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  1. The two things that you might check with your doctor about would be the lack of O2 at altitude and dizziness.
  2. jackwallace

    Searching for Thunderbow manual

    Like I packed a PC flaked, lay it one sided as opposed to splitting it and folding it back in thirds. Put it in the bag in S folds. I remember the thing having panels and steering lines with a lot of slack in them.
  3. jackwallace

    Searching for Thunderbow manual

    I don't have a manual for it, but remember when I got one it said Pack in the usual manner. HUH? was my thought. You just flake it like a PC. I jumped one in a bag so can't help you with that sleeve. I don't remember them opening hard or anyone complaining about them other than they were kind of a slug.
  4. jackwallace

    Lew Jacobs

    Just found out Lew died last night in his sleep. I think he was a member of Pieces of 8 ten man team back in the day. HYMM U only make 2 jumps: the first one for some weird reason and the last one that you lived through. The rest are just filler. scr 316
  5. jackwallace

    AFF Stuggles

    Sounds like you got this sky divin ' thing figured out. Maybe now you can work on world peace.
  6. jackwallace

    AFF Stuggles

    Did you open at the proper altitude? Did you walk away from the landing?
  7. jackwallace

    Smoke Jumpers!!

    You can not apply to be a smoke jumper until you've spent at least 2 years, it could be more now, as a wild land fire fighter. Apply to the BLM.
  8. There were a few inventive opening systems in the 70's. I used a strap sewn to one end cell. Wrap it around, put one line stow in and cram it in the container. Some pushed the slider up, had rubber bands on the line attachment points on the canopy and would stow a bit of line from each riser group to hold the slider up. That slider attached to the slider was called a pilot chute controlled slider, if I remember right. If would eat the center cell as it went through. I put a slip knot in mine just above the canopy to keep the slider up until I got full bridle extension and it would pop the knot. Yep it worked and yes everyone told me all the bad things that could happen. Worst thing we did was the nose deployment deal. I did it one day and thought my arm was going to fall off.
  9. jackwallace

    Cool Skydiving Exits

    Leaving 44th out of a DC3
  10. jackwallace

    Larry Bagley

    Jump with him, skied with him. See ya Baggs.
  11. jackwallace


    If I was as worried about it as you; I guess I'd have quit jumping. Then if I did that I'd have quit, driving, swimming, flying (commercial and private), riding motorcycles or bikes, skiing, etc, etc. I've seen or known people die in all these things. Its your choice: stay or take your participation trophy and go home.
  12. jackwallace

    Old gear

    Post in the History and Trivia forum. There are a couple people there the collect old stuff.
  13. jackwallace

    Jenny Martin

    Still think about you little girl.
  14. Get hold of John Sherman, he's on here. He had some movies from Hugh's aircraft (i think). That had slow mo stuff of openings. Might also check Face book, Old school skydiving.
  15. jackwallace

    Protection for ankle and tibia

    How strong is it? Can you run on it? Back in the day that was the measure of if you can jump or not. Can you jump off a chair? Top of a car? Do you mind losing your leg?