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  1. It might be a vx with a jvx lineset, there are loads of them floating around here in NZ. People have been doing it here for years with good results
  2. The buddy who doesn't want jvx as work canopy is his personal choice, there are about 10 of us here who have varying sized and material jvx as work canopies. All he wants is to do a nice 270 for landing doesn't really care about swooping as a sport, he liked the jfx as a work canopy because of the openings and it is a nice canopy to fly he might change his mind he has nothing against the jvx though he just seen 4 years worth of openings and chops etc and he thinks it not for him. I have an 84 jvx zp for a work canopy for 4 years packed by company packers and have had 1 chop, there is nothing wrong with it, used for camera and aff no worries
  3. hey rhys there has been a few demo jfx down here over the past 3 weeks 79 88 92 sizes. Most of the guys jumping jvx have had a go. Impressions are that it seems to dive slightly more and seems faster through the dive than a similar sized and loaded jvx but loses the speed and lift way quicker. The rear risers are not as versatile either. Both 79 jvx and jfx were side by side coming back from long spot jfx was struggling to stay up with jvx. There is a 79 velo down here too and that dives more than the 79 jfx. Its a really nice canopy and fun to fly and land its just the jvx is better ;-) Although you can get some really good landing off the jfx
  4. Pretty much the same thing happened to me. I emailed L&B they said to send it to them and they would repair it free of charge. As stated they have excellent customer service
  5. This is true more 1200 but still close enough. Freddy did indeed celebrate his 15000 tandem this summer just gone, he does keep a check on his jumps. He work 6 months in Taupo and 6 in Austria where he runs his own tandem dz he does shit loads of tandems. He is a fun guy to have a the dz
  6. Do you still do 20+ jumps a day sometimes in Taupo? 20 a day doesn't happen so much now although the boys did do 19 they other day (My day off)
  7. depends on wx and bookings, summer being much busier than winter of course. Last year did 860 over summer and 400 over winter. year before did less as we had too many staff did about 1000 for the year. This year summer so far looks good averaging about 10 a jump day, most days more.
  8. The DZ where I work offers 12k or 15k for different prices, all clearly advertised. Customers choose before getting on the plane the alt they want to go to and how much it will cost. Being asked in plane for extra money seems a shady sales tactic to me.
  9. This could be a leg problem, were you trying new leg positions? How long after your last jump was this one? It could be that in trying to correct the turn you kinked your upper body instead of banking in the direction you needed to stop the turn. The kink is well known to cause the exact spin you are talking about, whilst giving the impression that you are doing the correct turn motion. This kink is what AFF instructors are on the look out for from lv4 onwards. KINK = leaning your upper body towards the direction you wish to turn instead of banking. This causes the air to be displaced and turns you the opposite direction (usually very fast) if done thinking the correct action is applied logic tells you to increase the action which just makes it worse. Now I am not saying this is what happen but it might be, grab your instructor and ask him to watch you initiate turns on a creeper and see if this kink appears. Good job on your priorities of freefall though. have fun
  10. Nice one Hass You dirty little mole hehe squirrel
  11. I jump a spectre and it typically takes about a 1000ft to be fully open I wave at 3200 and I under a canopy by 2000. I break off at 4.5 for fs jumps haven’t really done more than coached ff jumps and they break off at 5000. I always have a quick look at the ground at 5000 as im tracking anyways to see if im too deep if I am I will deploy a bit higher to help get back, this has got me back to the dz a few times when the wind, or spot is different that what it should be
  12. Well this sounds like exactly what I did yesterday A little to no wind day and im on a spectre 170 WL 1.1-1.15 (depening on how much ive eaten-seriously my weight can change that much in a day) OK so no wind expecting a nice fast ground surfy type landing, to me anyways (straight in approach obviously in case your wondering) I have landed in no wind days before so knew what to expect in relation to the speed I travel under my canopy. Thinking I had it nailed because I have done them a few times (but knowing really that I hadn’t, which is probably what stopped me from doing something silly) (see the judging ones ability thing
  13. Hi, sorry to hijack slightly but here seems better than another topic. Is there a website where it shows the USA AFF course for people who want to skydive. The reason I am asking is I did my AFF with a British instructor but we went to Spain for the weather. It was still under the BPA though. I only had to do seven levels and then 10 consolidation jumps. I have seen on here that the USA AFF has front lops and other things that I know I didn’t do on my AFF. I am just curious of the differences as it seems to take longer to become a BPA rated AFF instructor but the AFF itself seems less or was this just my AFF course. Cheers
  14. I don’t understand why people cannot get instructor ratings and use this as a main job. There are many people who make a living from skydiving is this wrong? By the way I am not having a go I just really don't understand why people should not be able to make a career out of skydiving if they wished. I know a few who do through tandem, AFF, etc. FYI No I am not one of these people I have only just started to skydive
  15. Cheers guys I plan to go to Empuria (Spain) this weekend as there is a canopy school going on so I have a word and see if I can try out some things on my canopy and get a proper feel for it. Laters