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  1. So I will end with this. The USPA Board promised to supply some funding for this effort, along with many many other individuals and organizations. It is that simple, we are going to do it. We will keep our promise. Paul Gholson USPA Southern Regional Director And that rite there says it all. They will do whatever they want in spite of what the membership, logic and simple research says is a bad idea. We all make mistakes. What may have seemed like the rite thing to do when McCormick pitched this in the summer of 2018, is now obviously shown to be, at best, an impossibly flawed plan. Instead of shoving this down the members throats and saying "too bad", the responsible thing wude be to re-evaluate this decision and change it. Until the ISMHOF can produce a workable plan for what they are saying, the USPA shude stop all further funding. Period
  2. Thanks for FINALLY telling us that. I feel like Im pulling teeth here. If I had seen this I wuda been Giddy to tell everyone about it. I had to ask multiple times to get this. For someone that claims to be sooooo transparent ya sure do a LOT to contradict that. This does sound cool. I honestly hope they can pull that off. Now, lets get down to earth. The tunnel in El Paso was about 15.5 million to open. For 1 vertical tunnel. In a mkt that had some assistance from the city. Land isn't nearly as expensive there as it is in Orlando and they're a whole lot friendlier to starting new ventures. To have any chance of pulling this off, the ISMHOF is gonna have to raise another 20-25 m. Property alone will be 2-3m. Planning, development costs for a new concept, engineering, permit fees are gonna eat up another 2-3m. We've spent almost the entire ISMHOF fund and havent even put a shovel in the ground. Has ANYONE on the BOD looked at any of this? If they have, please be the open and transparent person you claim to be by telling us how in this world they plan on pulling this off? I have been told many of the tunnels are not doing well financially. How does the ISMHOF plan to make this work in a mkt that already has not 1 but, 2 tunnels? IF this is the plan, and yeah, I'm skeptical, I don't see any possible way it can ever get off the ground and succeed if it does. I have been wrong before. So enlighten me and everyone else looking at this, how they plan to get this done. And please, enuff of the "Im a believer" speeches. That BS doesn't work in the real world...
  3. Again Thanks for simply doing what you SAID you wude do. I don't believe anyone was holding a gun to your head to make you say you wude refund any members dues that you and the other's committed to this. Let me know if I have that wrong. And yer rite, I am a little Giddy that it actually happened. I was unaware that the agenda is listed before the meetings. Thanks for letting me and the others know. I will be keeping an eye on that. As I have mentioned many times already, I did call and I did text. I followed just what yer suggesting and got just 3 responses. You consistently keep trying to say its the members responsibility to stop their lives and attend a meeting. I fail to see how I will get any better response by traveling somewhere when I can't even get a return phone call. All this is aside of the main point. And that is that the BOD chose to support an organization that hasn't done shit in half a century. You CHOSE to get elected. That was your call. Just as its my call to investigate this the way I have. I believe we both want the museum done. You choose to support an organization with a lousy track record and I point out the shortcomings and offer an alternative. You keep saying you have seen the plans for the museum. Well, be a good member of the Board and inform your constituents how their funds are being used and tell or show us what those are. This is the 2nd time I have asked AFTER you said you saw them.
  4. Brazos River Helicopters along with Skydive West Texas are having a Hell-Yeah Heli Boogie in West Texas. Date is Saturday March 7th 2020. Limited slots available. Contact me at [email protected] or 309 453 8259
  5. Clearly Billvon is not paying attention. Nobody "told" the BOD to fund this. Nobody knew about it until it was done. The BOD did this with 0 input from the members it is supposed to be representing. I continue to attempt to contact BOD members. Only 3 answered my last calls. Paul is the only 1 that has come here to tell us anything. These members were elected to represent us. Not make these type of decisions with no input from its members. And if you actually see what is going on, you'll also see many don't agree with this. At all.
  6. Thanks for the update. Cude you disclose the plan for the museum you were shown? Last I heard was the idea of building it with the wind tunnel. Since IFly has stepped out, that leaves limited players. A vertical and horizontal? That really narrows it down. 13 months to buy or lease property and submit bldg plans AND get approval is ambitious. If not completely unrealistic. But, who knows, maybe they can pull a rabbit out of their hat. Be the 1st time in 48 yrs but, its possible. These special funds for competition and airport access. Is the USPA using members dues to fund those? Only thing I have ever seen is the ad for donations to them.
