saddle, but couldn't hold it very long. You are correct on the setup. Otter has been our choice of aircraft along with a well versed pilot that knows what to do. Most exit speeds have been around 55MPH and there is almost no delay. Even under the VX the openings have been reasonable. I'm changing the risers and will look into the pulley setup. If we live, I'll keep everyone updated.
  7. I bought a used Mirage rig and it has the 3 riser setup. I want to change them to a 2 riser setup. They need to be longer and I would prefer something that has friendly dive loops on it. Any suggestions?
  8. My girl and I have been doing some Mr.Bill jumps with a high rate of success. We have managed to pull of all that we have attempted and almost got a dock with a wingsuit flyer. Just curious on any thoughts about this. Our combined weight is around 350 under a 79 VX. We could use just a bit more vertical to really make this work.
  9. baronn

    Skydive Tecumseh

    This is to Mudman. I owe this person an apology. His description of the events that day are accurate. I especially liked "Juggling Amputees" Good Stuff! I like "3 Monkees fu***ng a football" but hey, it all works.Nonetheless, we were still in the Poop in Group stage and things have improved a bit since that day.When I got my ratings, I vowed never to let someone get ignored like I did when I went thru AFF and I allowed that to occur on that day. I truly regret letting this happen.There is never enough time in a day to get everything done. I usually am up around 6-6:30 in the morning and that is when I like to get the paperwork and stuff done. If not, come out on Fri. nite and will do it after dark. I don't mind staying up as long as necessary and I don't really like to drink. You can stay in my A/C trailer or bring an air mattress and crash in the student rm. Again, A/C. We'll get the particulars out of the way and we can spend our day jumping.Wherever you end up, I hope you stay jumping and stay in the air.
  10. Does anyone have any input on relining with the new blue HMA lines? Just looking for somemore info on this subject. Thanx
  11. Anyone have any experience with the Turbo ZX canopy.I've been told they tend to have hard openings. Any info will be appreciated. than
  12. I knew Nate from marine city. He was always happy to see ya' and one of the most genuine people you were ever gonna meet.The fact that he was such an amazing skydiver was secondary because he was so humble about it. He just loved life! And isn't it just like Nate to leave us doing a kind jesture for another person. Just an amazing guy who will be soooo missed. Blue Skies forever