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  1. So, now that we have compiled a list of participants, let's arrange for rides, shall we? I, myself am a friendly traveler who listens to any music and doesn't need to go to the bathroom too often. What more do you need on a roadtrip? No seriously, I live in the east bay and am looking to carpool out there. Spare the air, man!
  2. Fry me up a kipper, I'll be there come morning! Ever realize how saying MOAB boogie is like saying PIN number?
  3. from CU Boulder. and I shall also take this opportunity to give a plug for the club we just started:
  4. ya but then what about the rest of my brizeak? will all the cool toys still be there?
  5. alright, you split the cost of me getting to dublin, and pick me up, and buy me a jump, and a steak, and i'll see you there! right. eloy is still looking like the best option. eloy to so cal is about a hand and a half length on one of those big road atlases. technically speaking. so i aint going there, esp if im solo, cuz id go nuts. (more so)....
  6. Dublin would be my first choice...but the boogie ends on the first weekend of my spring break! I would get there for the last day of the boogie. . I'm definetely driving somehwere. Does anyone know how long of a dirve from Eloy to Perris or Elsinore?
  7. oi! Andre from danville, I jump @ Byron. I'm not always there in the state, but when I am, that's where I go.
  8. So I want to travel to a cool dz for my spring break...I'm up in Colorado. It is the 3rd (i think) week of march. Where should I go? I figured Arizona, but maybe there's some insane boogie going on in some far off land... And more importantly, are there any other kollege studuntz who want to go? "I think I bent my wookie."--Ralph Wiggum
  9. Way to go Dave! back safe and sound...must have been a good skydive. But aren't we trained to keep both hands on ONE handle at a time, rather than one on each, thus preventing an out of sequence rip? let me know when the beer is coming
  10. i'm aboot to buy a "relative separates" jump suit from flite suit co. any feedback on flite suits in general? or the rw separates. they are a 2 piece rw suit.
  11. I've only been to Eloy once and that was last year...apparently there was some record cold going on, so it wasn't quite typical.... To add perspective, I'm a guy who ain't from a warm weather state, and I did find it cold until the peak of the day...always had gloves though. The nights got chilly. Very chilly. Ice-crusted tent walls on more than one morning. But my 20degree bag was good enough. Back to the original question...I'll be @ Lake Wales in Florida for New Year's, the 2004 collegiate nationals will be going on from the 27th-1st. Again, never jumped in Florida, but at least I know that is going on there. full and plare
  12. Where can I buy a new lineset for my PD canopy?