  7. I am IMPRESSED! Just OUTSTANDING! I will hoist a beer with that $5.83 in your name! Him Him.......
  8. No. I inferred that his personal interest is not why he was voted in. Now, if the majority of those in his area DO support this, then he is. If they don't, he isn't. Since they or any members didn't have a voice in this, we don't know. I and many others don't support it.
  9. Let's throw 1 more thing out there. Both you and Mike Mullins have stated that you both are willing to personally pay for any members portion of their dues that you both have committed to this. You can show all us how much of a wise investment this is by simply paying the entire 150K yourselves. For Mike, that represents about half the rebuild cost on just 1 his planes motors. If you split it, it's only 75K each. A mere pittance!
  10. OK. Since yer feeling like you need to be so forthright and transparent, why don't you share what McCormick said in your half hr conversation? Or perhaps tell us why not a single question was asked during his presentation? 5 locations around Orlando? Was there a bldg plan shown? You believed him when he said they are still planning to break ground by March 2021? Clearly nobody has any idea what the permit process is like in a heavily commercialized area like that. 1st step is to actually have a plan. Simple question: were you told they do? And if so, what is it? If yer gonna claim to be transparent and open about this then do it. Words are meaningless without action that backs it. In 48 yrs, that's all we've gotten. Rather than using members funds for helping hard working competitors to attend competitions, helping DZ's stay open and have access to airports (3 that I know of) or any of the other many issues facing us, you choose to ignore those and continue to support this. And seem Proud to do so. Shameful. Keep pounding that "Proud to support the USPA pedestal". Clearly yer not seeing that I'm not the only 1 voicing their displeasure with these decisions. Saying if you don't like what I do you can vote me out is a cop out. You were voted in to look out for your MEMBERS interests, not your own. I have taken my own time to look this stuff up. I have yet to see a single BOD do the same. Yer rite about 1 thing. 1 of us will be rite about this. So far, that's been me. I wish it wasn't. I am sure many, like me, wish it was open and available for us to all see and be part of. Unless this current path is changed, it will continue to be that way. I wish it wasn't. And yes, you can refund my $5.83 that you and the rest of those on the BOD are Choosing to spend to support this. [email protected] is my PP acct I continue to appreciate your input. You are the ONLY BOD member that has. Thanks
  11. The IRS requires all 501c3 organizations to file a 990 form. Its listed under expenses. Doesn't say what expenses, just money spent. A simple search reveals it. Ill post later.
  12. Huh? Not sure what the point is here. Lets try and clarify. The ISMHOF hasnt accomplished anything in 48 yrs except beg for donations, make a bunch of false promises and induct folks into a non existent Hall of Fame. Or shude it be Hall of Shame. They have managed to do all this and somehow spend 327K in 1 yr of said donations doing well, nothing. The amount is much higher over the life of this debacle. The members of the ISMHOF and the USPA BOD continue to support this with "0" oversight using members money. At the same time, ignoring real issues that shude be addressed. Airport access, funding competitions, the list is long, the excuses are many and I feel it needs to change. As long as nobody seems to give a shit about it, it will continue to happen. My lone voice won't change it. If this is important to any member, you need to speak up and see if we can get this done before we are all dead
  13. This is serious. And what is even more disturbing is how our elected members of the BOD continue to let this go on. Jim McCormack was at their meeting last Fri. He talked for 5 min, showed some sites around Orlando and......thats it. Nobody asked any questions. Nobody said why are you spending 37% of all donations and where is it going. Nothing. But, they continue to give away members money to this organization to the tune of 25K a yr. In the meantime, Dillingham field has been notified they are closing, out of the blue in colorado has been kicked out and skydive myrtle beach is still battling to operate. Has Anyone from the USPA helped any of these members? No! They're too busy changing a couple words in the SIM or IRM to be bothered with such stuff. Any BOD member can come and explain what is going on. They won't. Its time we as members get everyone aware of what is happening and take care of this. Tell everyone you know!
