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  1. Good analysis. The issue with the Black (and this goes for all of them, Hero4 or Hero3) is that despite being able to record at 4k or 80fps, the recording speed of the card is maxed out before this is useful. Therefore the video must be compressed more in order to be a smaller throughput to the card. If this is 4k, you are going to get more pixels, but also more noise and less color depth, if it is 80 fps it is going to be more frames, but again more noise and less color depth ans the compression is cranked up to get the data on the card fast enough.
  2. mmittelman

    Phantom X

    This helmet has a better field of vision than the open face it replaced. It is comfortable and easy to get on and off. I bought it so I could have two visors and switch between them, one with a GoPro mount and one without. It took them some time to finish designing and producing the GoPro visor. I only just jumped with it and it wouldn't stay open with the weight of the camera mounted. A quick conversation with the designer and now I know how to modify it for a "press to open/press to close" for the camera visor. Apparently this fix will be in the next version. I love the fact than when I chose not to jump with a camera there is nothing for my lines to snag on. Huge safety points for that
  3. I have a new company called downplane consulting. I need a medium resolution of a nice downplane. If you have one, please reply with an email address and link. I'll pay some. Thanks.
  4. Would bag strap explain the risers crossed behind my neck? I look like I tried to hang myself. Is there something I can try to do to prevent this in the future? Always replace locking stows if they look worn, etc.? Thanks for the info. - Mike
  5. I believe so. I was pretty groggy when I collapsed my slider, but I think I did so. Perhaps it wasn't all the way open.
  6. I had a bad last opening of the day on Sunday. I believe it was a line dump but would appreciate input or suggestions, as I received what is probably a minor concussion and lacerations to my neck, so in short it wasn't fun. My Sabre2 190 has always sniveled, whacked, or both. I have almost 200 jumps on this canopy. On my last jump of the day I had an uneventful skydive. I tracked off and did my usual wave an pull. I instantly felt my risers crossed behind my neck and my head forced forward with a lot of force. The canopy opened very hard, adding to the impact. After that extremely hard opening, my canopy opened instantly, so I don't think it was line twists. I was knocked pretty hard and was seeing stars, it took a lot of effort to land back at the DZ safely, and I was groggy for a day. A few notes: - My stows can be a little short, maybe 1.5 inches instead of 2.5 - I always seem to have either too much line remaining or too little when I'm done stowing, and I haven't figured out which is worse So... any thoughts? I don't want another opening like that one. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. - Mike