  14. I think more folks are becoming aware that the approach that the ISMHOF has taken is failing. Don't have to go into why, that's old news. So let's hear some ideas of how to get the museum done, a method to keep it open without massive contributions and perhaps, a better use for the funds already raised. I'll start: Lets build it at Skydive Arizona. Larry has the space and can build a custom facility. He also has the hull of the Skyvan GHWB did his solo from. Almost everyone visits the place and it isn't going anywhere. I wude like to see some of the funds go toward something that can benefit the membership. I think a small mobile museum with a helicopter that can travel the country in the summer and visit Dropzones. I've posted this before with the idea of a 205 (civilian hughey). Carting that around isnt practical but a smaller bird is. Not gonna get into which 1 but, give feedback if you'd like to have a dedicated helicopter visiting your area once or twice a yr. The ISMHOF currently is sitting on approx. 5.7 million. More than enuff to cover the costs of the above items. There are now 15 Trustees, Pres. VP and Secretary. Secretary is the only salaried person. Somehow, they are spending over 327,000 dollars a yr supporting this endeavor. That's over 37% of all funds raised. The USPA has been contributing members money to the tune of $25,000 per yr for 2 yrs and has committed to do it for another 4. Many individuals have donated $5000 personally. And what is there to show for it? 48 yrs of false promises and no results. Those funds cude have been used for so many other things. Funding athletes for competitions, better representation for airport access and so much more. This is crazy. I think every USPA member shude be aware of what the ISMHOF is REALLY doing and end this NOW. SDA is hosting the Nationals in 2021. I propose we get serious and get this done before then. Lets hear what you think...
  15. Jim McCormick spoke last Fri at the BOD meeting. He showed several sites that the ISMHOF is considering for the museum. Still touting the idea of building it with a tunnel, both horizontal and vertical. Still counting on the public supporting it financially in the future when and if it ever gets done. Apparently they think the public will be donning wingsuits and flying in a horizontal tunnel. Reiterated the 18 month schedule that was promised last yr. IF that happens, then they have less than 1 yr to pick the site, buy or lease, design a brand new concept building, apply for permits in 1 of the busiest commercial markets in the US and raise another 8-12 million dollars (their estimate). I don't see a single Trustee that has a history of managing these kind of projects. They did choose Mike McGowan to be an honorary Trustee this past Mon. He appears to have been surprised and unaware of this decision. Great guy we all love but, you have to wonder why do this? That makes 17 members of the ISMHOF. Haven't accomplished anything in 48 yrs and now adding another is going to suddenly allow them to perform what can only be viewed as a Miracle. Can they do it? History and their track record says NO WAY! Time for a new approach.
  16. When a charitable 501c organization spends over $327,000 in 1 yr and has absolutely NOTHING to show for it, yeah, it raises red flags. Since I continue to get little to no response from the BOD about looking into how members money is being given away and how they continue to ask for additional funds so teams and competitors can attend international events, then yeah, that raises more red flags. Pretty sure those funds cude sponsor a LOT of hard working athletes and help DZ's in staying open. Apparently thats not as important....
  17. Al shude be a good choice. I'm sure I'm triggering a few with my spellings. I mite suggest saying my spelling and then your "proper" spelling. See how different they sound. To something that matters. The ISMHOF was started in 1972. Going on 48 yrs and............... Nothing! Unless you count begging for contributions. They're pretty good at that. Convinced BOD members to contribute members money (Bill Ottley specifically opposed that) so they cude then convince others around the world to contribute. The Aussies gave 10K! Damn! Don't know why but, they did. Last yr, the ISMHOF spent approximately 37% of all collected funds on collecting more funds. That equals almost 1000 per day! On what? A LOT of money is going out the door and as far as I've seen, nothing to show for it. I've contacted members of the board and the ISMHOF and made this known. Few were not aware, few were and had no intention of voting against the BOD decision (?) and many never got back with me. ANY member can come here and offer up more info but, so far, nothing. Many say they want the Museum built but, don't care enuff to see why it isn't. Instead, my leaving a few vowels off a few words is enuff to trigger them into orbit. Instead of wasting time and keystrokes on that, why don't you try actually helping and contact your AD and get some answers. Who knows, we might get something done before we're all dead.
  18. The fact that my insatiable thirst for efficiency to NOT have to type anymore than necessary is a rub to a few, is reason ENUFF to continue....
  19. They're plenty solvent rite now. They managed to weasel enuff donations to put 5.7m in the kitty. Yet, that's not enuff. The so called "plan" they've presented simply won't work. At least not without continuous and further funding. Maybe thats the plan.....
  20. The BOD is meeting this weekend. Jim McCormick is scheduled to speak at 2pm on Fri. Shude be interesting to hear what he has to say. Last summer, the ISMHOF promised ground wude be broken within 18 mos. IF thats true, then they shude have a site, bldg plan, whatever partnership lined up and the permit process started. I highly doubt that is done. Let's see. IF that has not happened, I think funding from members funds shude stop. Remember, the ISMHOF spends approx. 37% of all donations on getting more donations. So that means out of the 25k per yr the BOD has pledged, over 50k of members money is being used by the ISMHOF to do......... Well, since they havent done anything but, make a LOT of promises that don't happen, we don't know what it's used for. Make sure and contact you area director and let them know how you feel about this
  21. Any candidates that are interested in filling the vacant seat on the board that wude like to throw their 2 cents in well, heres yer chance. Yes, I realize this a BOD vote and not members ( whole other subject there), but, they will (mite?) be representing us and lets hear whatcha got. And just to save time, lets not get into qualifications ( jump numbers, yrs in sport, yada yada) tell us what you see wrong or rite and what ya think needs to be done Thanx
  22. What is the legal definition of embezzlement? Embezzlement Law and Legal Definition. Embezzlement is the fraudulent appropriation of money by someone entrusted with it's care on behalf of other's. Embezzlement typically occurs in the employment and corporate settings. I and I don't believe Skyfox are accusing the BOD or the ISMHOF of this at this time. However, to say the funds given for this "Project" wude fall under this description in a court of law wude not be a stretch. Because of the lack of any transparency of where those funds have gone and what they're being used (or are going to be used) for, by either of those parties does make you wonder what is really going on. Instead of choosing to give ANY updates on progress (or lack of), they CHOOSE to not do that and instead, induct folks into a non-existing museum and continually ask for more funding. I have reached out to a few BOD members and I plan on calling the rest next week. I am hearing the same thing about dis-enchantment over lack of progress. From what I am being told, not a single member of the ISMHOF attended the BOD meeting this summer. Granted, they aren't required to be there. However, they are accepting funding for this and some effort from somebody from there, wude most certainly been welcome. Now before anyone gets their shorts in a twist (again) I have no ambition of getting anything for any effort I put into this. I have no intention of ever being mentioned in it If it ever gets built. I simply feel it's a sad day when so many members that shude be in it and some of their artifacts and contributions have nowhere to go at this time. Sad and wrong. Something to think about, for a little bit more than what the USPA BOD has agreed to give to the ISMHOF, they cude have bought an R44 with a trailer and toterhome, found a retired heli pilot that wanted some adventure and sent that rig out over the year for members to enjoy. The lift tickets would easily support it. How Cool wude that be!
  23. I pay my dues so I can keep my ratings and jump. My DZ is not a GM. Doubt it will ever be. Don't think that qualifies under the Sheeple definition but, that's your call. Don't believe pointing out what is clearly a problem, qualifies as "Bitching". If the USPA or the ISMHOF do nothing to fix this, I am prepared to attempt to remedy it. No guarantee I will be successful but, I think I can find a solution. Time will tell but, you'll know sooner than 50 yrs. 1st step is to bring awareness....
  24. So yer a Crusader! Always good to have purpose in life. Happy to take yer money, tell me after you get yer next allowance and I'll forward my PayPal info. Still waiting for you to show us where I have any of the historical facts wrong. Lots of accusation of "Fallacy" but, no facts to back it. Perhaps its just a 'Phallic" envy syndrome. Mite explain the Meat Missile handle....